Bulgarians, Romanians, Give the Brits 'Tea and Sympathy', Plus Labor!

Novinite Insider » EDITORIAL | Author: Ivan Dikov |February 2, 2013, Saturday // 15:04| Views: | Comments: 5
Bulgaria: Bulgarians, Romanians, Give the Brits 'Tea and Sympathy', Plus Labor!

A puzzling anti-immigrant paranoia is brewing on the Old Albion.

Oddly enough, it's not about Britain being colonized by its former colonies (as one might be led to believe by a five-minute walk in parts of London).

It's not about the ignominious Polish plumber syndrome, either.

It's about the most modest and defenseless of Europeans, Bulgarians and Romanians.

For as long as I care to remember the evilness of Bulgarians and Romanians, with whom Great Britain happens to be in some (European) Union, has been a favorite topic of the British press, especially of the mainstream English tabloids.

The typical "Daily something" (insert a respective English tabloid in the blank) has been brandishing the scarecrow of the evil fellow-EU-Bulgarian-and-Romanian-citizens conspiring against glorious Britain with such persistence and craft that those in the opposite corner of Europe could easily commit seppuku after reading one or two British newspaper reports about themselves.

Because if you believe the "Daily English Tabloid" Bulgarians and Romanians have been eager to steal British jobs, trash British streets, infect God-loving Brits with STDs, and cook or just eat raw poor British children.

And the danger for the British Isles being sunk by Bulgarians and Romanians after January 1, 2014, when they, as EU citizens, will finally be able to work in the UK after a seven-year transition period following their countries' EU accession in 2007, seems all the greater because, as the British press has it, apparently the entire population of Bulgaria and Romania is packing its bags to settle on the foggy Albion.

Clearly, any such reports keep ignoring morals, European values, common sense, and basic facts compiled in tons of academic research and accrued in numerous corporate accounts as to how Eastern European immigrants in fact benefitted the economy of Britain and the other EU 15 nations.

These reports keep focusing on and blowing out of proportion solely the problems that, obviously, do exist with Bulgarian and Romanian immigrants in various forms of crime and in taking advantage of the Western European welfare state. Therefore, the picture they present is totally unfair.

Now this scare has been taken up by some British politicians as well – for example, the leader of the formerly globally unknown UK Independence Party Mr. Nigel Farage, or Forage, as he's come to be called in Bulgarian online forums.

Frankly, this gentleman's tirades against allowing Bulgarian and Romanian laborers in the UK have received far greater attention that they warrant, or that Mr. Farage deserves, not only because they make little sense but also because Mr. Farage is going down the road of Dutch nationalist Geert Wilders in foraging on xenophobic voter sentiments to secure support for his marginal political party.

But what's far more important than xenophobic political foraging is that such irrational rhetoric seems to be reflecting a seemingly emerging paradigm shift in Britain, or at least in England, with respect to Britain's "Europeanness", which is bewildering to the rest of Europe, and probably much of the rest of the world.

The Brits, at least the English, got their island(s), they got their special reverse colonial bond with the US of A, they got their former empire, they got their suspicions for the Continent, they still speak some kind of English. And they will get their referendum to get out of the EU. (And when they vote "yes", that will likely spur Scotland's "yes" to getting out of the UK, but that's another matter.) It's their feeling of being very special, and nobody can blame them for that however irrational this feeling might seem.

Thus, instead of getting offended by the fear mongering of the British tabloids and Mr. Forage, the Bulgarians and Romanians – at least those who do care about work, study, internship, and travel opportunities in the Holy (is)Land of the UK – should take it easy.

As the old English idiom goes, Bulgarians and Romanians should offer tea and sympathy to the Brits gripped by the anti-immigrant hysteria in England – that is, offering kindness and sympathy that you show to someone who is upset, even if needlessly.

Yet, these wretched Southeast European souls are probably entitled to keep pondering on their equal rights, and to pose questions bordering racism indeed as to how exactly they are worse immigrants than the millions of South Asian, African, Middle Eastern etc. immigrants that the British found wise to let in! (Perhaps other than not having been in the British Empire, if that counts?)

Frankly, as the whole anti-Bulgarian and anti-Romanian, and anti-EU paranoia is raging in Britain, one would expect more from the formerly greatest colonial empire the world ever knew.

Too bad for Britain and England – as Bulgarian and Romanian skilled laborers would likely choose other EU destinations, and the status of Britain as an European nation and the status of the English language in Europe will suffer (especially if England leaves the EU!) – something that us admirers of English language and culture will greatly regret!

The million GBP lesson for Bulgarian and Romanian immigrants from all of that can be summed up as follows – go study, and work in the UK, or wherever you see a chance, and if your personal life and consciousness leads you that way – go back to your countries to transfer your knowledge and experience and success there, and build up your own societies.

