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resipsaloquitur - 23 Jun 2007 // 15:48:41


it is called in German:"Gute Nacht,mein lieber Bill!"

Rollingstoned - 22 Jun 2007 // 02:42:27

Back this up too then, WickedWitch.

I know you don't need, or want, a back up and DA doesn't either but if either of you ever need, or want, a back door both know how to reach me! ;-))

I'll wash your back if you wash mine! ;-)

WickedWitch - 22 Jun 2007 // 01:29:01


If you really think it's stalking (I don't know the particulars), you have to cut off every contact.

There's this guy in Columbus whom I pi$$ed off (surprise, surprise) and he started off innocently enough just emailing me everyday calling me things. And then he egged my friggin' windows! I still didn't respond and that calmed him down for a few years until last October when he started emailing me over and over. I had to threaten him with sending previous conversations to RIAA (he'd told me about all the stuff he was downloading) and to his workplace (to show that he wastes his time at work harassing people) to get him to stop. And I don't know how long that's gonna last, so I've backed up all the stuff he's sent just in case.

Rollingstoned - 22 Jun 2007 // 00:33:21

Ooops, did I forget to wink? ;-p
Don't worry DA if you want to press charges there's a new "lawyer" here and she lives in Berlin, no less! :-))

Trust me Hun, I am NOT encouraging anything or brushing anything, off to you!

I just felt chills down my spine when I read that sh*t. :-0

Devil's Advocate - 22 Jun 2007 // 00:27:56

I might be able to handle it, but that does not mean that I want nor welcome his obsession. Stalking should be considered an international offense, so I could press charges! Please do not encourage him to continue!

Rollingstoned - 22 Jun 2007 // 00:24:08

Not only are you my prophet WickedWitch, you're "mah' Goddess! :-)

Devil's Advocate - 22 Jun 2007 // 00:23:24

LOL OMFG, WW! You just pointed out that Bill made a mistake- similar to the mistakes I made and he TRIED to persecute me for (even after I had admitted that I made mistakes)! He used the wrong word!

Bill, I see you continue to try and be a victim when you really are not one! You are nothing more than a warmonger!

Rollingstoned - 22 Jun 2007 // 00:22:48

I have to say, I feel like I am being cyber stalked and it doesn't make me feel comfortable.

Bill, pLease, continue your obession with DA, she can handle it, I can't.

I'm almost afraid to close my eyes or log off with out saying Guten Nocht (?) to you. :-))

WickedWitch - 22 Jun 2007 // 00:21:46

Heh, no problem, RS.

Can I be your prophet now? Huh, huh, huh, can I? ;-)

Rollingstoned - 22 Jun 2007 // 00:11:20


Thank you WickedWitch.
You have an un-canny knack of putting my thoughts, into words!

Rollingstoned - 22 Jun 2007 // 00:08:18

Awwww Bill. Just when I thought those tiny lil violins were silenced, you re-tune them and now, you seem to be amplifying them.

We have all given you ALOT of slack.

Please don't make us sing, "To Dream, The Impossible Dream."

WickedWitch - 22 Jun 2007 // 00:06:48

I was going to say something about certain kinds of intolerant people throwing the word tolerance around but it's a nice evening so I won't.

Instead, I would like to discuss the word "tolerance" itself should someone wish to indulge me. Why do people take tolerance to mean acceptance? "To tolerate something/one" means you are able to deal with its existence, it doesn't mean you have to like it or agree with it. For example, I tolerate the friggin' hot weather here, well barely, but that doesn't mean I like it. Or vice versa, I don't like Bill's opinions but I tolerate him because he has as much right to be here as I do.

What tolerance doesn't mean is agreeing with or embracing certain things. What it does mean is not hurting others and not trying to limit their choices and rights. So, Bill, disagreeing with you or ignoring you (well, pick one for fvck's sake) is not an infringement on your rights. Neither is it intolerance.

Quoth Bill, "I wasn't talking to you. Stop persecuting me." Am I right?

Rollingstoned - 22 Jun 2007 // 00:00:38

I don't know how you are abserving the world, Bill but I and many others, are ready for a female, Head of State or US President. Look what men brought to us....maybe it's time for a lady to clean us all up and I am NOT being sexist by saying that. I just think it's time we took a fresher approach and opened our minds to other "possibilities".

Bill - 21 Jun 2007 // 23:46:22


You're right, but give me a little slack. I've had things thrown at me that nobody should have had to take, and naturally I'm sensitive. It's easy to figure that it's started all over again. I was delighted to have a reasonable conversation with you, even though nobody thought to change the title from "impossible".

Bill - 21 Jun 2007 // 23:42:50


If I may bicker a bit, I agree that both are "interesting", but I wouldn't agree that they're "thrilling". I don't know that much about Osaba at all, but what I've seen of him seems impressive. Most of the analysts I've seen reports from categorize Hillary as a power-hungry,vicious lady, who will walk over corpses to get where she wants to be, i.e. the Whtie House in her own name.

On the other hand, I wonder if the rest of the world is ready for her. Angela Merkel is having a rough time of it here. The press here is pretty pessimistic about the "summit" G8 meeting gonig on right now, trying to revive the EU constitution. Poland and England are both balking.

If I'm correct in my observations, most of the rest of the world simply isn't ready to accept a female head of state. At least not an elected one. There are a couple of reigning queens, and they seem to be popular with their subjects,particularly Elizabeth II of England, and the Dutch and Danish queens. (Never can remember their names and get the mixed up.) All of them are constitutional monarchies, i.e. the monarch doesn't rule personally.

I have my doubts that Hillary would be well received here, but I could be wrong. If she does win, she'll be a mighty powerful personage, no matter what else.

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