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Commenting article: Major Blow to US Afghanistan Operations as Kyrgyztan Base is Ordered to Close

After a swell in anti-American feeling in the Central Asian state of Kyrgyzstan, their government submitted Wednesday a decree to parliament for the closure of a key US air base, the BBC reported.

"The move was prompted by popular disapproval of the base," government spokesman Aibek Sultangaziyev said.
Kolegialen - 6 Feb 2009 // 03:47:05

"The former Soviet Union has taken advantage of the state of flux in America's political leadership,.."
Look how clueless are those Anglo a-holes.
"Former USSR?"
Like Latvia or Ukraine? Which part of the "Former USSR" are they dreaming about?

Kolegialen - 5 Feb 2009 // 21:14:27

BTW what US/UK can learn from Russia has nothing to do with PC.
Let me educate you:

The reason the world hates the US is hypocrisy - plain and simple! Not that they act from their interests, which is natural, but that they advertise that they don't!
Framing political debate in Right/Wrong, or Good/Bad terms, may resonate to your Anglo ears, but it really paints a major target on your ass, for people to dig up the inevitable hypocrisy.

I say inevitable because no matter how idealistic a government is, in the end they will act from their interests.
Acting from interests is unavoidable.
Preaching that you don't is avoidable, but difficult for Anglos.

Putin is frank - this is Russia's interests and we will stand for them. Deal with it!
Who can hate some one that does the only thing natural to them, and doesn't bullshit about it.
Only Anglos, who's ears burst with sonic sound, when confronted with honesty.... Even anti PC Anglos can't help themselves - the right/wrong bit is part of your Puritan fabric....

Kolegialen - 5 Feb 2009 // 20:40:53

"Miss Manners Kolegialen elaborate then.."

Think of me as the proverbial dikc pissing straight into your western garbage swimming pool, here on this forum.
I just heard Paul Begala and James Carvile (probably misspelled Anglo names) and other Obama people criticize the Bush administration on CCN, for straightening the enemies of your country - Iran, Russia and so on.

Those are Obama folks - the hight of PC!
They called Russia an enemy - see that's news to most Russians I can bet you!

Another loose mouth reckless cowboy bunch, only without the financial backing to act on their illusions - thank God!
No European public figure will call Russia or even Iran, an enemy!
What kind of high school mentality is that?
That's not PC! That's being stupid, like you pricing a country at 3 pence.... Anglo stupid, left right - irrelevant....

xNELLIEx - 5 Feb 2009 // 14:07:12


"Also the US & THE UK are hard core pc (politically correct) that is the problem! One thing the Us & Uk can learn from Russia is to be more frank and less pc.... That would help a lot..."

Excellently well said. I second that opinion. And they should stop teaching pc crap to the school children. PC teachers are ruining children's minds.

qwerty - 5 Feb 2009 // 03:57:09

"US learns some manners."

Too cute.. Miss Manners Kolegialen elaborate then.. How would manners help at all? Also the US & THE UK are hard core pc (politically correct) that is the problem! One thing the Us & Uk can learn from Russia is to be more frank and less pc.... That would help a lot...

xNELLIEx - 4 Feb 2009 // 23:58:00

This is what some of the American readers thought about the article...

Wow!!! so much history in this part of the planet. The solutions are simple based on the question can we all share and live in peace without greed?
In my opinion:
1) Dmitry Medvedev needs to give or pay for the gas Ukraine's debt. The Ukrainian deserve more than that as payment for Stalin killing so many Ukrainians 75 years ago. That is a debt that can not even be pay with money. Dmitry Medvedev is the owner of gazprom. he is also the new president of russia. He is the second riches man in the planet. Humm???? Is he another new stalin doing the same as 75 years ago to Ukraine people?
2) To improve Ukrainian's economy, fees must be applied for russians to use the ukrainina gas lines.
3) The Ukraine goverment also needs to apply charges for delivering gas to the european contries based on specific country.

The plan is simple if human greed did not exist.

How do you ike that Dmitry Medvedev?

Enrique is my name

Ukraine has socked away 18 Billion cubic meters of Gas in pressurized caverns, since the last serious threat Russia made, to cut off gas supplies. This is sufficient to last 4 months. There is no serious threat to Ukraine at this time. Ukraine in fact, has the better negotiating position, this year.
Western Europe, on the other hand, could be in a world of hurt, because if Russia cuts off the gas, Ukraine will turn off the tap as well, and can hold out much longer than last time.
But, Russia would pay a price. Think about what a prolonged loss of gas income would do to the already fragile Ruble...