That's the surest way to not having to offer tea and sympathy to a disgruntled host country's population, and to gaining everybody's respect.

Even the respect of Mr. Farage and the English tabloids!


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» To the forumComments (5)
ardland - 9 Feb 2013 // 13:26:15

Excellent article, Mr. Dikov.
Congratulations and best regards from Bucharest.

TIbg - 7 Feb 2013 // 18:55:21

I can assure you i can read just fine, and i am not that 'shortsighted' as you are :).The one missing some words in my reply is you Sir,a said quote "...or you have not even a slightest idea what '3rd world' country means." To compare Bulgaria and Romania with African countries is ...silly/stupid are too weak words to use in this case. I am laughing right now even though this is no laughing matter, with no apologies at all i will give you my honest opinion - you sir are an IDIOT. I'm pretty sure 90% at least of the citizens in any EU country will laugh at this comparison. Don't think Britan is that 'Great' despite the name, Germany is the finest example of EU Economy,Netherlands,Denmark...so much better to aim for...not sure who gave them the idea that UK-is-to-die-for i.e. like USA was before - the dream land. Please step firmly on the ground,while offering some good oportunities UK is far from being IDEAL place to migrate.The imigration you talk about (the one that exceeded expectations) was not about Bulgarian or Romanian citizens was it? Oh,wait...my mistake forgot you put everything under the same line!! For you culture,religion,location,heritage,pride etc. are no relevant matter in this case.Your 'Should've/Could've/Would've' opinions and visions about some furute-to-be-happening events are just hilarious. The fact that YOU i quote "would if I was a poor African." would have is your personal opinion so please don't try to pass as anything more than it is. You don't even try to think as different person,your thoughts are shallow and pedantic.
"""Free health care and social security, what a gold mine!
Genius.""" - i applaud your admiration to your own goverment's politics, may i take no responsibility as Bulgarian citizen on this matter. Instead of 'crying' STOP THEM! Take a look inside your garden not the neighboor's. If you had everything in order there would not be a problem in a first place correct? And please focus on people who ALREADY flooded your conutry...don't be afraid to be blamed as 'racist' this is very convinient way for some people to get away with almost everything.

steve44 - 7 Feb 2013 // 18:12:29

And apparently you can't read...
As I said, I've been to both, and they are as Third world as you can get outside of Africa or Asia.
Have you?
You don't need to be psychic, it's happened before that immigration far exceeded expectations.
Should be obvious to anyone that they will flood across in the hope of earning 10 or 20 pounds or euros an hour, when they can only earn 200 euros a month at home.

If Europe was suddenly open to Africans, don't you think they'd flood in? Naturally! I would if I was a poor African.
Free health care and social security, what a gold mine!

TIbg - 7 Feb 2013 // 17:43:04

Dear Steve,
apparently you have never been to those '3rd' world countries or you have not even a slightest idea what '3rd world' country means.""Of course they will flood into Western Europe..."" oh i didn't know you have that special sych ability could you please provide me with the winning lottery numbers as well when convinient for you! ""it's the only chance they see of getting rich..."" REALLY? i mean REALLY this is the way to get 'RICH'?? You are so naive sir, the only thing people who MIGHT ever do that is to have normal live,getting rich is hardly relevant to the location you are in it's more like ...brain power/creativity/skills/knowledge/experience etc.
The Apocalypse you are describing is terrifying i might consider leaving this planet!God forbid even for a moment you consider Bulgaria and Romania becoming biggest drug/arm manufacturers/dealers just because GREATEST of the greates countries in EU open their borders...i mean ROFL sir!
I can only hope open minded well informed and modern people will never ever consider anything that you say as truth. Or ...well this world is going to 'hell'.
P.S. I wonder how many other 3rd world contries will meet the requirements and join EU.

steve44 - 6 Feb 2013 // 17:21:14

All very egalitarian and politically correct comments without much real life awareness.

Crazy to open the EU to Bulgaria and Romania.
These are very poor and corrupt 3rd world countries, completely different to Western Europe. Most people live in poverty you couldn't imagine unless you go there. I've been to both.

Of course they will flood into Western Europe, just like Africans would if they could, it's the only chance they see of getting rich.

It will only improve their lives as they take all the menial work and send the money home, but I can't see how it will lift the state of Western countries, only drag down the level.

Also criminals will undoubtedly flood in with guns and drugs across the uncontrolled borders, so these 2 corrupt and unregulated countries will become the source of weapon and gun supplies, and whatever else is illegal.

All very predictable. If you visit Bulgaria you will quickly see if you keep your eyes open that the gangsters run the place.

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