Russia Bans Food Imports from EU, US in Sanctions Response

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Bulgaria: Russia Bans Food Imports from EU, US in Sanctions Response Russian President Vladimir Putin. Photo by BGNES

Russia on Thursday banned food imports from the EU, US, Australia, Canada and Norway in response to Western sanctions imposed over Moscow’s support for Ukrainian rebels.

Russia's Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev told a cabinet meeting the ban was effective immediately and would last for one year. Russia's President Vladimir Putin signed the respective decree on Wednesday.

According to RIA, the import ban includes fresh, chilled and refrigerated beef and pork, poultry meat, salted, pickled, dried and smoked meat, fish, milk and dairy products, vegetables, fruits and nuts.

According to the coverage of the news in Wall Street Journal, ”the food ban would hit farmers in Eastern Europe, but would have little impact on the EU's overall economy.”

The negative impact of the ban on Bulgarian food exports to Russia was not immediately clear. According to data from the Bulgarian statistics office NSI, Russia is ninth on the list of Bulgarian export destinations with medicines having the largest share in deliveries to Russia.

Eighth on that list are Bulgarian wine exports.  Bulgaria also exports dairy and meat products to Russia.

According to European Commission data, Russia absorbs 30% of all EU fruit exports and over 20% of vegetable exports, ITAR-TASS news agency reported earlier. The EU's food exports to Russia totalled USD 7.4 B last year.

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Warfou2 - 10 Aug 2014 // 18:34:53

That looks promising keeping in mind the price of energy (electricity, gas, diesel, ...) and very related to Bulgaria since that is exactly the thing why Bulgarian people are suffering.

Agent Piccadilly - 10 Aug 2014 // 18:28:04

Warfou2 you are 100% correct. The USA has a ban on all EU fruit and vegetables and its own produce is riddled with pesticides, heavy metals and radioactivity. Soon the counter-revolutionary western world will realize that they have to succumb to the superior leadership of our Russian brothers and buy all their produce at prices set in Moscow.

Warfou2 - 10 Aug 2014 // 18:09:54

Such people also use techniques to cover up their pathetic arguments in a discussion. So the valuable part removes further down and people stop reading after all the nonsense they used to cover the arguments.

So, does the USA have a ban in place for European fruits and vegetables?

Warfou2 - 10 Aug 2014 // 18:05:52

Last 2 reactions just show they are completely on the same level of downing an air plane full with people just to accuse the Russians they have something to do with it.

I cannot understand why people believe anything at all from such people. I also cannot understand why such individuals are still running around, free, between other people.

The truth about Optimistic - 10 Aug 2014 // 17:41:21

I wish to make it clear that the poster on this forum who calls himself "Optimistic" is in fact a convicted pedophile who attacked and repeatedly sodomized two schoolboys in Sofia in September 2000. He was convicted in court of rape in 2001 and served 12 years for his heinous crimes.

Gaucho - 10 Aug 2014 // 17:41:08

"I can imagine the world collapses when you discover everything they told you are lies but the way you handle such situations tells a lot of what kind of people we are dealing with."

Yes, seems like you peasants already went thru that with the Soviet Union and are going thru the same situation with Comrade Putler.

Seems like you dumb, ignorant backward peasants can't get enough of being misled, manipulated and lied to. But hey, all countries can't be like the West, if not everybody would want to be chief and there would be too little indians.



Warfou2 - 10 Aug 2014 // 17:35:45

Every forum or website that respects itself a little bit should ban such crazy people.
There is no use listening to their 'arguments'.

I was just proving everything I have said and giving facts to those that are lying or spreading false propaganda. I can imagine the world collapses when you discover everything they told you are lies but the way you handle such situations tells a lot of what kind of people we are dealing with.

Buhkluhk! Simple as that.

Optimistic - 10 Aug 2014 // 17:07:11

Warfou2 is a reasonable person, so is Warfou who is a different person, also Tania oz, Yane and sa-sha.

People like gaucho and russophobe post such hate and insults on this forum you are clearly unpleasant people full of hate.

Gaucho - 10 Aug 2014 // 16:52:00

Let's shut the forum's second retard (after Optmistic) his fucking mouth once and for all.

ALL FARMERS IN THE WORLD USE PESTICIDE IMBECILE. Unless you are farming organic which is a tiny segment of any countries agricultural production, everybody uses pesticide. If not farming would not be viable anywhere dumb ass, as crops would be decimated by pests. Everything you eat has pesticides, that simple.

I'll use your dumb analysis of Alexa(dot)com then obviously Russophobe is right since Forbes(dot)com is the 50th most popular website in the world and cnbc(dot)com is 500. Clearly your stupid website is read by losers like you without much knowledge of finance or economics. Hell, even youporn, xnxx and redtube are much more popular than your unknown pathetic website.

