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Commenting article: EU Urges Ukraine to Drop Visas for Bulgaria, Romania

European Union called on Ukraine Saturday to drop the visa regime for Bulgaria and Romania.

This should be done in order for an alleviated visa regime for Ukrainian nationals wishing to visit the EU to become active.
Bloke from Alrewas off the A38 - 1 Nov 2007 // 00:36:17

The Gooners will win the Prem and the Champions League this season!

They look awesome! Arsene Wenger is a genius! Cesc Fabregas was amazing at Anfield on Sunday. I think we were lucky to escape with a draw. That Hleb cunt is quite good too {we call him Pleb here... Alex The Pleb}... The Gooners and The 'POol are definitely the two best teams in the Prem this season and they demonstrated that at Anfield on Sunday!

Uch, World Cup 2018 coming to Blighty The Beautiful! High time!

Bloke from Alrewas off the A38 - 1 Nov 2007 // 00:27:43

Uchak, Larrr!

Terrific sense of humour, Larr! Actually Tocky, Garston, Speke (minus the exquisite grounds of Speke Hall), Aigburth, and the Dingle could do with being nuked and rebuilt :-)... Just leave the posh areas such as Childwall (where I am from), Woolton, and M.Hill alone...

The reason the IRA never bombed The 'Pool is because of the Paddy connection there! Many Scousers stupidly class themselves as Paddys just because their great-grandparents hailed from Paddyland. Me own great-grandparents on both sides of the family were born in what is today The Republic of Paddyland (Galway on the maternal side; Cork on the paternal side). I have never classed meself as a Paddy and I never will! And I have been to Paddyland many times before. Many other fellow Scousers who class themselves as Scouse Paddys have never ever set foot in Paddyland! Totally pathetic!

As for me first choice strikers: Torres and Kuyt! Babel on the bench. Crouchie's good and needs first-team football. I don't think he's satisfied with his peripheral role at Anfield but that's what he'll get. Torres is quality! Crouch will have no choice but to move on, I am afraid!

Uchak - 1 Nov 2007 // 00:02:43

IRA probably thought, la, Nuttin worth bombin in Pool! Reckon a few blasts' reduce the urban blight! (Just kidding!)
Whose yur 1st choice Pool strike pair? I say Crouch and Babel...with Kuyt as slotted back striker

Bloke from Alrewas off the A38 - 31 Oct 2007 // 23:29:07

Yeah, Uch Larrrr...

Me hometown, The 'Pool is the only major English city to escape terrorism perpetrated by the IRA!!! There's a very good reason for that!

Bloke from Alrewas off the A38 - 31 Oct 2007 // 23:27:13


Me Paddy mate Frank O'Connel (originally from County Kerry) is married to a Boer bird named Rita du Pisanie. They live in a place called Potchefstroom. I have been there and it's the bastion of Afrikanerdom (along with Welkom - the Milton Keynes of 'Efrika')! You hardly hear a word of English spoken in Potchefstroom! It's Afrikaans all the way. Welkom is the same! Me mate is a bit of a Fenian so he doesn't mind too much! He has connections with the IRA! Many Paddys actually fought for the Boers during the Anglo-Boer War! Fact!

By the way, have you ever asked yourself why my hometwon, The 'Pool was never bombed by the IRA???

Bloke from Alrewas off the A38 - 31 Oct 2007 // 23:12:44


Although London the shithole is awash with many a Boer most Boers who have upped sticks from Souf-Efrika have migrated to Perth, Western Australia. Similar climate!

And silly you expected them to go to Holland of all places! Couldn't have picked a more foreign place for the Boers. Think before you spew, huh! They are Africans and they love their hot weather so Oz would be their ideal destination but they like London because it's become full of them and they dig the party atmosphere. Not many Souf-Efrikans in Holland! The Boers are not adept at learning foreign languages! They struggle with English in Souf-Efrika.

Dutch and Afrikaans might have a few similarities but they are different lingoes especially in the pronunciation and Grammar department. I have Dutch mates who have told me that they cannot understand a fecking thing in Afrikaans!

Bloke from Alrewas off the A38 - 31 Oct 2007 // 23:07:27


The Boers' (Afrikaners) clans have lineages in Souf-Efrika that extend well beyond that of many of the United States' white settlers in your country. And anyway, the Boers' ancestors were not just Dutch... there are Flemish and French Huguenot ancestors that assimilated into the group that initially migrated along with the smelly Jan van Riebeeck in the sixteen hundreds! All these people hated Holland and Belgium as well as France and wanted to start a life in a new country which they adopted. A country so far away from the infernal, God-forsaken places they left behind. A land of Paradise!

The Afrikaans language is an exotic mixture of Flemish, Dutch, French, English, and some of the Bantu lingoes as well. The first English settlers arrived in the eighteen hundreds, by the way...

That's why in Afrikaans you have sentences such as 'Dit is magnufique!'... That 'throat-clearing' sound for 'g' is fairly amusing too! Sounds like a disease of the throat! Me Irish mate (originally from County Kerry) who has now lived in Souf-Efrika for thirteen years and is married to a Boer bird keeps telling me, "Ste, me lad... Afrikaans is not a language! It's a disease of the throat!"

