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Topic: Worrisome News

L16toDE13viaDT7_DT1_TQ1andPO35 - 23 Nov 2008 // 11:44:25

Dear Figment,

My current beautiful bird is overflowing with sarcasm, mate! Last time I shagged her was when she was here that weekend at the end of October when the NFL Wem-ber-ley match took place. She had tix for it. Me bird is feisty, sarcastic, fiercely independent, outspoken, courageous, hunourous, and takes no shit. My kind of bird.

Why look elsewhere for a good shag, then?

Bill - 23 Nov 2008 // 08:04:41


"Well, I am sure Bill will live through your lack of interest in him. It'll be hard, but he'll live."

Not that hard, actually. In fact, I feel better already. Busy making breakfast, and while the frozen sausages are heating up, I look in on this forum.

Haven't decided yet whether to go back to bed before doing the on-line crossword puzzles, but even staring at the wall is more productive than a discussion with her.

FIGMENT - 23 Nov 2008 // 06:38:23


"I love to shag sarcastic birds diagonally, mate!"

Have you shagged any lately? How come you didn't shag the wicked bitch back in the day? If there is a more dripping with sarcasm Bulgarian slut in this world, I have yet to encounter her. If she is as "lovely" in a mongol kind of way as you claim, then why didn't you shag her? Admit it, F16, sarcastic birds are unshaggable, dude! That evil bitch would just as soon bite your pr!ck off as let you shag her.

L16toDE13viaDT7_DT1_TQ1andPO35 - 23 Nov 2008 // 04:25:26

Sarcasm is a thing of unparalleled beauty.

Sarcastic people turn me on!

All sarcastic folks are sexier than sex was ever meant to be!

I hereby hoist a pint of bitter in honour of glorious sarcasm.

Sarcastic people rule... those who never exhibit sarcasm drool!

I love to shag sarcastic birds diagonally, mate!

FIGMENT - 23 Nov 2008 // 04:06:16


Well, I am sure Bill will live through your lack of interest in him. It'll be hard, but he'll live.

Bill - 23 Nov 2008 // 02:04:29


"You did say you were fishing for comments"

I never said any such thing! I merely said that what I wrote acted as bait and WW bit on it. So did you. That wasn't my intent when I wrote it; it just happened, because neither of you can read straight. It always comes across to you bent somehow.

FIGMENT - 23 Nov 2008 // 01:34:09


WW is not only dense sometimes, she is dense, offensive and disrespectful most of the time to everyone on this forum since the first day she joined, as demonstrated by my recent posts that are cut-and-paste of her puke. And viking has the nerve to complain about me, the old goat.

FIGMENT - 23 Nov 2008 // 01:26:10


Hah, now it's blatantly obvious that you are pi$$ed off or something and are just trolling me to get back. Otherwise you wouldn't go for such cheap (and sad) shots like trying to offend my age and my appearance. Aw, that's so sad, it's cute.

viking - 23 Nov 2008 // 01:19:32

"A more arrogant, pompous, confrontational, disrespectful, abusive prat I have yet to see"
Look in the mirror, old woman!
What a waste of air!

viking - 23 Nov 2008 // 01:05:01

So when I say something it is "piping in" and when you say something it is gospel or to be treated with respect and awe?

Is there something wrong with you, Bill?

You cannot talk without insults and think everyone is so beneath you that they are not worth an answer? You did say you were fishing for comments and that means you were saying something to entice a response.
How else, except to say something stupid?
Friend? You have to be kidding!
My friends have common decency and treat others with respect!
You are just arrogant and not worth the effort of communication!

Bill - 23 Nov 2008 // 00:37:31


You really are dense, sometimes. It's not your right to express yourself that's being complained about; it's the snotty, sarcastic, demeaning, arrogant, conceited, etc. way you do it.

Bill - 23 Nov 2008 // 00:36:11


In all fairness to Viking, I think I should say that what you quoted was directed at me, not you,some days ago, although your response is correct in my case as well, except that I'm not a speed reader. I read at conversational speed; sometimes a little faster.

But there can be hours between my visits to the forum, although SNA's "Who is on" list shows me as still on, although I checked out before I left.

Tha's why I've wondered whether WW has a job. Her nick stands on the "on" list all day, but I doubt her employer (assuming she has one) would tolerate her sitting at her job all day and playing games here.

WickedWitch - 23 Nov 2008 // 00:34:27


Seems like FIG is also exploring my right to expression. :-)

FIGMENT - 23 Nov 2008 // 00:25:38


"You have posted (opened your mouth) 3500 times since Feb 2006

WW has posted (opened her mouth) 1676 times since Dec 2004"

It might appear to you that I spend a long time on the forum but in fact I show up for five minutes every hour or so in the evening while catching up on news, roll my eyes, respond for another five minutes and leave. My Firefox has over a dozen tabs open at all times and if I only hung out here not only would my IQ drop irrevocably but I wouldn't have anything to read. I'm a speed reader so it takes me about 2 minutes to go through the page (if there's anything but one-liners posted).

Don't judge reading and posting speed by your own standard.

resipsaloquitur - 22 Nov 2008 // 23:40:59

WW is just exploiting her RIGHT OF EXPRESSION!

Who does not like it...ought NOT to read it!BASTA!

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