So take it easy today Warfou2 it's Sunday. I suggest you go to your village house and stick apples up your ass since you seem to be obsessed with them.

Warfou2 - 10 Aug 2014 // 12:22:51

Besides the fact that USA's agriculture isn't clean but completely pesticided (well known fact)....

We go to check the rankings of zerohedge on, the best source to do this(please don't let me show how Alexa is accepted as the worlds best standard):
global rank 1373

global rank 84445

Zerohedge is probably (one of) the best read websites in financial circles worldwide.
Do I have to say more?

And ow yes, Zerohedge is at a minimum partly Bulgarian founded. You can search for that yourself.

Is there anything else I need to clarify?

Russophobe - 10 Aug 2014 // 05:54:00

Warfou2, been following your exchange with Gaucho and you sure do give Optimistic a good run for his money in the competition of the Novinite Forum's Dumbest Idiot Participant.

"You know, when you travel to USA and you take fruit or vegetable with you the chances are high you will get a steep fine from USA customs. That is exactly how they treat Europe as a partner. As a bag full of shit." First of all a peasant like you would never get a US visa so stop pretending you've ever been to America. But nevertheless your point is ridiculous because when you go to Japan, Australia, Canada or any other civilized country you can of course not bring fruit or vegetables with you. Let's say a backward peasant from Russia gets a visa and decides to bring in rotten potatoes from his backyard in Novgorod, he brings that in to the US and then he contaminates US agriculture with his peasant bacteria and that could create problems in a country with the cleanest agriculture in the world. That's why. If you're reasoning is that the US treats Europe like shit because of this, then all civilized countries treat Europe like shit. Dumb fucking idiot.

About the Dollar, read a couple of articles (if you can read which i doubt) to shut your peasant monkey brain:

Please, when you try to prove your retarded point at least use a website that has more hits than Novinite, LOL. The creators mother doesn't even know that site.

FYI - Read the articles slowly and breath air deeply. The US dollar will remain the world's currency reserve for at least another century.

Sorry peasant, some countries were indeed created better than others. Some people were lucky to be born in places like the USA, Canada, Australia, UK, Germany, or Sweden. And others like you in places like Russia, Congo, India and Nicaragua. Life's a bitch bro. But get over it, you're a backward peasant and always will be.

Warfou2 - 10 Aug 2014 // 02:39:08

Ow yes, I forgot something about your previous 'facts' about the dollar.
sums it up rather good I think.

Is there anything else of your nonsense I need to clarify?

Warfou2 - 10 Aug 2014 // 02:34:23

So, when you ask for already 8 years 'please please please USA, can we sell apples on your market' and you get turned down for such a long period without even getting the chance selling them even if they are highly taxed then that isn't a ban?

You know, when you travel to USA and you take fruit or vegetable with you the chances are high you will get a steep fine from USA customs. That is exactly how they treat Europe as a partner. As a bag full of shit.

Well, I think I have said enough. You should start eating hormone free meat, might help you a bit with logic, checking facts and resisting to propaganda.


Gaucho - 10 Aug 2014 // 01:37:30


Last reply from my part as talking to a thick stupid head only wastes my time and obviously will never get thru to you because you ARE A DUMB IDIOT.

"I repeat, is there a ban in the USA on importing fruits and vegetables from Europe?"
If European products cannot enter the US market it is because of market issues such as the product is not competitive in price, tariffs are high for the particular product, etc. etc. etc. As I said in my first reply to your stupidity, the USA and EU are negotiating a free trade deal that will open both of their agricultural markets to free competition from both sides.

"To the other idiot, USA subsidises it's agricultural sector even more you dumb head."
Wrong again Watson. The EU subsidizes its farmers by 10-1 compared to the USA. And the USA is beginning to roll back many of the subsidies. But who am I to judge? If the Europeans want to subsidize their agriculture is their own right as they are the ones paying for it. Just because you come from a 5th world backwater that could never subsidize its own farmers doesn't mean EU/USA are not entitled to so if they wish.

"So Blowingwind, it isn't unfair for Russian farmers to import heavy subsidised food?" Your question should be isn't unfair that a Russian makes $500 dollars per month while an American makes $5,000 per month?
I don't give it a shit if it's unfair, life's unfair. Start producing your own FUCKING AGRICULTURE MONKEY and then you don't have to complain. Develop your fucking economy instead of being exactly like the Arab or Venezuelan monkeys who can only turn on the oil tap, just like you fucking idiots.

In the meantime shut the fuck up and enjoy eating wonderful Indian carrots and Congolese Oranges you fucking orangutan.

Warfou2 - 9 Aug 2014 // 23:25:47

So Blowingwind, it isn't unfair for Russian farmers to import heavy subsidised food?

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