Your remark is a perfect example why democracy is a totally foreign concept to most moskovites . The very thought of individual freedom fills you with fear , as a result you always want to stiffle any sign of freedom and individuality in anyone else . That is why Muscovy has been stuck in the Dark Ages . Along with suffering from an acute inferiority complex , you are convinced that you are the greatest country in the world and everything you do and have is the best . You have no friends . You only have people that fear you ( because they don't know you ) or they want something from you ( oil , gas, etc. ) . You spend huge amounts of money maintaining moscovite - friendly media throughout the world and meddling in other countries's business . It is your fervent dream that Ukraine should fall apart and that once again be under moscovy's influence , but alas, it is just a dream . The hard facts are that Ukraine with or without help from the West wants no part of Moscovy . As far as antagonizing " Russia " , I wonder who is more afraid of whom , when even now the very name of Stepan Bandera is cause for moscovites to foam at the mouth. Rather than recommending an outdated chauvinistic relic by Pushkin , perhaps you should read a current work by another moscovite, Nina Khruschov , it just might shed some light on some of these issues.

xNELLIEx - 4 Feb 2009 // 23:42:38


Don't get me started on the advertisers who advertise on Novinite. Free Newt is better than cheap Ukrainian women. lol

I will concede one point - the majority of Americans - those who think that we can spend our way or borrow our way out of this crisis are ignorant idiots. There is only one thing we can do - work our way out of it.

Kolegialen - 4 Feb 2009 // 23:33:26

This is what some of the American readers thought about the article...

Posted by: Rick Johnson
Dec 06, 04:33 AM
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I believe the Communists are slowly winning. Just look at socialist USA. Yes, we are no longer a true democracy, but a socialist government with the trappings of democracy (elections). And don't even get me started on Europe.

Was watching a 'Passport to Europe' rerun the other day. In Amsterdam, the clerk behind the counter selling pot at the pot/coffee house was wearing a shirt with a red hammer and sickle on the front. It's akin to the disgusting Che shirts we see way too much of here.

I haven't given up by any means; but too damn many uneducated, yet college degreed sheeple are going to have a helluva time making a decent living if they don' t wake up.

Posted by: AL
Dec 06, 03:24 AM
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Unlike easily transported oil, natural gas is not internationally traded commodity. Price for natural gas is set by local long-term agreement between supplier and consumer. Russian/Ukrainian price wars over NG supply is not your American warmongering freaks f-ing business.

BTW, Ukraine is major supplier of weaponry to “democratic” and “peaceful” Pakistan.

Kolegialen - 4 Feb 2009 // 23:29:36

Lol, - Free Newt and 2 rules to a flat stomach!

ooh that's what I call freedom of information....

Kolegialen - 4 Feb 2009 // 23:20:15

Well, I don't know who you are quoting, but this is the reality:

After the Americans bombing Russia's allies, surrounding her with military bases and nuclear shields, encouraging her neighbors to attack her minorities, giving moral and material support to her separatist Muslim minorities, the US has finally ran out of breath, under staggering load of debt and internal mismanagement, and is now attempting to appeal to some "civilized" relations.

Countries like Kyrgystan, former US's partners in their so-called War On Terror, are reading the writing on the wall and wisely jumping ship.
Many more to come.
Not the first country to regret anti Russian aggression that US.....

xNELLIEx - 4 Feb 2009 // 23:13:41

"You can elect purple Husseins if you like, the world will not change their attitude until the US learns some manners."

Oh, that's rich coming from a supported of the international bully Putin! Had not your but-buddy Putin learn some manners first?

xNELLIEx - 4 Feb 2009 // 23:08:56

"It seems that the closer a country is located to Russia, the worse Moscow's relations are with that nation," Russian radio host Yulia Latynina wrote in the December 3 Moscow Times. "The Kremlin wants to be on good terms with France and Germany, for example, but if any country that was once part of the Soviet empire tries to shed light on its own history, the Kremlin lashes out with angry reproaches that it is deliberately provoking a conflict."

While this will likely always be a hallmark of Russia's foreign policy, it is one which the civilized nations of the world - from Eastern Europe to the United States - have a duty to oppose in all cases where it manifests itself in acts of aggression.

xNELLIEx - 4 Feb 2009 // 23:07:12

I think Russia had better change its manner:

"The former Soviet Union has taken advantage of the state of flux in America's political leadership, and of outgoing President George W. Bush's unwillingness to make any further military commitments, to take a more active role both in the affairs of its neighbors and in those of Western nations. From providing weapons and nuclear aid to Iran, to running roughshod over former vassal state and current NATO applicant Georgia this August, to dispatching President Medvedev to meet with Fidel Castro in Cuba and Hugo Chavez in Venezuela, to conducting joint naval exercises with Venezuela in the Caribbean Sea, Russia's leaders are working to regain the lost trust and rebuild the damaged nationalist pride of their subjects by asserting international relevance in the best way they know how: by intimidating neighbors and acting, despite their inability to actually be such, as a global counterbalance to the United States."

Kolegialen - 4 Feb 2009 // 22:53:28

"The US does not wish to be the policeman of the world and fight wars all over the globe."

That's interesting since they've set up "police stations" all over the world....

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