Bloke from Alrewas off the A38 - 31 Oct 2007 // 22:46:21

First of all, the Boers are not from Holland. They are from Souf-Efrika, bru!!!

Jan van Riebeeck was from Holland in 1652 or whatever the feck it was and he escaped severing his ties with that country as did all those who migrated to what was then the Cape Colony. The Boers are Afrikaners (natives of Africa). Their language is the youngest recognised independent language in the world!

They have no cultural ties to the Netherlands whatsoever and they are fiercely patriotic to Souf-Efrika! Proudly Afrikaans! The Dutch will never accept them. The Dutch have feck all to do with them! Hollanders are quality people... laid-back, speak good English and don't bother anyone. The Boers are racist, small-minded, retarded cocksuckers! Do you think they'll ever cut it in a progressive country like Holland? Yer avin' a giraffe, skin!

Boers flock to London because they like being arrogant Boer twats abroad and London is popular with arrogant Souf-Efrikans!

Bloke from Alrewas off the A38 - 31 Oct 2007 // 22:39:33

Ooh, lest we forget the bloke who fell off his horse in Maritzburgh...

Eugene Terreblanche - leader of the Nazi AWB!!! A few other names such as Flippie Terblanche... Thalita van den Bergh; Sonja Badenhorst; Mariaan van Zyl; Karlien de Vos

Uchak - 31 Oct 2007 // 22:36:18

why don't the Boers return to Holland??

Bloke from Alrewas off the A38 - 31 Oct 2007 // 22:31:14

Uch, mate!

Have you ever countenanced some of the ridiculous names that Boers glory in??? Herewith, a few examples for thy benefit so judge for thyself:

Frikkie van der Merwe... Koos Visagie... Japie van Vuuren; Morne du Plessis; Boeta Dippenaar; Cobus du Preez; Jacques Kallis; Dawie du Toit; Cornelia Le Roux; Marietta van Schalkwyk; Jannie Labuschagne; Riaan van Niekerk; Cilliers Pienaar; Nicky Boje; Hansie Cronje; Danie de Goede; Michelle Roux; Fanie de Villiers; Pieter van Heerden; Emerentia Claasen; Hennie Mulder; Hendrik Schoeman; Joost Hendricks; Cabous van der Westhuizen, etc. etc.

I think that speaks volumes, skin!

Bloke from Alrewas off the A38 - 31 Oct 2007 // 22:18:14


I am somewhat astounded that you never encountered any Boers in the flesh during your sojourn in that shithole called London. The fecking capital is bursting at the seams with arrogant Boertjies demanding CASTLE LAGER and boerewors and acting as though they are the most divine creatures in the land. London, my dear Sir is awash with ugly, 'Downie' in-bred Boertjies from SOUF-EFRIKA and they have done me mate's head in (he's a fellow Scouser from Tuebrook who works in The City and the Boers are his favourite hatred... he's otherwise the most easy-going, amicable and accepting fella on the planet... many of his mates are Swedish, Greek, Cypriot, Finnish, Scottish, Irish, Welsh, Dutch, Japanese, Czech, French, and all sorts of other foreigners so if he hates the Boers he must have a good reason).

I, for one, on my visits to SOUF-EFRIKA had nothing but grief from the filthy Boers. The KEFFAZ were excellent but the Boers were obnoxious and their lingo is pure unadulterated shitting in the microphone, mate!

And they say 'bru'... not 'broove'. Another thing they say is, "I'll bluxem you"... They also say stuff like 'Yussus... you doos!" and 'Howzit, maah chaah-nah"... They are such a shitty denomination that one could go on slagging them off forever and not say enough on the subject. They are the shame of SOUF-EFRIKA!

Eleven official lingoes in Souf Efrika. Afrikaans (Boers' crappy lingo) used to be number one ('nomer een') back in the Apartheid epoch. When the evil Apartheid was dismantled Afrikaans' importance diminished and that vexed the Boertjies. They are the saddest twats on the face of the Earth!

nuseibeh - 30 Oct 2007 // 15:26:38

Dear Stealthy,

I dont know about you, but i know for certain that Bulgarians love their country, maybe they dont like the corruption (Which is Normal), but they love their soil and history, (Get yourself a lonely planet!!!).

One thing, I stayed in Italy for 18 days, and i got all my rights over there, i got my discounts using my BG ID, another thing, i met some lovely Italians in florence , and told them that i was Bulgarian, they were fine with the idea, they even invited me for pizza over their house.

Stealthy, if you have a certain issue with Bulgarians, try to solve it, otherwise, you wont feel comfortable in your life, you dont have to be so offensive..... it's not rational, try to integrate with the society..

Uchak - 30 Oct 2007 // 15:13:45

If you thought Macedonia was dirty Bloke, Try BG for filth!
Not bashing Bg on this, just calling like it is...
fair point, would be interesting to check out SoAfrica....but I've never met a Boer
are they really like that?
Strut around in bush rats goin "Hey Broove" and goin on and on 'bout the 'Great Trek'

in BG people homes/apartments are almost always spot clean, but the outside public spaces REALLY filthy and stinky...

buachaill bo - 30 Oct 2007 // 11:54:04

obviously you are brain dead but hopefully when you feck off home you can go on the sick and get some medication.

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