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Topic: Parental Guidance

judge advocaat retired - 15 Feb 2009 // 11:14:05

Nellie, Why should I get your point, you began your post JAR whats your point, so I explained my point again. Thats normal when you,re dealing with normal people is it not, or are you the exception and need extra content so you understand.

xNELLIEx - 15 Feb 2009 // 06:51:44


"Nellie I think you have a gravitational problem. It takes a long time to the penny to drop. LOL"

I don't know who has the gravitational problem - me or you. You did not get my point at all. My point was that mental illness - such as pedophilia - has nothing to do with morality or with age. It is mental illness - duh!

resipsaloquitur - 14 Feb 2009 // 23:55:40



Not all women are going to fertility clinics because they were thinking FIRSTLY of

their carriere and then getting pregnant.

I have a friend in CYPRUS,who married with 23 years and her husband was 29

...regrettably for more than 10 years she could not concieve.

Onother friend got child when she was 39 for the simple reason that

there are NOT many men nowdays in Germany,who want to marry and have a responsibility for family.

judge advocaat retired - 14 Feb 2009 // 22:00:45

Nellie Hi, My point was not about paedophiles or religion, people where debating moral and family values, one point was made that old ways were the best and maybe intimating old people knew the best social values, I was merely pointing out its a more complex subject than many believe, hence the different non existant moral values of this old man in the story. The point being not all old men and all people have the same values.

Nellie I think you have a gravitational problem. It takes a long time to the penny to drop. LOL

DP - 14 Feb 2009 // 21:35:29

For Phil,

Thank Goodness you addressed your post only to the gentlemen on the forum (all three of them;-)) and not to the minority of frustrated feminists. This way you can talk to each other and cry on each shoulder without the input of smart, thoughtful, albeit frustrated, feminists ;-0)))

Anyway, when I was 15 all kinds of sleazy geezers followed me on my way to school (guess to mate with me ) but I waited until I reached the ripe age of 39 when young schoolboys started drooling after me ( guess hopping I would mate with them). Finally I found a guy I forgot to ask how old he was and we had a successful mating. Now we have 68 grandchildren and an entire village in Bulgaria populated by albinos to attest to this story.

And, ladies, I am sticking to my tribute to Darwin no matter how ridiculous it sounds--not Darwin, but the story.

Of course. ;-)

xNELLIEx - 14 Feb 2009 // 21:06:04


What's your point? Pedophilia is a mental sickness and apparently it is not confined to Catholics? It does seem to claim many more Catholics than others, that's why they call it "the Catholic disease".

judge advocaat retired - 14 Feb 2009 // 20:34:36

This story shows the other side of moral virtues in older men, it also shows that the views of the elders should never be accepted as sacrosanct. Hence my desire to not involve myself in this debate, or should I say debacle.

A DEVOUT church member has been jailed for 18 years for serious sexual offences against two young girls.
Raymond Parkin (59), of Burns Avenue, Mansfield, was convicted by a jury of raping one girl some years ago when she was aged only six.

The jury also convicted him of sexually assaulting a second girl when she was aged five.

Nottingham Crown Court was told Parkin still continued to protest his innocence, but Judge Tony Mitchell told him the evidence against him, during his trial last month, was 'overwhelming'.

Parkin's barrister Ian Way said the court had been told of 'terrible things' that had taken place but there was another side to his client.

He had nursed his sick wife and father and was still supported by his sons and he was also in failing health himself.

He had some offences of dishonesty when a younger man, but no prior convictions of a sexual nature.

"He is a devout member of the Mormon Church and has been for 29 years," said Mr Way.

Parkin felt, with great regret, that he would be unable to continue practicing his religion properly in prison.

The judge told Parkin that he will serve half of his sentence and then will be released, but he will be on licence for the rest of his life

xNELLIEx - 14 Feb 2009 // 19:42:52


Don't worry, the chavs in England are breeding early and breeding often. Probably for the best, otherwise the Muslim hordes will overrun England and the English race will become extinct.

Philippe - 14 Feb 2009 // 19:32:00


We should review our concepts about family life; It would be far better that we go for a general education first, then create our offspring, and after that, specialize in a profession and guarantee a career and material wealth; There is nothing wrong with teenager pregnancies; It are the societies that went too far away from mother nature;

May I recommend you to read Richard Dawkin's The Selfish Gene?

Philippe - 14 Feb 2009 // 19:29:44

Gentlemen, time for some anthropology (Darwins birthday!)

I have the impression that in all these discussions about teenager pregancies, we forget mother nature, and our genes;

Teenager pregancies are scandalized, and on the other hand societies have to pay expensive in vitro fertilisations for women who waited till their late thirties to get a first child, because they prefered a career fist!

