Bulgaria Has Got a Time Machine and It Works!

Novinite Insider » EDITORIAL | Author: Ivan Dikov |February 28, 2012, Tuesday // 17:55| Views: | Comments: 17
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Bulgaria: Bulgaria Has Got a Time Machine and It Works!

History wasn't supposed to repeat itself and time machines weren't supposed to exist. However, Bulgaria seems to be ahead of the game in both items. In Bulgaria, history repeats itself constantly, and current events take you back in time.

One such event that happened several days ago was the gangland murder of businessman and former wrestler Yordan Harasimov, who was blown up in his car early in the morning in downtown Varna. It's like one is back in Bulgaria in 1995. Or 1998. Or 2003. Or 2005. Or 2010. (I think the last gangland murder was that of radio host Bobi Tsankov in Sofia in 2010).

There goes one more of Bulgaria's some 200 gangland murders in the past less than 20 years. And none of those cases has been resolved. According to probability theory, at least several of those were supposed to be resolved. But apparently this theory holds no truth in Bulgaria, unlike the working time machine that can get you back to any point of the recent past.

And one keeps wondering why Bulgaria's Prime Minister-policeman-karate guru-firefighter-security guard Boyko Borisov and his right hand Interior Minister Tsvetanov haven't solved any of those gangland murder cases.

Meanwhile, a group of MMA fighters beat a high school student in Bulgaria's Pazardzhik, and in Sofia Bulgarian MMA champion known as Bagata was stabbed in a brawl.

So the Bulgarian time machine works in Sofia, Varna, Pazardzhik, and all over the place. It's like Bulgaria hasn't progressed an inch since the early 1990s. No wonder, as Bulgaria's oligarchy doesn't to have enough brains to make the society evolve towards greater civility. I mean, it can still enjoy plenty of dirty games if it so wish, just steer clear of murders and explosions! And the Bulgarian society can't organize itself to achieve anything.

On the other hand, it might not be so bad that Bulgaria has a functioning time machine because it apparently has short memory.

Harasimov was blown up on Friday. It's already Tuesday-Wednesday, and the incident has been forgotten by both the society and the Bulgarian authorities. The case will be delayed, pushed around, postponed, until there is a new gangland murder to "steal focus".

By the way, that's exactly how Bulgaria has forgotten the incident in the village of Katunitsa from September 2011 – and the real problem that caused it – the Roma integration issue – and it will stay forgotten until some new horrific event.

So in order for Bulgaria to shut off this terrifying time machine it's got, it will need a bit of brains, government goodwill and collective action in order to start solving at least some of its problems.

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Naso - 3 Mar 2012 // 08:10:23

3rd of March
Happy Independence Day Bulgaria and People of Bulgaria! National Liberation from 500 years of Ottoman Genocide Rule, Stolen Generations, Children and Territories of #Bulgaria

The bill of Patriot Act of Bulgaria should be implemented, in the very similar way as it is now in the USA. Indefinite detention without trial and explanation, for anyone with no exceptions involve in Anti-Bulgarian Terror activities.

No Bulgarian land, air and water territories and titles should be sold and/or donated and/or given way to Non-Bulgarian citizens.

No Bulgarian Child should be sold and/or donated and/or given way to Non-Bulgarian citizens.

No Bulgarian National Resource should be sold and/or donated and/or given way to Non-Bulgarian citizens.

The above constitutional bulls should be implemented, legislated and enforced by the laws in the similar way as it is done in the top developed countries in the world. (see Switzerland and others for example )

“Love Bulgaria” just 1%++

Naso - 1 Mar 2012 // 14:02:35

That's ok Harley,

Once upon a time I ask Professor A. Stranieri very similar question, about ELIZA (Knowledge-pro nlg-ai thing), how it is going to work within the future“Time Machine” .

I hope that will help you to understand a bit more. Her.* – xyz generation.

