Bulgaria, Romania, Serbia Establish Craiova Group for Cooperation

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Bulgaria: Bulgaria, Romania, Serbia Establish Craiova Group for Cooperation From left to right: Prime Ministers of Bulgaria, Romania and Serbia, Boyko Borisov, Victor Ponta and Aleksandar Vucic. Photo: BGNES

The respective Prime Ministers of Bulgaria, Romania and Serbia, Boyko Borisov, Victor Ponta and Aleksandar Vucic, established on Friday a Craiova Group for cooperation.

This emerged after the bilateral and trilateral meetings, which were held between government representatives of the three countries in the Romanian city of Craiova.

The three prime ministers identified several priorities, in which their countries will cooperate on achieving together, daily Dnevnik reports.

The idea for the Craiova Group originated from Ponta and it was welcomed by both Borisov and Vucic.

The Craiova Group will be an informal arrangement for cooperation and at present no agreement will be signed.

All three prime ministers pointed that the group is not directed towards any other states and it aims to solve common problems of the three countries, which share a population of 40 million people.

Ponta revealed that he was inspired by the Visegrad Four, which unites the Czech Republic, Hungary, Poland and Slovakia.

The Romanian Prime Minister stated that the three countries will be open for cooperation with Moldova and Hungary as well as to other countries from the region.

Ponta said that both the meeting and the Craiova Group should be considered as historical moments for the three countries, which showed that the states had overcome the past animosities and were looking towards their common future.

He said that the top priority was for Bulgaria and Romania to help Serbia achieve EU membership in the fastest way possible, as this will benefit all three countries.

The policies in the energy sector will also be a common goal for the three countries and Ponta called on Bulgaria to accelerate its energy projects in order to ensure access to international and European markets and provision of secure energy supplies at affordable prices.

Borisov similarly called for letting bygones be bygones, forgetting the wars in the past and putting peace in the forefront.

The Bulgarian Prime Minister pointed that another priority of the Craiova Group will be the infrastructure and his dream was of seeing a motorway between Sofia and Belgrade.

In his words, a motorway ring Bucharest-Ruse-Sofia-Belgrade should be constructed in the next years as well as a connection between Sofia and the Romanian interior through the town of Calafat.

Borisov said that the high-speed railways were being constructed in parallel, with Turkey already having completed them to the Bosphorus strait.

Vucic announced that a motorway Nis-Pirot-Dimitrovgrad should be completed by the end of 2016 and a motorway between Belgrade and Timisoara had been negotiated with Brussels.

Asked on the cancelled South Stream project, Borisov reminded that it will be constructed in compliance with EU rules, which could be achieved only after the EU and Russia sit together at the negotiation table.

In his words, Bulgaria had nothing against Russia, but the country had to fulfill its commitments to the EU.

A joint sitting of the Bulgarian and Romanian governments began after the press conference of the three prime ministers.

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GrueFski - 5 May 2015 // 19:49:20

whatever you say stupid ;-)

@GrueFSky - 5 May 2015 // 10:36:52

Hahaha, your language is so pathetic, you can only resort to insults and ad hominem fallacies instead of arguments. Try convincing with rational arguments, not by calling others "stupid" because they don't share your nationalistic phantasies - but that's too much to ask from you. You're just a waste of time and space

GrueFski - 5 May 2015 // 07:14:07

So, how's your appetite towards Bg and Ukraine? Still think these 2 countries owe Romanians something, that they have stolen territories from Romania??? Still think Romanians are the sole successors of the Thracians, that Romanians are entitled to the entire former Thracian land (including Bulgarian, Greek and Turkish Thrace - European part Istanbul included - and also much of Bulgarian Moesia as well)??? How come Polish people are the successors of both some Slavs (Polish Slavs of course) but also of some of the Baltics (the former Baltic nation of the Prussians, East Prussia is located within Poland)??? How come the Germans are successors of some of the Germanics, Teuton(ic)s but also of the Baltics (again Prussians) and Slavs (the 2 types of Sorbs: the ones speaking a Slavic language more similar to Polish, the others speaking a Slavonic language more similar to Czech)??? There are still 2 Baltic nations existing in this world: the Lithuanians and the Latvians, yet both Poles and Germans (Belarusian too, probably) are (partly) living in a territory stolen from the extinct brothers of Lithuanians and Latvians (the Prussians). Lithuanians, Latvians and Prussians used to be a single ethnicity a long time ago and they used to speak a single language. That would make both Lithuanians and Latvians entitled to the entire (former) Prussian territory. Sorbs aren't even one (or two) extinct nations, unlike Prussians, yet most of their former territory is now completely Germanized, there are hundreds of localities without a single Sorb inhabitant (not even a more recent one, not even a non-indigenous one, not born there, arrived and settled there from localities with still unassimilated, non-denationalized, indigenous Sorb inhabitants). According to your "logic" those hundreds of localities should be emptied by ethnic Germans and returned to ethnic Sorbs as part of their former ethnic territory, and then, that entire territory should be granted autonomy or even independence by the Germans.
Guess what? Italians are successors of both Latins, Ligurians, Oscs, Umbrians, Venets, Etruscans and so on, but also Greeks. Only the former Latin territory (called Latium in Latin language, now called Lazio in Italian) should be Italy. The rest should be returned to their former inhabitants, out of which only Greeks are still a non-extinct nation (Greek being the only language still alive at present). Thus the Latinized, Romanized Greeks in Southern Italy should become citizens of Greece, together with the former Greek territory they are inhabiting. Naples for instance used to be a Greek city, Neapolis, meaning The New City.