Women become furtile at the age of 13-15; They have a limited number of egg's, one per month; The older they get, the less eggs they produce. More, the older they get, the more defects are found in the egg's DNA;

Men become furtile at the age of 13-15; they remain fertile till they die (although too much rakya may have bad influence); DNA defects are also possible (but these cells are often eliminated during the race to the egg)

Both men and women become fysicaly "adult" at the age of 20-21, when the brains stop growing;

It are the women who select and agree on a partnership (men are mostly ready all the time). Their main criteria: 1. a partner with the good genes; 2. financialy OK, able of taking care of her and her offspring; 3. ready to invest in children with her; 4. not too much looking at other females;

In evolutionary terms, the best offspring comes from a young woman with an older man; She guarantees the physical conditions, he ensures the solid social base; I've experienced this: when I was 17 years old, the best girls of my age where not interested in me; they wanted older men. When I was 10 years older, I had all possibilities!

for education: the mother is number one; even at the age of 15, she can perfectly play her role; The presence of an active father is a plus but not crucial; Wisdom comes generally from grandparents, and teachers

70 years ago, my grandmother became pregnant at the age of 18; she had several children with a successfull man; In those days this was perfectly normal; Her genes are now in 38 grand-grand children, a real success for her and mother nature;

During the last 60 years, we have seen important sociological changes, mainly due to technological innovations:

1. contraceptives - boss in my belly; 2. robots in the household - 8 hours work can be done in 1 hour; 3. food supply - supermarkets bring ready food directly to your table;

Women started to make careers, imitating men, improving the family finances stimulated by unlimited capitalism, and backbenched by a minority of frustrated feminists, very often the most unsuccessfull female species in evolutionary terms;

Result: households with only one income are almost impossible; Women delay their pregnancies, jeopardizing their genetical material;


Devil's Advocate - 14 Feb 2009 // 17:08:07

To reiterate what DP said to Bill in a different context, there is nothing new about "underage" births. History is filled with examples and even in some parts of today's world marriages are arranged at young ages resulting in underage births. What has changed in what is loosely termed the "modern world" is that our "moral" standards are different as well as our ability to receive news.

JKS - 14 Feb 2009 // 15:58:19

"I see we're not going to agree, so let's leave it at that. What I call basic principles you're calling platitudes.

As to the example you gave of your cousin living in Bulgaria, he's evidently doing all right where he is with what he has, so I needn't comment on that."

OK we can drop it. I don't mind calling them basic principles either is still doesn't change the fact that they tend to generalize and not deal with individuals (which is were reality actually exists)

As to my cousin he is doing alright because his wife also works, not so that they can live high on the hog but so they can survive (the point of my example)

I will drop it though if you want. You can go back to chillin with Nelly :)

JKS - 14 Feb 2009 // 15:53:27

"Now taking up Christ's attitude toward religious people, please note that his criticism is aimed at those who make a great show of religion to get the approval of their audiences without having the spirit of the teachings at heart."

That is just one avenue of his attitude towards religious people namely hypocrisy. He has much more to say about them though, read it anew. I realize I have walked through a door with you that I have purposelessly avoided for over a year. I bow out and am walking back through the door :)

Bill - 14 Feb 2009 // 15:50:09


I see we're not going to agree, so let's leave it at that. What I call basic principles you're calling platitudes.

As to the example you gave of your cousin living in Bulgaria, he's evidently doing all right where he is with what he has, so I needn't comment on that.

JKS - 14 Feb 2009 // 15:45:00

Thanks for the details. Lets get into them.

"For starters, how about breast feeding? Unless I'm seriously misinformed, human milk provides the child with antibodies needed to prevent illness, and a child raised from the start on cow's milk (or some other animal) or formula doesn't get them."

Just so you know I (more accurately) my wife is a big proponent of breast feeding. It is much more convenient to stay at home and breast feed and I also think mom's should do just that (if possible) the first 3-4 months (the key time for the mom's inti-bodies to do their thing) but after that it is very possible for a mom to not be at home. Breast milk can be frozen for up to 3 months.
I don't think most women would have an issue with staying home the first 3 months btw.

"Secondly, again unless I'm seriously misinformed, during the foetus stage the child bonds with the mother's heartbeat, and after birth is more closely related to the mother. The father comes into the relationship a bit later."

From everything I have read and experienced babys don't bond to heartbeats they bond to touch.

"Thirdly, a woman' singing voice is softer and more gentle than a man's. I've never heard of (although there may be incidents) a father singing a baby to sleep."

You are really reaching Bill :)

"Then, when the kids are a bit older and are playing out in the street, and yours gets hurt and comes screaming home, he wants his mother. Not the housemaid, not a chilc-care worker, but MAMA!. The father can't serve this need, either, although partially he can help with the injury.."

This is where experience would help you. When my little girl hurts herself she wants everybody's attention. She goes to whoever is nearer and want's hugs then when she gets her fill she looks for the next parent and gets the same thing.

"My mother, and I suppose countless others, use the "I'll kiss it and make it better" treatment for minor injuries. I can't imagine a father getting away with that."

I love kissing it and making it feel better. It is one of the best feelings as a dad in the world. (And I bet I have more hair on my chest than you do, so don't get the wrong idea) I also love to say"unak bez rano ne moje"

"Now as to living hign on the hog, that naturally is highly influenced by where you live. Naturally, if you live in a villa in the high-rent district with all the luxuries, you're going to have to pay more for it. But if you live in a frame house in an older neighborhood you won't have this problem. One of the harder things to learn is to separate wants from necessities. So long as you provide the child with the love and care he needs, it won't matter if you live in a tent!"

You are using platitudes again. what about my example?

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