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Topic: bulgarian = Loser :o)

dzingis - 6 Mar 2009 // 18:41:01

I bet youre some fy-Rom aint you? OK you had enough now go back to your stinky land shithole egyuptin.

Lotus - 6 Mar 2009 // 01:25:11


Zhukov is a living proof of the cliche "you are what you eat".

His speech "ahahahahrhrh" reminds me of ...Too many pork sausages...I can hear the pig.

See you soon,


resipsaloquitur - 6 Mar 2009 // 01:17:10

Probably the RUSSIANS and BULGARIANS bought BMW's in Germany and took

them to USA. I met in Los Angeles Fitness a Russian man,who told me he shipped

his Mercedes from Hamburg to Long Beach for 750.- DM.

You can buy BMW here,in Germany for" appel and egg " the BERLINER are saying...

for nothing!

I bought two years ago a BMW for €4000,-

WHAT IS EXPENSIVE HERE ARE APARTMENTS...I am looking to buy a new flat now

and believe me you do not get anything my area belolw 250 000,. Euro.

resipsaloquitur - 6 Mar 2009 // 01:07:46

My dearest LOTUS,

forget about ZUKOV!

The man SIMPLY is stuffing himself with toooooooooooooooooooooo many pork

sausages,grisy,cheap ENGLISH sausages and CRISPY bacon.

And I forgot the 4 eggs ON THE SUNNY SITE as they say it in California.

No WONDER that his blood presure is sooting to the sky!

Lotus - 6 Mar 2009 // 00:13:00


I haven't lived in Bulgaria since the 80's, when my family escaped. I do hear and read that it is a dog-eat-dog world. I wouldn't live there. I also have met some Bulgarians in the States who contemplate making a quick buck in dishonest way. They used to be the exception.
When we first arrived in California, Los Angeles had some Bulgarian old-school emigrants, they all had businesses, etc. They were hard working and honest.
The nineties brought the worst of the worst trash from every Eastern European country, the majority being Russian. Most of them were involved in illegal and dishonest affairs. The ones I speak of drove BMWs the moment they arrived and spent their days in the cafes on Sunset.
Today, there is no such thing as the old Bulgarian, Armenian and Slavic emigrant charm of Hollywood.

NellieotAmerica - 5 Mar 2009 // 23:54:56


Very well put, but are you sure you are talking about the modern, present-day Bulgarians or the Bulgarians of old - before communism? It is a dog-eat-dog world in Bulgaria. When was the last time you lived there? I don't mean a two-week vacation?

Lotus - 5 Mar 2009 // 23:48:58


I am sorry you are so full of bile. Your extreme hatred for anything Bulgarian is irrational, that is obvious. Corruption, dishonesty are patterns that have festered within the Bulgarian society since the WW2. People under the Communist regime developed them as survival skills. Some, took those traits with them when they left the country. Within the country, there is still an infestation...

That being said, what is the Bulgarian soul is in no way lazy or corrupt. There are 1300 years of history, even through the dark ages, that speak of honor, pride and good nature;peacefulness and hospitality. I have seen bad Bulgarians but mostly, I have met Bulgarians that will share their last piece of bread with you and will take you in there home...
Again, I am sorry for you, Zhukov. You live in the reality you have chosen for yourself and that reality is obviously, HELL.

homerg88 - 5 Mar 2009 // 14:37:08

Im afraid hes right, we just have to face the truth.

fishbrain - 5 Mar 2009 // 13:17:45


First, please learn to spell.

Second, make proper sentences, its so dull trying to read the writings of 5year old kids around here.

Thirds, it does not say much about you when you made a few hundred mistakes in what I think are 2 perhaps 3 paragraphs. Basically an insult from a donkey is still an insult from a donkey.

Fourth, I got no idea where you are really from and I dare say you are not Russian. If you were Russian you would not be writing in English. I guess all your writings are coming from jealousy and hatred for something you wish you had. Well you don't. Bulgaria has plenty to offer and obviously you wish you could get some of it. Well, you cannot, so get over it.

Fifth, all the negative things you mention about Bulgaria I will say are common traits of humanity. You can find thieves and idiots everywhere (feel free to choose which one). So telling people these things about Bulgaria to a person in Paris( for example) may get no surprise looks indeed they may say "so? isn't it like this everywhere in the world?".

Anyway I have given you too much of my time but I felt pity for you. Please take a course in English writing, you really need it. Also try to calm your obvious resentment and jealousy towards Bulgaria. I am sure one day they might let you back in if you are nice and can spell properly.

NellieotAmerica - 5 Mar 2009 // 03:34:33


"go home bulgarian!!! no one want your rubbish people in europe or anywhere else. go home and go to HELLL!!!!!"

Zhukov, why don't you get your old, fat Russian slut of a wife a proper bathing suit? Why do we have to look at ugly, fat, old Russian sluts in topless thong bathing suits walking around the Bulgarian beaches spoiling the view?

Oh, and since when is Russia a member of the EU? Ignorant imbecile!

van4eto - 4 Mar 2009 // 13:36:48

Dear boy, Zhykov, Whoever,

You seem to be lost and frustrated. Calm down a bit. This forum is for intelligent and well-educated people with sense of humour and good common/ popular knowledge. Why don't you open up your elementary school books instead and revise on capital letters, punctuation, spelling, formal vocab, word order, sequence of tenses, etc. and give it a goooooooooooood read. You, obviously, have missed years of proper training. Oh, and your typing skills are unacceptable.

Enjoy the rest of your day,


zhukov - 4 Mar 2009 // 12:48:06

ah ah aha hah :o))))

now the EU have cut off te funding for your water developement programs!!!!

ah ha ha ha....

you see, u bulgarian losers are goingto be properly properly F**k*d up :o)

i love it :o) there is new wod that has been created in world dictionarys.

bulgarian = Loser :o)

where ever i go in the world, and i travel an awful awful lot i warn everyone i meet about bulgarians and bulgaria :o) i tell them about your stupid corrupt country, and i tell them of how bulgarians cheat lie and steal form people, especially foreigners! how you buy driving licences, university degrees, payoff courts and policemen, steal electricity from your neighbours, steal cars, and steal parts of cars from people that have taken there car to the garage for repairs. bulgarians are EVIL race of immoral beings.

i watcg and waut the day when the EU kick u back to the stoneage where you belong!

go home bulgarian!!! no one want your rubbish people in europe or anywhere else. go home and go to HELLL!!!!!


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