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UK PM Rushes to Pass Restrictive Measures on Bulgarians, Romanians

Politics » BULGARIA IN EU | December 18, 2013, Wednesday // 09:06| Views: 2515 | Comments: 19
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Bulgaria: UK PM Rushes to Pass Restrictive Measures on Bulgarians, Romanians UK Prime Minister David Cameron. Photo by EPA/BGNES

British Prime Minister David Cameron will tighten restrictive measures for EU migrants coming to work in Britain, starting Wednesday.

Anyone from the European Union coming to the UK in search of a job will have to wait three months before they can claim benefits, the PM will announce. The new controls will come into force January 1, 2014 amid growing public concerns of an influx of Romanian and Bulgarian workers once restrictions are lifted on the two countries at the end of 2013.

PM Cameron said the public was “rightly concerned” that migrants may come to the UK to “exploit our public services and benefits system”, The Independent reported.

“As part of our long-term plan for the economy, we are taking direct action to fix the welfare and immigration systems so we end the ‘something for nothing culture’ and deliver to people who play by the rules”, he added.

Cameron stressed that accelerating the start of these new restrictions will make the UK a less attractive place for EU migrants who want to come here and try to live off the state.

“I want to send the clear message that whilst Britain is very much open for business, we will not welcome people who don’t want to contribute”, the Prime Minister concluded.

David Cameron has already announced other restrictive measures that will take effect 1 January. They include cutting off benefits after six months for EU migrants with no job prospects, suspending housing benefit claims and imposing a 12-month re-entry ban for people who have been removed.

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Optimistic - 24 Dec 2013 // 09:15:22

Joppy yes I agree the tower blocks look ugly and cheap but they are what I know.

And the community spirit in them is great but that might depend on the residents.

Yes, there are far more attractive homes in the world I agree.

You have a good Christmas and keep your posts going.

joppy - 23 Dec 2013 // 22:23:46

@Optimistic They are ugly and destroy the natural landscape. I would prefer African mud huts than tower blocks to them.

Optimistic - 19 Dec 2013 // 23:03:52

Joppy, you are very passionate about what you say and I very much respect that.

I do like the tower blocks, ok western technology in a soviet era but somehow they create great community spirit.

That is my experience and I value it.

joppy - 19 Dec 2013 // 23:00:04

@Optimist Well I hate them another element of Western modernism that I despise, as I hate skyscrapers, glass office blocks, and "modern" concrete block villas. The sooner they are all demolished the better.

And to add I am not asking Britain to give us any money, or to give us benefits or even let us live in Britain. I wouldn't want to live in the Great British Concrete Jungle anyway. All I'm asking is to leave the EU, and a chance to improve our country whilst choosing a path closer to Russia.

joppy - 19 Dec 2013 // 22:53:19

Sorry have to split up my post to respond to the comments of certain idiots on this forum:

As for blaming the Ottomans Where have you seen people blaming the Ottomans, very few people actually blame the Ottomans for their problems nowhere near as much as the Africans blame colonialism, and nowhere near as much the British blame the Eastern Europeans and other Europeans in general. I haven't even seen many people blaming Westerners or the EU either, they mostly blame Russia and I don't know for what reason. Russia is the only country which respects and has actually helped us develop in the past, and still has positive attitudes towards our state.

"but look at the mirror my friend. Driving around Sofia and looking at your fellow compatriots should easily answer the question of why you people are not only the most backward people in Europe, but i'd dare say in the whole region too!" Again I disagree. I wouldn't say we are the most backward, I would say we are one of the least backward we are one of the few people in Europe who don't have a history of genocide, imperialism and colonialism, and we, unlike most other Europeans, don't take pride in how many people we have killed, enslaved and subjugated in the past, we don't take pride in how much land and resources we stole from others, how big our empire was, how many colonies we had, or for how long we had them, we don't value dominance, power, control, money, materialism whereas most other Europeans that is everything to them. I would say we are the least backward and the least evil. But unfortunately that is slowly changing, when I drive on the streets of Sofia I mostly see youth which has been brainwashed by the Western pop materialistic culture, if that's what you saw then I agree that it is indeed backward.

