Sochi Parade of Nations Map Stirs Confusion in Bulgaria

Sports | February 8, 2014, Saturday // 11:28| Views: 13651 | Comments: 6
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Bulgaria: Sochi Parade of Nations Map Stirs Confusion in Bulgaria The map simply appeared distorted because of the angle from which the footage was shot. Screen grab courtesy of Offnews.bg

A screen grab showing Bulgaria’s map during the parade of nations at the Olympics opening ceremony in Sochi has stirred confusion among pundits.

Several Bulgarian online news sources claimed late on Friday that the map was wrong, arguing it had “added” foreign territories (namely the Foreign Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia and Western Trace) to the country.

Articles about the alleged “blunder” later also appeared in Macedonian media.

However, as Internet forum users have pointed out, the map actually shows Bulgaria’s correct borders.

The map simply appeared distorted because of the angle from which the footage was shot.

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Yane - 10 Feb 2014 // 04:24:25

Don't mind 'ahmed dogan' it's Seedy on another of his many Troll accounts...ignore the fool.

George Zheliazkov - 9 Feb 2014 // 19:08:54

Apparently Asia is a top trading priority for North America also.
Here is the link and you may learn a thing or two…. (Hopefully)


PoppyMcGregor - 9 Feb 2014 // 00:13:14

Go George, Go Russia, Go Bulgaria!

George Zheliazkov - 8 Feb 2014 // 20:20:22

Listen turkish “Ahmed” character.

Can you really afford to be so stupid these days?
By any chance are you related to MaximBehar or working for novinite?

Listen dumb “turkish” prowestern slut, those who need to see the posting are seeing it. Your numbnuts smearing campaigns have absolutely no effect.
Asia, and China more specifically are already the largest EU trading partner and regardless if you like it or not Bulgaria will increase significantly its trade with Asia and all of the emerging markets! This is the fastest available option for prosperity!
While democracy is the preferable governing system compared to dictatorship, democracy is easier achievable through prosperity! Trading only with financially stagnated and heavily indebted Western democracies will hamper achieving prosperity for Bulgaria!

Ahmed Dogan - 8 Feb 2014 // 19:51:04

Turkish George is so right. Bulgaria needs to stop trading immediately with Europe and focus on its friends in the East like Russia, Syria, Saudi, China and North Korea. But I do not agree with George Zheliazkov when he demands a moslem government and sharia law in Bulgaria.

George Zheliazkov - 8 Feb 2014 // 19:20:03

Well that’s about right or at least that’s the Bulgaria I like.
Good job Russia, you have the right map.

Anyways did I mention trade with ASIA? Here we go…..


Ahhh, there is nothing better in this world than the good old Eurasia…..

BTW GO Bulgaria GO!!!!!
Bring some gold medals home!