Not to mention that Thracian language doesn't exist anymore (and has no relatives, unlike Prussian), unlike the 2 Sorb languages.

GrueFski - 5 May 2015 // 07:12:14

There are no ethnc/nationl mnorities in Bg: you are obviously too stupid to understand the difference between an et hnic/na tional minority and an et hnic gr oup/com munity.

GrueFski - 5 May 2015 // 07:10:02

Of course there "is" also the possibility for Moldova government to kill Gagauz and Bg autonomies, (right) before Moldova's absorption by Romania. This is highly improbable, killing ethnic minorities' rights in Europe is not something the Western Great Powers approve of. Not to mention that you would have to deal with Bg too, since Gagauz people have no independent country of their own to stand up for them.

GrueFski - 5 May 2015 // 07:09:09

The autonomy doesn't need to be beneficial for Romania as a whole, you stupid, I am sure most Spaniards are of the opinion that 1. Basque, Catalan, Galician autonomies are not beneficial for Spain as a whole; 2. if voted on they would be abolished by ethnic Spaniards who are the majority among the voters. Those autonomies were imposed from above, from the government, they were not approved in a referendum.
You are going to have to give them territorial-ethnic autonomy sooner or later. In case Moldova is absorbed by Romania ("unites with Romania") Gagauz and Bulgarian territorial-ethnic minorities will require the creation of a Hungarian Autonomous Region, in order to not discriminate Hungarians against Bulgarians and Gagauz people.

@GrueFSky - 5 May 2015 // 00:25:54

No ethnic minorities in Bulgaria? :D Which planet are living on? Different censuses, including the last one from 2011, specifically included questions about and published statistics about different ethnic groups (see "Население по местоживеене, пол и етническа група" censusresults(dot)nsi(dot)bg/Census/Reports/1/2/R7(dot)aspx) but you don't... Hallucinating, ain't it?

If Stalin did it, it doesn't mean it was bad, but it doesn't mean it was good either. You failed to argue why the autonomy would be beneficial to Romania as a whole, not only to the Hungarian ethnic minority. Of course constitutions can be changed, but by the majority of the population, not by a minority. Check any poll to see how many would support this move. And second, please show me some evidence that the autonomy is requested by the majority of Hungarian minority.

So please, practice what you preach, don't hide behind twisted arguments. Support the autonomy for the Turkish and Roma minorities in Bulgaria, produce some evidence that this measure was positive to the Turkish minority and then preach to others the benefits of ethnic autonomy. Cheers

GrueFski - 4 May 2015 // 20:30:57

There are no ethnic/national minorities in Bg, Greece or France.
Go complain to the French that they are giving Bulgarian arguments (more correctly: serving as precedents so that Bulgarian state might preserve its territorial integrity).

GrueFski - 4 May 2015 // 17:43:30

Constitutions can be changed and Ro constitution will be changed.
And yes I know about your Stalin pretext to kill ethnic Hungarians' territorial-ethnic autonomy. Even if Stalin pressured Ro government into awarding Hungarians territorial-ethnic autonomy it still doesn't mean territorial-ethnic autonomy is a bad thing. Since when are Spain, Italy, the UK, Finland Stalinist-communist countries???
Not everything Stalin, Hitler or other dictators did was bad.
For instance: Hitler and Mussolini making Romania return Southern Dobruja to Bulgaria was a good thing.
Also Hitler's famous highways from the 1930's, uniting Austria with Germany (Austria and Liechtenstein are just some smaller Germanies) and so on.

