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Commenting article: Obama to Lift Ban on Stem Cell Research

US President Barack Obama is expected to lift restrictions on federal funding for of human embryonic stem cell research, the Washington Post reports Saturday.

According to sources close to Obama, the President is planning to sign an executive order on Monday to roll back government money to fund research on human embryonic stem cell lines blocked by President George W Bush after 9 August 2001.
NellieotAmerica - 16 Mar 2009 // 20:35:21


So, the good news is in - the Obaminator is NOT a socialist! I propose a round of rakiya to all present, and make mine a double!lol

Devil's Advocate - 16 Mar 2009 // 20:09:18

"The question "Is Obama a socialist?" spread rapidly through a network of rightwing blogs, conservative television outlets and alarmist radio talk shows and quickly moved into the mainstream. "We Are All Socialists Now," declared a Newsweek cover last month. A New York Times reporter recently pinned Obama down with the question, "Are you a socialist, as some people have suggested?" The normally unflappable politician stumbled through a response so unconvincing that it required a follow-up call in which Obama claimed impeccable free market credentials. "

Also this is spread by our very own Nellie...

"I quickly realized that the antagonistic anchor David Asman had little interest in exploring socialist ideas on bank nationalization. For Asman, nationalization was merely a code word for socialism. Using logic borrowed from the 1964 thriller "The Manchurian Candidate," he portrayed Obama as a secret socialist, so far undercover that not even he understood that his policies were de facto socialist."

"The funny thing is, of course, that socialists know that Barack Obama is not one of us. Not only is he not a socialist, he may in fact not even be a liberal. Socialists understand him more as a hedge-fund Democrat -- one of a generation of neoliberal politicians firmly committed to free-market policies. "

"The first clear indication that Obama is not, in fact, a socialist, is the way his administration is avoiding structural changes to the financial system. Nationalization is simply not in the playbook of Treasury Secretary Timothy Geithner and his team. They favor costly, temporary measures that can easily be dismantled should the economy stabilize. Socialists support nationalization and see it as a means of creating a banking system that acts like a highly regulated public utility."

"The same holds true for health care. A national health insurance system as embodied in the single-payer health plan reintroduced in legislation this year by Rep. John Conyers Jr. (D-Mich.), makes perfect sense to us. That bill would provide comprehensive coverage, offer a full range of choice of doctors and services and eliminate the primary cause of personal bankruptcy -- health-care bills. Obama's plan would do the opposite. By mandating that every person be insured, ObamaCare would give private health insurance companies license to systematically underinsure policyholders while cashing in on the moral currency of universal coverage."

NellieotAmerica - 14 Mar 2009 // 16:38:53


I suggest that you are misunderstanding my point.

WickedWitch - 14 Mar 2009 // 16:27:38


"Mensa admits members whose IQ's are in the top two percent of the country. When I joined in 1984, mine was in the top one percent so theoretically I'm smarter than Obama. This does not qualify me to be elected anything but it does mean I can think thoroughly about many issues that interest me. I tend to question statements that are furnished without evidence."

Oh, man, Nellie, thank you. I needed the entertainment. Do keep on bringing the musings of these morons here, please.

NellieotAmerica - 14 Mar 2009 // 07:40:35

I remember in my freshman Latin class, we asked why we should be studying a dead language. Sister Fredericka answered, "Because it will teach you to think." Americans have forgotten to think and the Hollywood stars of today prove that Truman Capote was absolutely right when he wrote in "Conversations," that "the trouble with most actors (and actresses) is that they are dumb. And in many instances, the dumbest are the most gifted."

That explains why Sean Penn can visit Cuba without noticing that most of the Island is desperately poor; that Vanessa Redgrave can be a Palestinian sympathizer without questioning why Yasser Arafat was a multimillionaire while his people starved in camps. The only bright stars are those who recognize their former ignorance and admit it.

Mensa admits members whose IQ's are in the top two percent of the country. When I joined in 1984, mine was in the top one percent so theoretically I'm smarter than Obama. This does not qualify me to be elected anything but it does mean I can think thoroughly about many issues that interest me. I tend to question statements that are furnished without evidence.

That's why I never understood how people fell for Al Gore's global warming panic. He's not a scientist. He flunked out of Divinity School. Besides how can you conclude that the planet is undergoing rapid climate change when we've only been documenting those records for a few hundred years? The planet was warmer before there were human beings on it. Nevertheless, Al Gore made millions selling the idea of carbon footprints to a dumb nation. Now I cringe whenever I see the word green.

I dream of the day when voters pick their candidate based on substantial evidence rather than oratorical prowess. I love the t-shirt on that East Valley student, Brandon Miller, that read, "Hitler gave good speeches, too."

Americans need to exercise their brain cells by questioning everything spoken by politicians and written in the media. That means wondering if I really belonged to Mensa at all.

DP - 12 Mar 2009 // 21:09:45

"They could not tell you one bill that has been passed in the past year, nor do they care that they don't know anything about what is going on, but they can tell you what color shoes Michelle wore at the ball!! Women are a trip, and God knows I love 'em anyway. "


Thank Goodness you love 'em for not all men do. We have a saying in Bulgarian "Tarkulnalo se garneto, namerilo si pohlupaka" something like "Birds of a Feather Flock Together". lol

NellieotAmerica - 12 Mar 2009 // 20:21:04


"Yep, there needs to be a test!!"

Hmmmm..........I can't help wondering how many men would pass the test, especially if it is in English? Or are we talking a bilingual test?English AND Spanish? lol

avro - 12 Mar 2009 // 19:57:26


Everyone should pay taxes!!!! No matter what they make, they should pay at least some taxes, or they should not be allowed to vote. You cannot be a capitalist if you think otherwise.

