Neo-Nazi Rally Will Take Place In Spite Lack of Municipal Permit

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Bulgaria: Neo-Nazi Rally Will Take Place In Spite Lack of Municipal Permit A photo of BGNES from a previous Lukov march in Sofia - See more at:

The Lukov March, organized annually in Sofia by neo-Nazi groups will take place, in spite the refusal of the municipality to give a permit.

On their website the organizers say that they will change the route of the march, but it will take place, in spite “the unprecedented pressure of the clique of the anti-constitutional party DPS, the heirs of the murderers of General Lukov, foreign embassies, led by the Israelis, various NGOs and agents of foreign interests.”

On Thursday Sofia mayor Yordanka Fandakova held consultations with Interior Ministry, the Chief Prosecutor Sotir Tsatsarov and did not issue a permit for the annual torch-lit march in the city streets, commemorating the controversial General Hristo Lukov. Fandakova ordered the municipal police to be extra vigilant on the date of the rally – February 15.

The neo-Nazi Lukov march has been taking place in Sofia each year since 2004 and is organized by the Bulgarian People's Union. This is the first year, in which the municipality heeded the concerns of the human rights and anti-fascist organizations who had been protesting the march in the past several years.

General Hristo Lukov was the commanding General of the 13th Division of the Bulgarian Kingdom's Army during World War I, and later a Minister of War. During the Second World War he was a great supporter of the Axis powers, particularly Nazi Germany.

Lukov was the leader of the right extremist Union of Bulgarian National Legions.

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marthaa - 17 Feb 2014 // 09:59:19

At what rate soever the world talks of me (for I am not ignorant what an ill report Folly has got, even among the most foolish), yet that I am that she, that only she, whose deity recreates both gods and men - See more at:

Seedy - 15 Feb 2014 // 21:36:25

I might even agree with you, Toasty - if I had the faintest idea what you are waffling on about.....

sa-sha - 15 Feb 2014 // 20:15:11

"incomprehensible - Putinsky - filth - Tovarich" etc, everything apart from the facts, in summary.....the predictable reaction of the previous author to the "unconvenient" facts. Even more: not reaction, but triumph! Triumph of Folly...Do listen: "At what rate soever the world talks of me (for I am not ignorant what an ill report Folly has got, even among the most foolish), yet that I am that she, that only she, whose deity recreates both gods and men".......How to praise Facts or History after such a declaration? It remains to Praise Folly (or, say, "seedy") for the sincere efforts to recreate. Toast.

Seedy - 15 Feb 2014 // 17:16:35

Thank you for your, as usual, totally incomprehensible contribution, Comrade Putinski. It's just a pity that more Commie filth wasn't swept into the trash-can of history - but your turn will come, Tovarich: we'll know where to find you..... ;)

sa-sha - 15 Feb 2014 // 16:28:51

.....and about "patriot murdered by Commies", about General Hristo Lukov "who didn't want" and who supported, if not initiated, in late 1942 --- early 1943, the idea of sending ~20 Bulgarian divisions to the Eastern front (to help the Nazis in their deplorable situation in/after Stalingrad) : "The only person who can [improve the situation] in Bulgaria is General Lukov" (the extract from the report of Joachim von Ribbentrop to Hitler, February,8,1943). ....and those who killed Lukov were first of all the anti-fascists, "нелегалы"("the illegals") Ivan Burajiev and Violeta Yakova, the latter was killed, btw, by the pro-nazi police in June, 1944. So, it's about pro- and anti- fascist forces in Bulgaria while WWII, about their confrontation, and General Lukov was not the anti-, but pro-, pro-fascist figure.
Simply a Fact. History requires Respect and Study, but not Interpretation.

Seedy - 15 Feb 2014 // 15:02:50

How dare Bulgarians march to commemorate a patriot murdered by Commies! They should instead be queuing to thank Democratic Liberals like Sergay and Ahmed for keeping the flag of Turkish and Commie gangsterism flying in the face of political adversity......or should that be "spitting in the face of the Bulgarian Nation"?

It's only a pity that Lukov's memory has been hijacked by a bunch of brain-dead thugs. :-(

Emilia Dimitrova - 15 Feb 2014 // 12:30:31

To believe that general-lieutenant Hristo Lukov who didn`t want Bulgaria to take part in WWII and was killed by communists / those who accepted peacefully Nazy army in my country/ as Nazi, is simply wrong.Our corrupted political parties have been doing everything in favour of gypsies/ from 35,000q they are now 800,000/ and Turks/ in Bulgaria, there is no family who didn`t suffer from Turkish atrocities/ since 1989. Meanwhile 2,000,000 Bulgarians left - there is no job here We are not strong as Israel. So look at the Lukov march as last attempt of consolidation of Bulgarian nation Our parties, EU and your kind of an articasl will turn Bulgaria into a muslim country quite soon.