@GrueFski - 4 May 2015 // 16:44:38

I don't have to personally give anybody anything, so please address your request somewhere else, not to me. I am not the Romanian Parliament and not responsible for the Romanian Constitution, which btw forbids any form of territorial autonomy (article 1, §1: " Romania is a sovereign, independent, unitary and indivisible National State.")

As for "giving [the] Hungarians their territorial-ethnic autonomy back", do you know when they exactly had some degree of autonomy? If not, please check: during the worst period of Stalinism in Romania (1952 to 1960): en(dot)wikipedia(dot)org/wiki/Magyar_Autonomous_Region

And if you are keen on the autonomy on an ethnic-territorial basis, why don't you practice what you preach and give the Turks in Bulgaria autonomy? They are relatively a larger minority (8%) than the Hungarians in Romania (around 6%).

GrueFski - 4 May 2015 // 08:01:43

"Wake up - it's the 21st century, stop living in the past"

Speaking of living in the present, you'll so have to give Hungarians their territorial-ethnic autonomy back.
This sort of autonomous regions exist both in Western (Spain, Italy, the UK, Finland and so on), more or less democratic countries, but also in Eastern ones: Russia, Moldova, even Romania (in the past). There are at least 2 precedents for Romania: Bulgarians' Bujak autonomy (1856-1878) and Hungarians' (not that there is a need for Ro precedents, when there are precedents at European level: Spain, Italy and so on, both within European Union memeber states and in other European countries: Russia, Moldova.

@Steven Stumpfsinnig - 3 May 2015 // 19:12:33

What is the "real authentic life" of the Transylvanians they could not live since the end of the WW1? The native Romanians being 2nd class citizens in an Austrian-Hungarian Empire, the peoples' prison, and undergoing forceful Magyarization?

BoozeGore - 3 May 2015 // 19:03:32

@GrueFski: Keep on dreaming your revisionist wet dreams, Transylvania is not slipping away from Romania - it's more likely that Hungary is slipping away from Europe and joining Russia, thus the Hungarians can go back to the Urals where they came from.
Wake up - it's the 21st century, stop living in the past

GrueFski - 28 Apr 2015 // 04:40:56

Addon to:

"Here are some suggestions for tri- and multilaterals: Bg-Hungary-Ukraine (to monitor Ro revisionism)"

Hungary has to realise that Erdely (Transylvania) + Partium ("Crisana" + Ro part of "Maramures" ) + Ro part of Banat are much more important than Ukrainian TransCarpathia, both in size, in number of ethnic Hungarians, more Hungarian historical rights, lack of allies (if Ukrainians are not careful or if Russia (+ Hungary?) increase their propaganda Rusyns' separatism might become more powerful, even dangerous). Both official Poland and Polish nationalists-revisionists have also been propagating anti-Ukrainianism both among Ukraine Rusyns and among Romania Rusyns, maybe even among Serbia Rusyns, trying to undermine Ukraine so that they can steal the Ukrainian region of Lviv (the so-called Lwow).
About 2 thirds of the historical and geographical region of Мармаро?щина (M?ramaros in Hungarian) are located in Ukraine as part of the larger TransCarpathian Ukraine. About 1 third of the historical and geographical region of Banat is part of Serbia, 1% or so being part of Hungary.

GrueFski - 25 Apr 2015 // 22:08:13

No problem.
It appears that Erdely-Transylvania is slowly slipping away from Romania, at least that's what the author of this article says:


the above site is again worthy of monitoring, another one run by Ro secret service agents posing as "historians", "geopolitical analysts" and so on.

Unfortunately the vast majority of Transylvania inhabitants are now Romanians. However there are areas with Hungarian majority: a thin strip of land right next to the border with Hungary, in Bihar (Bihor) and Szatmar (Satu Mare) counties and the much larger yet enclavized Szekelyfold (Szeklers' Land). Yet again it being an enclave doesn't mean it can't become independent with or without a unification with Hungary after the independence: for instance both San Marino and Vatican are independent countries inside other country (Italy, enclaves within Italy). And Russia has its Kaliningrad exclave, even though Kaliningrad is no enclave since it has 3 neighbors: Poland, Lithuania and the Baltic Sea.


Bg-Albania-Greece-Kosovo (to monitor Serb and FYROM revisionism and to resolve the FYROMian issue and combat Ro claims that there is a "Romanian ethnic/national minority" in these 3 countries)

I have a correction to make:

"and Bg-Albania-Greece-Kosovo (to monitor Serb and FYROM revisionism and to resolve the FYROMian issue and combat Ro claims that there is a "Romanian ethnic/national minority" in these 3 countries)"

The 3 countries are "with" "Romanian" ethnic/national minority are: Bg, Albania and Greece, without Kosovo although everything else applies to Kosovo too.

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