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Commenting article: Obama Message Hits Primetime

Six days before the Election Day, the US Democratic presidential candidate Barack Obama will dominate primetime television Wednesday night in one of his final moves to win the White House, ABC News reported.

Obama is to talk to the audience for half an hour. The special message is scheduled to air tonight at 8 p.m. on most major television networks - NBC, CBS and Fox.
Bill - 30 Oct 2008 // 07:41:04


"That is why the entertainment channels do so well, we are a nation that likes to be mesmerized, and "that man" has it down to a science."

Being in Germany (and disliking CNN), I'm not in a position to have seen all the propaganda being spouted by either side, but from what I CAN see here, I think that's an accurate description.

What I'm curious about--and maybe to my regret--is how much of the population thinks the way he does?

avro - 30 Oct 2008 // 02:00:41

Ok, we agree that this kind of stuff happens, but Fox News is unquestionably a Republican-centric television network, everybody knows their views, and we all know that they are the ONLY network that counters the Democrat view of life supported by the other ten major TV networks, like CNN that you cannot get away from in airport, hotel lobbies and etc.

But, the LA Slimes is SUPPOSED to be a non-partisan newspaper, so what is their excuse for holding back?

By the way, the current administration does not support GOVERNMENT funded stem cell research using unborn children as cell farms, but it does NOT prevent private organizations from doing it. Abortion is an emotional issue, and it would seem kinda one-sided to have the GOVERNMENT, inclusive of anti-abortion tax payers, having to fund the reaping such a controversal harvest, when it can be done privately. Especially when these private organizations will be reaping the financial rewards.


FIGMENT - 30 Oct 2008 // 01:46:51

"That's why people believe him so much, because he does not stumble or flinch at all when he lies."

So true! He looks you in the eye and lies. What a loser!

No businessman in his right mind will vote for Obama. The IRS is now looking how to increase revenues by plugging some of the loopholes for multinational corporations who keep money overseas.

avro - 30 Oct 2008 // 01:41:35


Obama has fooled a WHOLE lot of the people, people who are more into form than substance....they like being entertained...

He certainly has a talent for pulling stuff out of the air and making it sound good. That's why people believe him so much, because he does not stumble or flinch at all when he lies. He is one of those guys who can say something, you are very impressed, but you don't have a clue what he said. The man is talented that way.

And the fact that he looks young and chipper compared the older guy. people like image, not quality and substance. That is why the entertainment channels do so well, we are a nation that likes to be mesmerized, and "that man" has it down to a science.


FIGMENT - 30 Oct 2008 // 01:30:39

I know who is not interested in watching Obama lie some more on TV - me! Thanks but NO thanks. I know who I want for president and it is not Obama.

iamsoobored - 30 Oct 2008 // 01:09:12


I am not a fan of Lincoln, he ruined my life when he abolished slavery. I rather he didn't do that. The politically correct SOB!

JoePlummer - 30 Oct 2008 // 00:47:45

OK, fair enough. But what about your source; that we heard your interpretation of? If that stuff were that juicy I would think it would make it over here. It’s their source that doesn’t want it out till after the election. That happens all the time. For example, my girlfriend – a professional - works with handicapped children. One of her babies just came back from China and did exceptionally well with stem cell research that is not allowed in America. Fox news was going to do a special on her tonight but is delaying it because they thought it would affect the election on �Proposal 2’ and just might look negative to McCain supporters. This is news and the people have a right to know the effect on the quality of life of our very young has. At least the LA Times did report your story….

Bill - 30 Oct 2008 // 00:18:28


From President Lincoln (quoted as exactly as I can remember it):

You can fool all of the people some of the time, and some of the people all of the time, but you cannot fool all of the people all of the time.

This is going to be a VERY interesting election.

avro - 30 Oct 2008 // 00:06:30

The video tape is what ought to be aired. Forget the article, because everybody thinks any negative articles about Obama are somehow created by the Republican party. Seeing and hearing Obama praise a pro-Palestinian and anti-Semite and talk of him spending dinners at Obama's home is what people NEED to see.


JoePlummer - 29 Oct 2008 // 23:28:38

Did you even read the original article? My guess is no. It seems to me you only have an opinion and are looking for something to support that opinion. Don’t let me bore you with the original article since it will only be a lie in your mind. Why doesn’t your source just send their tape to McCain? I suggest because it does not portray the innuendoes that you suggest.

avro - 29 Oct 2008 // 23:10:47

Yes, they did write about is 6 months ago, but why don't they SHOW it? The reason is that most people in political times don't believe what they read, they must actually SEE it to believe it. Since they don't want to hurt Obama they will not show it.

Like the speech I heard, that I would not have believed it if I had not heard it. I do not trust the pundants on either side, Republican or Democrat, but hearing if first hand convinced me it was for real.

Listen, if you are evidently a socialist and believe in redistribution of wealth from those who have earned to those that have not, then go ahead and support Obama, it is your right.


JoePlummer - 29 Oct 2008 // 22:56:26

I had to re-read and you said you heard the speach.

Jamie Gold, the newspaper’s readers’ representative, said in a statement: “More than six months ago the Los Angeles Times published a detailed account of the events shown on the videotape. The Times is not suppressing anything. Just the opposite — the L.A. Times brought the matter to light.”

Did you catch that? They reported the story more than 6 month ago.

avro - 29 Oct 2008 // 22:52:18

Not a Plumber

How did you get "showing" a video out of "I read that the LA times is holding back a video". I will excuse your ignorance.


JoePlummer - 29 Oct 2008 // 22:47:07

Was it the LA Times showing a video they will not release? Your story does not make any sense.

JoePlummer - 29 Oct 2008 // 22:37:10

The America people don’t care about the lies of any video tape. All we care about is the economy and jobs back home. My point is that McCain does not care about the real �Joe the Plummer’. That's why your man is losing, he dug his own hole.

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