joppy - 19 Dec 2013 // 22:52:13

"Your country has always been a primitive backwater and that has nothing to do with anyone but the Bulgarians themselves. It's easy to always cast the blame on someone like the Ottomans or the Westerners" I beg to differ, you and I both know it has a lot to do with someone else, and both of us know it wasn't always a "primitive backwater". Lets first take a look at how things were before the West took over, there was no crime, our education was of a much higher standard (no kids bringing guns to school), our infrastructure was maintained, everyone had a place to live and had just enough to live a normal life whilst working for it (believe me you did have to work hard during those days), none of the disgusting elements of Western pop culture (partially the reason our intelligence is degrading) were present in our society corruption was virtually non-existant, we were self-sufficient when it came to food and electricity, we had a strong industrial base bringing money into the country and people in general were happy, there was no emigration. Now lets review what happened after the West took over: our entire industry (100% privatization) was sold to Western corporations of course this means no money comes into the country, the people are exploited as cheap labour so Western billionaires can build another gold bathroom in their marble mansion. We are constantly pressured to give special privileges to minorities such as gypsies, and constantly criticized on how we treat them yet I don't see the UK, Germany or France treating them any better. We were forced to shut down our uranium mines and enrichment centers, and have nearly shutdown our nuclear power station destroying our electricity self-sufficiency forcing us to import from Germany and France, we had to accept the Western OBE education system which basically teaches youth nothing but how to have intercourse, local agricultural production was destroyed by the tax free imports, I could go on and on so lets just skip to the most recent the increase of electricity prices (which of course we had to sell to Western companies) so they are on par with EU standards i.e. we have to pay the same price as the British or Germans (most expensive in the EU) when we aren't paid anywhere near the same salary, this fueled the protests, and the latest we have to scrap the gas deal with Russia because "it is in violation of EU law" meaning we freeze in the winter, why well maybe they are scared that we will go back to Russia because they are the only friendly state to use in Europe. Of course you would say nobody forced us to join the EU, well I agree except that they it made very clear with the bombs dropped in Belgrade, and the sanctions against Belarus that we had no choice but to obey. In general the main reason we blame Westerners is simple, we joined the EU, we got poorer and are continuously getting poorer, must be the EU then don't you think.

joppy - 19 Dec 2013 // 22:51:05


Man, the more I think of it, the more I wish we were 200 years behind, then maybe we wouldn't have those ugly Western tower blocks.

"It is a sea of emptiness and pure ugliness wherever I turn in Bulgaria." Lets put it aside that your statement is grossly inaccurate again, many churches, monasteries and other buildings were built, but I'm not too concerned with that. What's more concerning is that you call nature emptiness as if its meant to be destroyed, another problem I have noticed with Westerners. They define riches in terms of money, gold, diamonds, skyscrapers, highways (more material objects) but hardly anyone considers nature (forests, mountains, rivers, lakes) as riches, in-fact destruction of nature equals progress whereas destruction of manmade ugliness equals vandalism according to Westerners. After spending time in Africa (South Africa, Namibia, Botswana and various other African countries), it was very hard to adapt to life in a Western country, Sometimes I even go as far as to say Africans and South Americans are much richer than Western Europeans and Americans, they live in the beautiful mountains, forests, jungles which god (used in a non-religious way) has created whereas Westerners and (even Easterners since they inherited the legacy unfortunately) live in ugly grey, dark, dirty, polluted cities filled with ugly tower blocks, and they only see nature when they go on holiday (after traveling for hours) which is how often 2 a year. P.S. like other previous posters mentioned, green agricultural deserts and neatly aligned, equal height palm trees are not nature and are just as bad.

Optimistic - 19 Dec 2013 // 22:02:47

Sorry Joppy, I like the blocks, call then Soviet or Western I don't care.

joppy - 19 Dec 2013 // 21:52:52

@Maudlin Are you Bulgarian. I am Bulgarian and have been trying to say the same thing for ages, the only solution is to leave the EU and enter an alliance with Russia.

@Richard "none of the stopping 10 minutes every hour for a cigarette" WTF are you getting at, do you think anybody can afford to spend money on cigarettes the symbol of the disgusting Western youth culture.

And finally at @Reality Typical imperialist comment, instead of offering solutions you offer ways to degrade another people's you've done it in Africa, America, Asia it's why they all hate you, ever wondered why people have even considered a "white genocide" (note I am not in support of white genocide).