Potential voters should know what party controls congress, the speaker of the house, the majority and minority leaders, the vice president and a few other key facts before they could vote. This would eliminate most women, and certainly most who voted for Obama.

Nellie and a few others on this forum are notable exceptions, but have you noticed how most women's eyes glaze over when you talk politics, they want no part of it, yet they VOTE? They could not tell you one bill that has been passed in the past year, nor do they care that they don't know anything about what is going on, but they can tell you what color shoes Michelle wore at the ball!! Women are a trip, and God knows I love 'em anyway.

Yep, there needs to be a test!!


NellieotAmerica - 12 Mar 2009 // 12:48:09

"I don't like anyone dipping into my pocket, specially the tax man but sometimes we must make sacrifices for the greater good."

Yes, spoken like a true liberal. Talking the talk but not walking the walk. Obama appointed a whole cabinet of tax cheats, all Democrats, who also think it is patriotic to pay taxes.

There is nothing the government can do to stimulate the economy. FDR tried it and all he was able to accomplish was to prolong the Great Depression. To normalize the economy, you should reduce government involvement and let those that can't afford to stay in business fail. However well-intended, government officials are not positioned to make better commercial decisions than lenders. The government must not attempt to force banks to make loans whose risks they are not comfortable with or attempt to direct lending from Washington. Or use tas payer's money to bail out Freddie Mac and Fannie May who made bad mortgage loans to deadbeats. It is not fair to the rest of us who are paying our bills and our taxes.

fishbrain - 12 Mar 2009 // 10:20:27

About the stockmarket- there was a great comedy show on CNN a few days back about using the stockmarket as a prediction tool, search for it. Basically if we use the stockmarket as a prediction tool you might as well use tarot cards also. So don't use the stockmarket as any guide to anything really, yeah I know some people love it but the reality is that it is volatile and can go up and down- the last few days its started to pick up again.

I don't think many people understand a simple fact. There is not many greta choices currently available to stimulate the economy. Ok they can give me the cash perhaps and I can do something nice and give something in return but beyond that I am sure most you can only "guess-predict" what is the right prediction.

I don't like anyone dipping into my pocket, specially the tax man but sometimes we must make sacrifices for the greater good. Yeah it sounds strange to be saying this when I believe in capitalism but I personally don't see what else can be done. Give the money to big companies again? Lower taxes at the high end and hope they will put the money willingly into society and stimulate growth?

DP, I have my own business and had 30% gain so far ;) I am not a money lender, selling chocolate or alcohol ;) I don't depend on other people firing me, I fire myself when I wish.

Devil's Advocate - 12 Mar 2009 // 00:09:57

***went against all should be did all that you posted.

Devil's Advocate - 12 Mar 2009 // 00:08:37

BTW, you are completely overlooking how Bush spent tuns of $$$ and lowered taxes and basically went against all that you just posted. Your selective memory is amazing... Who could forget Bush's last ditch spend billions to "save the economy" and give CEO's new foreign-made airplane act... Wow... Talk about wasteful and guess what party he belonged to....

Devil's Advocate - 12 Mar 2009 // 00:03:34

Now you are off topic and talking about spending money... that is not the same as being a ditto head and blaming obama. I am walking away now, b/c I don't want to debate issues with someone who is having a hard time staying on topic- which is my choice. Have a good evening, Nellie.

NellieotAmerica - 11 Mar 2009 // 23:46:37


You can't keep borrowing and spending more money than you are earning forever, eventually it will catch up with you. The US consumer has been singlehandedly responsible for fueling the Chinese economic miracle. They manufacture, we buy. And then they lend us money so we can buy even more. China is now in the process of buying up all the energy in the world cheap, since energy is cheap at the moment. And what are we doing? We are buying Priuses and changing our light bulbs to be more efficient. China owns us right now, and you amd our children will be in bondage and drudgery for the rest of your lives trying to pay off this humongous debt. You can't spend and borrow your way out of a crysis that was caused by too much borrowing and too much spending in the first place. Yhe party is over, it is time to pay the piper.

Devil's Advocate - 11 Mar 2009 // 22:53:48

Here is the C&P version:
The CEI was much quicker to anticipate the current recession than the S&P 500, which didn't shed any real amount of value until the recession was already well under way. But also unlike the S&P 500, the CEI has not been particularly responsive to events of recent weeks. On inauguration day, the CEI stood at 85.5; yesterday, it closed at 85.1 (although it's closer to 83.6 as of midday today). The S&P 500, by contrast, has lost around 12 percent of its value over that period. And since Election Day, the CEI is down about 10 percent versus the S&P's roughly 30 percent.

There is also some evidence that the CEI responded favorably to the stimulus package. On November 24, 2008, the CEI jumped by 6.5 percent, its largest single-day increase since April, 18, 2001, when Alan Greenspan cut interest rates by a larger-than-expected margin. What happened that day? Obama made it clear that he wanted an "aggressive" stimulus package. (This was also the day that Obama officially rolled out his economic advisory team. However, the markets had known about the composition of Obama's advisory team as of the previous week -- and had already rallied in response to it -- whereas the characterization of the stimulus package was actual news).

All of this gives us a rather different perspective on what the stock market is really telling us about the broader economy. The CEI is down about 10 percent since Election Day, is up about 10 percent since the last day of trading before Obama announced his "aggressive" stimulus, and is essentially unchanged since Obama's inauguration. The market is not becoming particularly more pessimistic about macroeconomic conditions (although it has certainly retained its previous pessimism) -- if this were true, we'd see cyclical stocks losing further value relative to more economically robust ones. But that largely isn't what we've been seen. Instead, the stock market is engaged in something of a pity party -- the prevailing emotions being fear and loathing. It is concerned about policies which might be burdensome to equityholders in large corporations while perhaps nevertheless being boons to economic recovery.

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