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Commenting article: 18 Arrested in Bulgaria Internet Pedophile Raids

18 people have been arrested in a countrywide operation against child pornography on the internet, the Bulgarian Interior ministry confirmed Tuesday.

On Monday and early Tuesday 21 addresses were raided across Bulgaria by 60 police officers. Prosecutors from local courts were on the scene at all of the raids. 18 people were arrested and are now being questioned, Darik Radio reported.

Lat year in operation "Persian Rugs" German police uncovered a child pornography internet ring that involved babies between 3 and 6 months old. Suspects in 92 countries were identified including in Bulgaria. The Bulgarian police was informed and given information on the suspects, they have since been gathering evidence needed for Monday's raids.

Bill - 29 Apr 2009 // 00:35:06


I think you misunderstood what I said. Both child pornography and rape involve misuse of someone else's body. Under Islamic law, as I understand it, when offenses of this nature occur, the usual punishment is to cut off the offending part. They cut off hands of thieves, for example. It's just that in sex offenses, regardless of the age of the victim, or even the gender, for that matter, it isn't the arm which should be cut off.

Rollingstoned - 29 Apr 2009 // 00:20:45

Sorry Nellie,

I guess I'm not as experienced as you and Bill are.
Maybe that's a good thing though.

Tantra, Tantric, Turantulas, it's all good, I suppose.

I was just trying to have some fun! ;-p

NellieotAmerica - 29 Apr 2009 // 00:12:21


What TF is "tantra" sex? Don't you mean tantric sex?

Waxed to within an inch of her life is just a metaphor, silly! You have heard about metaphors and figures of speech, haven't you?

Rollingstoned - 29 Apr 2009 // 00:06:20

"The babes here are all Brazilian waxed to within an inch of their lives."

Nellie, even though I have never asked you or Bill to teach me anything but I have to ask you, this one time.

How does a "babe" get waxed to within an inch of her life?

Is that like Tantra Sex?
God bless the late singer of INXS
I forgot his name but he took it to the excess!

NellieotAmerica - 28 Apr 2009 // 23:57:10


Yeah, baby! Men on a "mission"! Men on a mission is the new killing it!

NellieotAmerica - 28 Apr 2009 // 23:55:05


"Maybe if you stop shaving Nellie? "

Perish the thought! Women these days don't shave, they get Brazilian waxes. The days of hairy women are long gone, it is all about "landing strips" these days. Sheesh....Do I have to teach you everything? You should do New York City more often. The babes here are all Brazilian waxed to within an inch of their lives. I am sure in Sofia it is the same.

WickedWitch - 28 Apr 2009 // 23:50:22


I think this will be right up your alley:

NellieotAmerica - 28 Apr 2009 // 23:20:13


Said to Bill:"Anyway don't mess with peoples porn otherwise they may mess with your religion next ;)"

Perish the thought! Bill is "married" to his religion and he is ever so protective of it. He reacts to criticism of his religion the way other men react when I call their wives Bulgarian sluts. It simply is NOT done and it is NOT to be tolerated.

Poor Bill. He is such a tormented, desperate, anguished creature, both physically and mentally. He reeks of mental anguish. I just wanted to make him happy, but he is not open to anything fresh, fun, happy. He likes his desperation and anguish too much. What a drama queen!

Rollingstoned - 28 Apr 2009 // 23:15:38


As I'm sure you know. We (men like me) have two heads but only enough blood to run one at a time!

Cheaters have no excuses.

NellieotAmerica - 28 Apr 2009 // 23:11:03


Men don't think with their big heads when they cheat, they think with their mini-heads. LOL

Rollingstoned - 28 Apr 2009 // 22:59:59

Hi Nellie,

Thankfully, you're not asking me that question because I would have to demand a recount. ;-p

No offense, but I think Bill will pick Camilla.
She's always looked very "manly" to me and I think that "quality" appeals to Bill.

Maybe if you stop shaving Nellie?
I don't know, it's just a suggestion.

What was Prince Charles thinking when he cheated on Princess Diana??
Then again, what does any one think when they cheat?

NellieotAmerica - 28 Apr 2009 // 22:41:58


"1. Whoever said it was drunk as a skunk
2. He was well paid to say it."

There is the third possibility that he wanted to "bed" me. LOL

Oh, come on now Bill, can you honestly say that Camilla Bowles is any handsomer than me? And she married the future King of England. Are you by any chance handsomer and better placed socially than Prince Charles? I doubt it. If he can be happy with Camilla, why can't you be happy with me?

fishbrain - 28 Apr 2009 // 22:39:06

Hey Bill:

You agree with Islamic law?? I did not know that Islamic law has views about porn ;) To me its always funny that religious leaders who are to be thought of as "pure" would know anything about what is "not pure". Anyway I don't care too much about most judeo-christian religions as they were written by a bunch of horney repressed men who wanted others to feel the same hahahaha Now I clearly stay away from religious arguments because I love nothing better to make fun og the twisted minds that believe in an all supreme being who actually gives a damn about porn and yet kills millions of innocent children even before they are 1 year old, don't you think sucha deity is sick and twisted? To me the judeo-christian God is the most twisted sick idea I heard of but if that is what makes people happy who am I to tell them otherwise? Then again if some other people love porn, manga and whipping who am i to tell them to stop?

Now about porn. There is porn in all flavors and colors. Now I don't know what you have been "scanning" but from the sounds of it it does not sound like you havenot been in the vanilla-chocolate-strawberry side of things... somehow you ended more to the mango-kiwi fruit extremes... my point is.. porn is healthy as healthy is your state of mind.. if your state of mind is a little twisted then your porn will equally be.

Anyway don't mess with peoples porn otherwise they may mess with your religion next ;)

Bill - 28 Apr 2009 // 20:52:02


I would have thought you'd been watching this forum long enough to realise that using politeness with Nellie just doesn't work! How many times have I asked her to stop, only to have her plough right on? Especially when she KNEW she was being terribly offensive? I had to sit and watch while she dragged my religion through as much mud as she could find, and even cited some characters whose ignorance was deplorable.

She had absolutely no respect for things I hold sacred, and spent months making fun of them and me. And even now she keeps on playing troll, and continuing a conversation she knows I don't want to participate in.

So no, I don't use polite methods with her any more, because she doesn't give a damn about anyone's feelings except her own!

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