Happy Baba Marta Spring Time

“Love Bulgaria” 1%++

Harley - 1 Mar 2012 // 12:15:05

Naso, Happy Baba Marta!

I'll give Herc some peace, I see all is quiet on the western front with him today. I guess even Novinite realized that the paid stooge was becoming far too comical to be believable. No one can spend all day writing nonsense in forums of this calibre.

Or maybe he is real and he really did sh*t in his pants when he saw that his lackeys were not sucking up to him anymore or that he could not intercede with his other nicknames in a discreet manner.

Anyways, today is a day to celebrate! All the best!

Naso - 1 Mar 2012 // 08:40:08

Happy Baba Marta to Bulgaria and everyone! :).

"Love Bulgaria" just 1%++

Naso - 1 Mar 2012 // 06:08:16


There's some interesting questions here, particularly on timing. And, if the story is essentially accurate, some rather unflattering implied assumptions about the contenders for the time plum genus job who are already in the Bulgarian old vibrant parliament time.

No one so far can over-run the time.

Naso - 1 Mar 2012 // 05:51:10

Peace Harley, have a mercy and passion.

It is not Hercules Failure to perform as it is required.

There are too many Error and Bugs in the OS.

Debugging Hercules, is not going to help with the Hercules Psyche Mismatch.
There is a unintended or unanticipated anomaly with “Hercules VS Heracles”
“Time Machine” error exception code.

“Love Bulgaria” 1%++

Harley - 29 Feb 2012 // 18:21:01

Come on Hercules (can I call you Herc, i'm starting to get bored writing the name in full), i've told you many times that not all of us were born with your limited intellect. If I want to read Naso's good points I can read his comment, no need to copy it again, i know where it's located.

Relax my friend, I know your "community" sometimes has trouble with stress and can get a bit over emotional. I'll stop for today, there are things to do and people to see.

I know you'll spend the whole evening writing, so i'll check in tomorrow and rectify the situation.

Good night bozo!

hercules - 29 Feb 2012 // 18:07:19

You better help your friend before me..

There goes one more of Bulgaria's some 200 gangland murders in the past less than 20 years.”

If this is true fact, Bulgaria is just a paradise in comparison to the rest of the west.
This is just 10 murders per year. As a matter of fact in US and west Europe there is 10 murders per a hour. Not noticed and investigated at all. There so many of gangland murders, people attacks and assaults every day that don't even get on the media.

The terror of violence never ends in the wild west.

Bulgarian gangs seems to be no different, piking up everything bad from the wild west and that is shame.

About the “Time Machine” as you know Bulgarians are born criminal people and do nothing but crime, so the Bulgarians did the most terrible crime ever, they steal the time machine concept directly from The God The Creation itself. And guest what?

The Criminal Bulgarians steal “The most accurate calendar known to man” known as the Anonymous “Time Machine” and give it to the people. The God got very absed and Panish the Bulgarians for relising the sicrets of time, and make them Time Machine Procreation Criminals for ever and ever.
That is in short the story.
Where there is a electronic calculator, computer, digital watch, satelite clock, bank systems or even time maths algoritams, there is a Criminal Bulgarian Time Machine anonymous procreator embedded code for ever and ever. But the greedy Bulgarians are going to to commit even more crimes. They are now hevely involve in making all sorts of criminal algoritams for stealing the “Climat Time Machine” directly from the Nature Itself. ( see NASA and FKA for more Bulgarian comited crimianls)

Harley - 29 Feb 2012 // 17:56:11

"Well we know were your brain is?"

Hercules, really mate, i'm serious, let's find some time and i'll volunteer my time to teach how to write proper English. I know it's a pet peeve of mine, but your poorly written sentences annoy me more than your silly and ridiculous arguments.

I know time's not a problem for you. So if you agree to seek help i'll check my schedule and let you know when i'm available.

Harley - 29 Feb 2012 // 17:43:35

Thanks Al, i also appreciate your good sense of humor and wittiness, something desperately lacking in this space.

