Photo Story: 'Anonymous' Protest Rallies against the Bulgarian Government

Several thousand Bulgarian youngsters organized by the Anonymous hacktivists staged rallies in Sofia, Varna, and Blagoevgrad demanding an end to the rule of Prime Minister Boyko Borisov and the GERB party as well as a new political and social government model for Bulgaria.

8 of 21 | November 5, 2012, Monday BGNES

Several thousand Bulgarian youngsters organized by the Anonymous hacktivists rallied in Sofia, besieging briefly the Parliament building in an anti-government protest.

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Motorbike riders from around Bulgaria gathered in front of Parliament building in Sofia on 13 April 2016 to demand payment for third-party liability insurance policies pegged to the number of months the vehicles are on the roads. The motorbike riders say they should be entitled to paying just a portion of the mandatory full-year insurance policies against third-party liability as they only use the vehicles from spring until autumn. ...

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