Why Didn't Bulgaria's Borisov Ask Erdogan about Turkey's Neo-Ottomanism?

Novinite Insider » EDITORIAL | Author: Ivan Dikov |March 20, 2012, Tuesday // 18:59| Views: | Comments: 20
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Bulgaria: Why Didn't Bulgaria's Borisov Ask Erdogan about Turkey's Neo-Ottomanism?

Bulgaria's government of PM Boyko Borisov has completed its first joint sitting with the Cabinet of Turkey led by PM Recep Tayyip Erdogan.

Bulgaria's ministers are coming back from the Turkish capital Ankara with a whole bunch of well-sounding, well-intentioned, and probably well thought through agreements, and the Bulgarian Prime Minister Borisov, in what seems to be a fit of good-neighborliness and his well-known foreign language skills, even greeted Erdogan's honor guard in Turkish, by saying, "Merhaba, asker!"

This must be a sign of diplomatic reciprocity with the speech Turkish President Abdullah Gul made in Hitrino in Northeastern Bulgaria last summer when his spoke in Turkish without any translation in a brutal disregard of the diplomatic manners. Of course, back then the Bulgarian leadership pretended nothing wrong had happened. Only now has its logic become clear: the Turkish leaders come over to Bulgaria and speak in Turkish with no translation; the Bulgarian leaders go to Turkey and do the same – speak in Turkish with no translation (or least try). This must be what good neighborly relations stand for, at least one-way.

The Bulgarian state leader Borisov could have really done something if he had asked directly his counterpart Erdogan about Turkey's Neo-Ottomanism in the Balkans and beyond.

A quick reference note – the term "Neo-Ottomanism" is used to describe the foreign policy of Erdogan's Justice and Development Party, in power in Turkey since 2002, and marks a rather revolutionary deviation from the Kemalism of the Turkish Republic. In a nutshell, it aims at restoring Turkey's spheres of influence on the territories of the former Ottoman Empire. And last time I checked, the Bulgarian history books still said Bulgaria suffered quite a bit from the empire in question.

No, this is not some kind of ill-conceived nationalist rambling! This is not about seeking confrontation but about seeking openness! This is not about the fact that Bulgarians were slaughtered in the Ottoman Empire for 500 years – or at least from time to time. This is about the fact that thanks to the dynamic development of the Turkish economy, population growth, and other factors (which cannot be said of some other nations, for example those with Sofia as their capital, that have snoozed through all development opportunities since the 1960s), Bulgaria now has as a neighbor a rising regional and even supra-regional power that hasn't meddled in Bulgaria's domestic affairs yet only thanks to its own good will.

It is unclear as to why Turkey with its strong economic development even needs the doctrine of Neo-Ottomanism which by definition stands for interventionism in the internal affairs of all former Ottoman Empire provinces.

But it is also unclear how long Turkey's good will towards Bulgaria will last keeping in mind precisely the Neo-Ottomanist foundations of its new foreign policy.

Bulgaria's leaders must go for good-neighborly relations with Turkey on all levels, no questions asked. But they must make sure that these relations stay that way. The way to do that is by formulating positions and standing up for them firmly. Otherwise next time Borisov goes to Ankara, he will have to know more vocabulary in the local language, and that will be the least.


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Bucharest12 - 24 Mar 2012 // 22:45:03

Honey, check all my posts and you will find out that all are only related to Romania/Moldova/Vlach topics. Chill with your paranoia I mentioned the diffrence in the trade balance was slightly in our favor because I didnt know it grew so big , thank you for the good news. Temper, temper, Dino...

Dino the Athenian - 24 Mar 2012 // 22:37:17


According to the Turkstat site in 2011, Turkey exported $2.8 Bil. of goods to Romania and imported $3.8 Bil. of goods from Romania.

Your claim that Romania has a slight advantage, is not supported by facts since Romania has a clear roughly $1 Bil. advantage in terms of balance of trade.

Given such inaccuracies plus your incomprehensible nonsense about racist stereotypes, I am more inclined to believe that you a turk and not a Romanian.

Using another ethnicity alias is a favorite turkish tactic. In fact turks post their nonsense as Greeks as well.

What gave you away is you "slight advantage" comment. Only a turk would have such sensitivity about calling something big against them as small. Why would a Romanian have any incentive to portray a huge trade advantage as slight?

I think you a typical turk. A deceitful and false persona wanting to provoke argument between peoples pretending to be another.

I will now leave you to our Bulgarian friends to finish you off.

Bucharest12 - 24 Mar 2012 // 22:14:54

"I can't tell what really attracts Turkish investment in Romania. Perhaps low labor cost. Your common anti-Russian bias also helps.

Keep in mind that Turks frequently refer to both Romania and Bulgaria in derogatory terms basically considering both as below Turkey in terms of per capita income."

Dino I dont know why Turkey invests in Romania but I can tell you for sure why it doesnt invest in Greece: excessive nationalism and condescending behaviour. The term Vlasky (archaic for Romanian) is Extremely derogatory in Greek menanig redneck/hilbillie/peasant. The stereotypes about Romanians are the same in Greece and Turkey beautiful girls/ great prostitutes etc. The anti-Russian bias is common among all Russia's neighbors Poland, Baltics, Romania, Turkey and it is not directed against Russian people or culture but towards their political establishment. If you endorse that establishment the prejudice of "proper Europe" towards Greece of having nothing to do with the greeks that invented democracy is valid.

"The truth is that both Bulgaria and Romania are way above Turkey in terms of real per capita GDP, since Turkey is a purely inflationary construct."

