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Everything you need to know about earning money in GTA 5 is covered in this GTA 5 tutorial. As you are aware, the first few hours of GTA 5's story mode are cash-strapped. This article explains how to earn money in both completely legal means as well as outright cheats.

Making Money in GTA 5

So, if you're strapped for cash and need a few extra dollars to buy that flashy Grenade Launcher or Super Heavy Armor, our strategy to making money in GTA 5 below has you covered.

Exploit with Armored Car

According to a user's report, if Michael can steal an armored automobile without firing a shot and then rapidly elude the police, it would be able to establish an unending income flow. Save the game after parking the armored vehicle in your garage. Blow off the doors and leave the automobile in the garage after that. Steal the automobile, then come back later. The car will still be there, fixed, and refilled with cash.

There are unique Hidden Packages dispersed over the map, primarily offshore or underwater, that can hold from ,000 to ,000 in value. Fortunately, there is a bug in the PS3/Xbox 360 versions that you can use to let one character grab any of the various packages multiple times. To take advantage of this bug, perform these steps:

  • You Have to have two unlocked characters.
  • To ensure that your character doesn't run out of oxygen, you must employ scuba diving equipment. You'll need to locate a Dinghy boat at the harbor in order to retrieve the scuba equipment.
  • To get the ,000 package, swim near it and grab it.
  • Change to the second character as soon as you get the money. The box will reappear in the same location if you immediately switch BACK to the character in the ocean after making the transition. EASY!
  • Be aware that the PS4, X1, and PC are NOT affected by this bug.

To earn enough money, repeat the process as many times as necessary. You may easily make up to million in 30 minutes if you have patience just by using bug! If you leave the area and return, the package won't be there because this only works once.

Assasination missions

Lester's stock market murder missions are the key to making a lot of money in GTA 5's story mode.

If you don't have time to do missions, check GTA 5 Modded Accounts. It will save you a lot of days of grinding. That's a legit boosting service with thousands of reviews on Trustpilot. You should try it to solve all your GTA Money problems.

Purchasing stocks

In GTA V, the good old trick "buy low, sell high" still holds true. Watch the news to find out which stocks are performing well or poorly.

Save your game and then turn off autosave if you want to quickly resume. Put all of your money into a stock that you believe will increase in value. Go to your safehouse, take a nap without saving anything, then check your portfolio to see your profit after about 45 seconds. Check the stock frequently until it reaches its top, then sell. The return on investment increases with the amount invested, and if the stock performs poorly, you can just load up your prior save and keep all of your invested funds without suffering any consequences.

Wait till you finish the story mode to complete Franklin's Assassination missions so you may invest the maximum money with all three GTA 5 characters. Franklin's Assassination missions are a surefire method to make savvy investments and earn some significant cash.

When to Make Gold Coast Investments (GCD)

Invest in the Gold Coast before you finish the construction assassination. After the mission, the share price virtually doubles in value. The largest dividend we've yet discovered in stocks.

When to Make Investments in FlyUS and AirEmu

Invest in AirEmu before you finish the assignment Legal Trouble, sell it thereafter, and then invest in FlyUS because it will drop drastically. A few missions later, when you finish the task Meltdown, the share price will increase back to what it was before Legal Trouble. A pre-Legal Trouble stock price comparison from our game shows that FlyUS was around 0 and AirEmu was around . After the legal issues, AirEmu increased to roughly 5 while FlyUS decreased to . FlyUS returned to roughly once the mission Meltdown was over, we doubled our investment.

Robberies of ATMs

Most people who recently used an ATM have some cash in their pockets. Just wait around the ATM until someone takes out money, then rob them with your bare hands or a suppressed weapon.

Before the police show up, leave the location!

Small-time mischief for big money

In the early parts of Grand Theft Auto 5, money is exceedingly difficult to come by.

Corner markets and convenience businesses make excellent, easy targets for robberies. Walk in, point a gun at the cashier, scare him by shooting all around him to make him move faster, take the money, and flee before the police show up.

