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Commenting article: Bulgaria Prince Kardam Kept in Artificial Coma

The medical condition of Prince Kardam, the eldest son of Bulgaria's former Tsar and PM Simeon Saxe-Coburg, remains critical as he is being kept in an artificial coma because of the sharp pain he would felt after the heavy crash he survived Friday in Madrid.

The prince suffered a brain-scull trauma and his two hands are motionless, doctors from Madrid's Doce de Octubre Hospital reported.
Bill - 22 Aug 2008 // 12:38:43



Then why bother? You seem to feel an urge to "educate" into your way of thinking. Sorry. I'm not taking your course.

WickedWitch - 22 Aug 2008 // 11:24:31



You're free to stop reading my posts though.

wildthing - 22 Aug 2008 // 11:17:43

"For all I know, Lotus might be a very plain person and you might be a beauty queen, but any normal man would choose Lotus over you."

Yes, "normal" men are usually intimidated by bright and attractive women, but then no bright and attractive woman will need your "normal" man.

Bill - 22 Aug 2008 // 11:13:08


Damn it, lady! Will you NEVER stop trying to teach me?

I've had a belly full of your snobbish tactics. I don't want to live your way, and don't intend to. I don't need sarcasm to communicate.

WickedWitch - 22 Aug 2008 // 11:10:16

Man, you would have been a handful as a kid:

"Billy, you should eat your veggies."

"Should I also eat poison ivy, brambles and raw potatoes as well?"

WickedWitch - 22 Aug 2008 // 10:59:34


Especially "fallacy of accident", "non sequitur" and... actually, the entire "material fallacy" section.

Bill - 22 Aug 2008 // 06:06:43


"No one is demanding anything from you. We're just asking you to be more tolerant, is that so difficult?"

Should I be tolerant of:

Racial prejudice
Sexual abuse
Religious prejudice

as well? I can "tolerate" many things, but I don't have to want to join them. Nor do I appreciate being called foolish, antiquated, or any of the other descriptions being used because I think otherwise. I'm not required to think your way.

Bill - 22 Aug 2008 // 05:59:53


Please stop poking fun at a horrible experience!

My friend and I were comatose at different times and in different places.

Being in a coma is far different from dreaming while sleeping. I see more pleasant things in dreams, too.

I have heard of people in near-death situations seeing a bright white light, and I personally knew one of them. This, too, is different from a coma.

So please stop making fun of it. It's more horrible than anything you can imagine.

Fleur - 22 Aug 2008 // 02:04:59

There is no reason to fight here. This is the topic about someone being in a coma. People do come back often after being in a coma for years. So lets be optimistic. :)

Rollingstoned - 22 Aug 2008 // 01:23:03


"I certainly was conscious and in a world of my own, full of horror and pain. A mutual friend who had also been in a coma said he'd experienced something similar. You don't know what's going on around you; you're in a world all by yourself, except for your tormentors. I think I've had a first-hand look at hell."

Hi Bill, with all due respect.
Did you meet your "mutual friend" when you were both, comatose?
Or during your recovery? Which I hope and pray is advancing.
Or did Jimmie Jones serve you both some acid laced Kool Aid?
Comas are rare aren't they? I didn't know that they came in double doses?
You're in Germany, right? I thought Wendy's was the home of the Whopper!
Does the late Dave Thomas own land there too?
At any rate, it sure does sound you had a first-hand look at hell.
Thankfully, I see the pearly gates, when I sleep.
Wish I could play guitar for ZZ Top though because then, I would have dreams of "Pearl Necklace's".

Satan - 22 Aug 2008 // 00:53:29

It's not a/our "life style", it's called, "tolerance"!

No one is demanding anything from you. We're just asking you to be more tolerant, is that so difficult?

How hard is it to place a stylus on a wax disc?
Ooops. I mean a laser beam on a cd or your mouse on

The net is a wonderful thing, Bill. Use it and "abuse" it...or you will lose it.....

resipsaloquitur - 22 Aug 2008 // 00:50:08


resipsaloquitur - 22 Aug 2008 // 00:45:35



she has the right tospeakher mind!

If you OLD,UGLY men do not like her because you prefer DOORMATS,who kiss

your feet and repeat as parrots whatewer nonsense you say,


Yes,you OLD men like sweet,braindamaged women...

but you get soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo bored withthem after a month!

Bill - 22 Aug 2008 // 00:28:14


I'm open to lots of things. Just not to the life style you people seem to demand from me.

Satan - 22 Aug 2008 // 00:19:27

I'm out. I don't have the time or the desire to continue this conversation.
I am on WW's side and I highly doubt either of us could change your mind or even ask you to be more open. Live your life to the fullest and be happy, for everyday.

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