Yes part of Turkey's growth is inflation fueled overheating and it will probably have a hard landing but most is real and even if a corectional recession wont erase years of economic growth. With the real estate buble and inflation but still Turkey's fundamentals are pretty good (and if I were Greek I would avoid judgenig other economies fearing I might make people in "proper Europe" laugh). I dont know if Turkey is or isnt wealthier than Ro the diferences would be inconsistent but I know that we have a more equitable society (far smaller rich-poor gap)

Dino the Athenian - 24 Mar 2012 // 21:35:37


I can't tell what really attracts Turkish investment in Romania. Perhaps low labor cost. Your common anti-Russian bias also helps.

Keep in mind that Turks frequently refer to both Romania and Bulgaria in derogatory terms basically considering both as below Turkey in terms of per capita income.

The truth is that both Bulgaria and Romania are way above Turkey in terms of real per capita GDP, since Turkey is a purely inflationary construct.

We have been having a year long conversation here on Turkish economics which I think they are mostly fabricated:


lev - 24 Mar 2012 // 20:01:24

Yane,F..K YOU !

Bucharest12 - 24 Mar 2012 // 19:48:23

Dino, the Turkish investments in Ro are ~3 Billion EUR and the trade ballance 5 Billion Eur very balanced slightly in favour of Ro. The investments are not in "islamic banks" but mainly in manufacturing (chemicals, fertilzers, paper products etc). Turkey was the 10th largest investor few years ago I dont have the latest ranking and is the 4th destination for Ro exports and 5th source of imports.

Dino the Athenian - 24 Mar 2012 // 16:21:23


You can have all the Turkish investments you want. Our observation is that Turks are all talk and no action.

There are currently 350+ Greek companies operating in Turkey for a total investment base of $10 Billion. There are only 30 small and medium size companies(mostly Islamic banks designed to ferment separatism a la Bulgaria) for a total investment base of $30 Million.

Turkey's record of European investments - in Europe proper - is basically zero. The case of Romania and some other eastern block countries is a bit different as Islamic Green Money is seeking bases for expansionism.

As I said, if you can attract Turkish investment in Romania go for it. Provided that you maintain a trade balance in favor of Romania. We wish you the best but Turkish investment or any other investment from the middle East is not what we are after.

Bucharest12 - 23 Mar 2012 // 08:22:53

Dino, Romania is not in that category. Our politicians, businessmen, journalists and common folks see Turkey as the region's China and rightfully so (9-10% economic growth and a population larger than all the countries you named above taken together, except Russia). And we have put behind our historical differences. So if Greece (despite its present hardships) and Bulgaria dont need Turkish investments let them flow north to us :)

Dino the Athenian - 23 Mar 2012 // 00:53:13

Nothing to add really expect to say that the Law of Physics reminds us that for every action there is an equal and opposite reaction.

Only in the case of Russia, Bulgaria, Serbia, Romania and Greece the reactions to Turkish actions need to be a little deeper so that the next time Turkey attempts again this unlearned game, she would start from a position of further weakness. We call this the margin of safety.

Eventually the child learns that it does not pay off to play such games because of diminishing returns.

Ivanko - 22 Mar 2012 // 21:22:08

No genocide to Armenians, soon this will be punishable in court.
Your words.

Oh yeah, and what about the compensations Turkey still needs to pay to Bulgaria for the Ottoman theft in BG?

Personally, me thinks the rulers in the world have an eye on the European Turkish part. I think very soon this will be added to Europe, one big war we need. ;)

jaserq - 22 Mar 2012 // 19:59:55

ohh you really deserve what you are living.. dreams dreams lies dreams lies :)) there is no hope and no light for you in the end ..

sa-sha - 22 Mar 2012 // 09:29:17

Calm down, Jaserk, simply calm down. Your "knowledge" tires.


jaserq - 22 Mar 2012 // 08:35:35

i remember 20 years before how gentle bulgarian's were ..turkish people has never did genocide. even to armanians.. these are the games of economics. they already prooved with historical documents from other countries ..even france couldnt say anything anymore.genocide is what bulgarians doing to their own counties . they fill poor people brains with this kind of imaginations to make them not to having problem to goverment about living confort. the most common way to manage poor countries is to manage with fear and creating enemy ..these are imaginations .. what the rich bulgarians do ..they just leave their country for thinking about themself and take the hot money from hot market in bulgaria. result ? no money .even they dont thing about investing money to their own countries.. the turkish people which you dont like are carrrying money to bulgaria with providing %80 revenue. goverment closing their own factories and can not provide security.come to reall .. if all of you are thinking like this.. you already have been finished your genocide.however i agree one thing.. everyone lives what they deserve..:)

Naso - 22 Mar 2012 // 07:06:07

Discussions of both patriotism and nationalism are often marred by lack of clarity due to the failure to distinguish the two. Many authors use the two terms interchangeably, but in this case expressing author's patriotic special concern for the well-being of the country has nothing to do with nationalism' and ringing the bell for awareness is absolutely necessary.

Economy is economy, business is business, but actual Neo-Ottoman invasion is Neo-Ottoman invasion.

The exponential escalation of the Neo-Ottomanism invasion in Bulgaria' the Balkans and it expansion to Europe and Russia, is a issue that can no longer be ignored.

"Love Bulgaria" 1%++ ................

Ivanko - 21 Mar 2012 // 23:37:42

Yeah, they should do a genocide with this Kurdish people, if they world would let Turkey do with them what they deserve!
Turkish people know how they must handle such people, look how they solved the Armenian problem

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