But you do make me laugh, as do all misinformed idiots, first we are 200 years behind in everything and then all of a sudden we have "ugly communist blocks" (communal block by the way not communist). These ugly apartment blocks are a Western creation as are ugly skyscrapers, and ugly modernist buildings in general. The Plattenbau (pre-cast concrete) technology with which they were built was pioneered in WEST Germany to provide quick cheap social housing, it then spread to the UK, the rest of Western Europe and then eventually America, and only then did the Soviet Union and Eastern Europe start picking up with the trend, Soviet tower blocks is actually grossly inaccurate, more like Western tower blocks. Last time I checked there were plenty of commie-blocks in Glasgow which the residents complained about, they got the wish but unfortunately what did the government do? They replaced with modernist glass buildings, which in 10-20 years time will be in the same condition as those commie-blocks. Modernism, which basically means as ugly and cheap as possible, is a Western (architectural) style, most ugly buildings you see in the world are a result of the Western modernist style. Even today in Western Europe, America, Australia and even Bulgaria I can see a new element of Western modernism popping up, ugly cheap square block houses made from pre-cast concrete (plattenbau), in 10-20 (again) they will be just like the tower blocks.

But I don't expect you to take my word for it, I could just be "blaming it on the West", so I have kindly put up links so you can educate yourself before you start using the phrase "Soviet communist blocks".

meeeeeeeeeeeeeee - 18 Dec 2013 // 22:25:30

Tea? Everyone knows the Queen drinks gin! hic!!!!

Maudlin - 18 Dec 2013 // 16:28:27

Richard, then what are you doing here? You chase Bulgarians and Romanians from your country, but you go around the world for benefits. You dirty hypocrites. You have always been hypocrites since the times your queen wanted to drink tea from exotic destinations.
Yes, Bulgaria isn't the dream world. We have many problems here. We aren't the smartest, we have traitors, dumb people, politicians that have betrayed us (both to the Russians and to the west), we are divided - both socially and economically. So, I do not blame solely the world for our misfortunes. We certainly have our guilt for our problems. However, certain countries like yours have a historical evil role in our bygone. Britain has always supported Turkey in order to make the Russian positions on the Balkans weaker. Who will give a damn about the poor Bulgarians, we a just an exchange coin in the game of the big hooligans who divide and conquer the world.
Our ugly communist blocks as you call them are much safer against earthquake for instance and look much better than your castle style depressing brick obscure buildings without terraces or balconies. You just don't know what witch could suddenly appear from it. Same awkward buildings in all your former colonies in New England by the way.

Optimistic - 18 Dec 2013 // 15:17:48

Reality Bites, Bulgaria is not backward like you say, and some of us like the Soviet Era Blocks and the community feel they create.

You probably have a very negative life to produce a negative post like you did.

VillaGuy - 18 Dec 2013 // 15:17:06

What's with the hostility towards Bulgaria? Sofia is a city with contrasts, like every other city there's the ugly in with the mix. In Bulgaria's defence it hasn't completely ruined it's natural ecology with a monotony of agricultural 'green deserts' which is the case in France and the UK except for a few reserves here and there. Bulgaria has a lot of positives to progress on really

VillaGuy - 18 Dec 2013 // 15:06:46

Sorry Madood, as a Briton I can't see how being part of the EU restricts our freedom. In fact if it wasn't for the EU our government would do away with many of our rights as individuals which it cannot do at present, also it would make trade with our European neighbours more difficult and would make freedom of movement within the EU not so straight forward. If you feel that the toffs in London will make us more 'free' than the Europeans I feel you have different information to myself.

Reality Bites - 18 Dec 2013 // 15:03:12

"The sad news, dear comrades is that our economy is doomed, the human potential has been lost and we are 100 years back in everything. So congratulations, we have a full blown western "values" here."

I really don't understand what you're getting at here....hmmm.......Bulgaria has always been not 100 but i'd say 200 years behind everything in Europe: the Renaissance, the Enlightenment, the Age of Reason, the Belle Epoque etc. etc. Just look at your architecture, it's like if after the Romans (Westerners) were here nothing but ugly communist blocks were built. It is a sea of emptiness and pure ugliness wherever I turn in Bulgaria.

Your country has always been a primitive backwater and that has nothing to do with anyone but the Bulgarians themselves. It's easy to always cast the blame on someone like the Ottomans or the Westerners but look at the mirror my friend. Driving around Sofia and looking at your fellow compatriots should easily answer the question of why you people are not only the most backward people in Europe, but i'd dare say in the whole region too!

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