Hercules, looks like everyone in this forum reaches the same conclusion about you. You are one sad individual. But as an ever optimist I know deep down you are a joke, you can't possibly be human, you can't possibly spend all day writing in a forum from an obscure website from an obscure country. There can't be a functioning human like that..............i hope.

By the way I'm surprised the HOMOsapien hasn't started writing from his other forum name, ankle. Every time he's under attack Ankle, Sarkan and all these parasitic characters appear to defend the old queer.


hercules - 29 Feb 2012 // 17:33:45


Well we know were your brain is? And positive thinking is not something you would know anything about.
You seem to know a lot about homosexuals and like your new friend the jerk, call everyone you dislike one. It must be in your past, better not go there…..


Al - 29 Feb 2012 // 17:13:54

hercules, you wrote: "“Like the hell he is”… Schizophrenic Fudgepacker".


But at least, Harley has got his bright moments and contributes with input driven by positive thinking.

You seem more like a frustrated and dried out fag, with too much spare time at your hand.

As my great idol, the late John Wayne, would've commented: "Hercules has only got one friend, that's his right hand".


hercules - 29 Feb 2012 // 16:08:39

“Like the hell he is”… Schizophrenic Fudgepacker

Al - 29 Feb 2012 // 15:51:36


Are you a mescaline addict or just a nice guy with a weird sense of humour? Nah, just kidding. You're probably both.

The last 10 years have indeed shown visible progress.

Still a long way to go, but promoting positive thinking is better than only focusing on the dirt in the corners.

Too much whining and too little good vibes from the sideline.

As my great idol, the late John Wayne, once said: "A reefer is better than a fag!".


Harley - 29 Feb 2012 // 13:35:22

Great points Naso!

For any casual observer the changes that Bulgaria has undergone in the last twenty years are nothing short of admirable.

Bulgaria was always a poor country historically, it missed the important European "progressive" periods such as the Renaissance, the Enlightenment and even the Industrial Revolution. Being under a corrupt and backward occupation by the Ottomans set it back considerably, even in comparison to other CEE nations such as Czechoslovakia and Hungary. This is clearly evident when one compares the architecture of Prague and Budapest with that of Sofia.

Communism only served to mask the chronic differences between Bulgaria and the West and Central Europe. Yet in the past twenty years this country has made impressive political as well as economic gains. In the history of Bulgaria there has never been a more prosperous period with its inhabitants experiencing a massive improvement in living standards. Just look at the HDI indicators of Bulgaria in the last 20 years to see how this country has evolved from a low middle development status to high developed one.

Bulgaria is in the elite EU, something many countries would do anything to achieve. It's a member of NATO. The economy grew by almost 50% in the last decade. Looking at Sofia's ample supply of quality restaurants, hotels, malls, residential buildings and other entertainment venues is a consequence of the newly established prosperity. Sorry Ivan, but mutras are not responsible for it all. There is a market for these things.

The EU funds are doing wonders to the dilapidated infrastructure Bulgaria was infamous for. This year Bulgaria will have finalized its first full motorway to the Black Sea. Four more strategic motorways are under construction or in the design stage. Bridges, tunnels, and urban improvements are also being funded with EU Operational Programs. Look at any city or village and you'll see a poster with an EU flag and the result is a new sewage, sidewalks, lighting or paved roads.

That there are problems, no doubt. The Government of Bulgaria needs to make major reforms in the Interior Ministry, the Judiciary and in health care. These are all difficult reforms that will bring strong opposition from the powers that be who have been used to being in a position of power and will naturally try to sabotage the efforts.

There is no doubt a lot needs to be done but also no doubt about the progress this country has made and will continue to make in the coming decade.

Your argument about Bulgaria being in a time machine is silly to say the least. Just open your eyes Ivan, progress is all around you, you just have to focus on it. It's always easy looking at the negatives. But the truly successful people look at the problems and find opportunities in them.

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