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Topic: For DP/Rolli

Rollingstoned - 5 Feb 2009 // 14:06:51

Hi Bill,

I know you didn't mean anything to be sinister because you're not like that.
I liked your story about the snow storms paralyzing certain places. That's one thing that really amazes me here because we have awesome snow removal services, we can recieve more than 2 feet of snow one day and the next day the roads are perfectly clear.

Gotta run. Have a great day! :-)


Bill - 5 Feb 2009 // 10:30:28


Didn't mean anything more sinister than that you and DP had both mentioned having batches of snow, and if I remember correctly, temperatures in the -5В°C range. Siberia was talking about -50В°C Therefore both you and DP had it better.

England has been "paralyzed" by snow. An Englishman sent me pictures of this "terrible" snowfall, and in the US, at least, it wouldn't have stopped a football game, let alone snarled traffic. He says they aren't used to it, and if that's what they call a severe storm, they haven't been in the proper climate places.

When I was stationed in Naples, it snowed there once and caused a catatrophe, because Italians that far south almost never see it. My ship donated blankets to the civil relief efort.

When I was stationed in Hawaii, it got really funny. I did volunteer work at the Armed Services YMCA, and the lady in charge of the desk asked me what I'd like for Christmas. I told her, "Don't take it personally, but three feet of snow right where you stand".

I hadn't lived in California yet at that time, and I was kidding a Californian, telling him that people in southern California didn't know about it, either. He said, "I do, too, know what snow is. We can see it on the mountains".

Snow, like most other things, is only good in moderation.

DP - 5 Feb 2009 // 05:37:26


I wish I had a rabbit-fur-lined underwear while prancing around in the cold today. Hope the Siberian cows did well! lol

Rollingstoned - 5 Feb 2009 // 02:30:24

I do too xNELLIEx but we got enough last week.
I'm glad to hear that you just got a dusting.

A fire inside and fresh snow outside, is awesome, isn't it?

I <3 NY and the smell of wood smoke.....

xNELLIEx - 5 Feb 2009 // 02:20:31


We did get some fresh snow. I love fresh snow. I have a fire in the fire place, fresh snow outside, what could be better?

Rollingstoned - 5 Feb 2009 // 02:15:17


The storm that I was talking about, missed DP and I.
As for xNELLIEx, "she" may be getting burried, right now.
I hope that's not the case though because I think you should both be burried, together! ;-p


That means that I am JOKING!

Rollingstoned - 5 Feb 2009 // 02:09:20

Hey, Bill,

I can't and never will speak for DP because she lives in Canada and I live in The US but I know how good I have it here even though my property taxes and school taxes are on the rise.

IF our one eyed idiot of a Governor has his way, we'll be taxed for drinking NON diet soda too! I'm NOT fat so why should I pay more for a "Classic Coke"?

I love how SNA (Saturday Night Live) portrays him though.

I don't have any children either but I am more than willing to pay for "our future".

As for cold nipples.....I love them, cold water is another thing though because as I'm sure you know....that causes shrinkage.

Okay, my rant is over.
Sorry that you and xNELLIEx didn't work out.
Perhaps you should both join the gym.

I <3 NY

xNELLIEx - 4 Feb 2009 // 22:00:19


I don't do the drafting, I just meet with clients and red-line the drawings the CAD drafters are producing. I am like a kindergarten teacher for architects. I red-line their drawings and send them back to the drawing board. lol

Bill - 4 Feb 2009 // 21:56:40


"I came on this forum to play games."

Fine, if that's what turns you on; just don't play them with me.

If you're such a busy architect, where are you getting all the time you spend on the forum?

Bill - 4 Feb 2009 // 21:53:38

just me.

Right you are. Didn't catch it till after it was posted.

xNELLIEx - 4 Feb 2009 // 21:43:57


"Unless you think you're getting into games with entire civilizations."

Maybe in Bill's mind I am an entire civilization. lol

xNELLIEx - 4 Feb 2009 // 21:38:20


Let me make myself clear. I came on this forum to play games. If you can't take the heat, get out of the fire.

Anyway, I haven't really jabbed you hard slammed you, I just poked you a friendly, flirtacious little poke. Stop being such an old maid! Sheesh........

Are you sure you were a sailor for 10 years? I thought sailors are a tough and resilient chaps. You are SUCH a whiner! Any little poke makes you run to your mother and complain!

just me - 4 Feb 2009 // 21:10:23

That's "people's." People is plural.
Unless you think you're getting into games with entire civilizations.
jm ;) (WINK)

Bill - 4 Feb 2009 // 20:44:19


Let me make myself clear. I didn't come onto thie forum to play games, and I don't appreciate being dragged into other peoples' games.

xNELLIEx - 4 Feb 2009 // 19:52:26


OK, let me ask you a serious question. Tom Daschle withdrew his nomination because he owes $150,000 back taxes. Tim Geithner got confirmed as IRS boss after paying his back taxes just before he got nominated. What chance is there that Tim Geithner, the tax fraud, will force Tom Daschle, the other tax fraud, to pay his back taxes? Would one tax fraud be sympathetic and forgiving to another tax fraud?

In future I am using the Geithner defense if I ever get audited by the IRS - Ooooops, I screwed up, it was an honest mistake!

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