Keep an eye on a few of your favorite establishments and search the area for useful hiding spots. Just outside the store, park your car with the front facing the street. Take the money, get in your car, and drive off to your house. You can build up a respectable bankroll by frequently going to a few well-known retailers.

There are two registers in certain establishments. You can force more money to come out of the second register by firing your rifle into it. To prevent alarming bystanders with the sound of the gunfire, wait until you have all the cash from the first register before shooting.

By getting your gun out and aiming it before entering the store, you can also rob apparel and weapons shops. The cash registers won't be emptied for you by a store staff member, but you can get the money inside by shooting them open on your own.

When robbing the same business again, employ caution because the clerk might obtain a gun and is not scared to use it.

Remember that robbing stores quickly after one another (within 48 minutes) will enhance the number of stars you receive for robbing. For instance, you will receive a 3-star wanted level after stealing from two stores, and so on.

Armored Truck Robbery

Robbery of an armored truck is one of the simplest methods to earn money early in the game. You can see them on the minimap as blips at random while you're driving. Kill the drivers, then use a rifle or C4 to blow the back doors wide. Gather the cash, which is frequently worth over ,000, and then flee from the law.

If you're lucky, you might even see the security officers bringing the cash to the armored truck beforehand, making your job that more simpler. Kill the guard holding the cash, grab it, and go.

Street Racing

When Franklin is doesn't have cash, street races are a great way to make money. We would suggest purchasing a Coil Voltic electric sports car and fully modifying it. Franklin has a rare talent that makes it relatively simple for him to win any race. Going around turns at full speed becomes incredibly simple if you simply activate the special talent by pressing L3 and R3 simultaneously before each sharp curve or in any dangerous situation (such as dense traffic). To keep your yellow talent power bar full, remember to turn off the talent as soon as you can. And before a race, make sure the yellow bar is fully extended.

Lacking the funds to modify your race car? Simply park the car in a handy spot (like Trevor's place), exchange characters, and then go to the location; the car will still be there. Then alter it and exchange it back.

When you save - you earn

In the early stages of GTA 5, resist the urge to buy Vehicles and Weapons you don't require. It's tempting to buy a new economy-sized garage so you can fill it up with custom cars, but every dollar you save by stealing a sedan is a dollar you'll have available to spend on items you actually need.

You should steal a few high-end vehicles, keep them in your garage, and rely on theft as a means of reliable transportation. Similarly, decide which four primary weapons you prefer to use—short range, long-range, sniper, and heavy—and stick with them until you've pulled off your first heist. And always acquire weapons before vehicles. It is much harder to find weapons.

Definitely do the Jewel Store Job and Other Heists

The first Heist contains actual money, enough to provide you with a sizable stock market bankroll. The most expensive Jewels are concealed in the center cabinets on the island near the register

When planning a heist, make sure to assemble the greatest crew. Most of the time, they end up saving more than you do.

Even after you've finished the jewelry store heist, there are still a number of other heists accessible through story missions, the majority of which offer you rewards that are more valuable than those from the initial robbery.

Investment Banker Random Event

On the way from Pacific Bluffs to Chumash in the late afternoon (between noon and evening), Michael could run across an investment banker. He requests to be driven to the airport while standing next to his damaged vehicle by the side of the road. The banker provides you an investing suggestion to buy Tinkle (TNK) shares on BAWSAQ if you complete that task in the allotted two minutes. You may anticipate a 30% profit the very following day if you do it immediately.

Techniques for Saving Money Money-saving advice and tricks

  • Players will earn a 15% discount at all Ammu-Nation stores if they accomplish all of the Gun Range tasks. The player receives a 25% discount if they complete all tasks by getting Gold.
  • Free Weapon Upgrades: Visit an Ammu-Nation and buy a weapon and all upgrades while on a quest. After you commit suicide, the mission will be a failure. This will return all of your money to you, but the improvements on your weapon will still be listed as purchases whenever you return to Ammu-Nation. Press "retry" (A, X) instead of "exit" (B, O) on the mission failure screen to receive your money back.
  • Free Vehicle Repairs: Simply save your game and reload it to avoid having to fix your car. The car will respawn into the world with all of its damages fixed.

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