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Bulgarians Rally in London against Anti-Immigrant Policies

Politics » BULGARIA IN EU | December 10, 2013, Tuesday // 12:22| Views: 1465 | Comments: 16
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Bulgarians Rally in London against Anti-Immigrant Policies: Bulgarians Rally in London against Anti-Immigrant Policies Bulgarians and Romanians protested in London against the planned government restrictions on immigrants. Photo

Bulgarians and Romanians have gathered outside the office of the British PM David Cameron in London Monday in protest against the planned government restrictions on immigrants.

This month Cameron's cabinet announced a crackdown on so-called "benefit tourism", citing fears over mass immigration from Bulgaria and Romania.

The main concern of the protesters is that the negative attitude towards Bulgarians and Romanians directly reflects on their job opportunities. The leading print and electronic editions in UK regularly discuss British fears of the East European immigration wave and the dramatically increasing crime rates once the job restrictions are removed on January 1.

Meanwhile, dozens of Bulgarian students in Britain are about to interrupt their education because of bureaucratic pressure and chaos, leading to the suspension of their student loans, Bulgarian newspaper "Trud" (Labor) informed.

Students from Bulgaria and Romania have had funds on their bank accounts frozen; others have received letters from Student Loans Company (SLC) saying they were under investigation, because they were citizens of the two countries.

Just last week, British tabloids reported that student grants for Bulgarians and Romanians would be suspended.

The British Embassy in Sofia, Bulgaria denied the information and claimed that tuition loans remained unaffected. However, maintenance loans were suspended due to the unexpectedly increased number of applicants.

The series of measures proposed by David Cameron's cabinet include the restriction on new immigrants who will not get out-of-work benefits for the first three months and payments will be stopped after six months unless they have a "genuine" chance of a job.

Still many officials, including Cameron's ministers, believe the government should go further than that.

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VillaGuy - 14 Dec 2013 // 14:47:43

I agree with Joppy on the political and free trade issue, democracy is a term used to give a sense of importance to the masses as a moral booster, and free trade is beneficial to the the econonomics of the top few percent disproportionately more than the 98%. The British political leaders make wonderful plans to win votes, the second they are in power they change their stance on 'economic' grounds. Free trade is brilliant for the countries with vast resources that can supply the worlds demands, the UK is living in the past, still thinking it is in it's colonial days with money coming in from all corners of the world. It's being run by people with no grasp of spending and has a huge debt issue that will be a stranglehold on growth for many decades, either that or it will collapse at some stage. Bulgaria doesn't need to be concerned with British problems, it's got its own identity to care about.

joppy - 13 Dec 2013 // 19:51:11

@seedy "Most of the Bulgarians I know" in that single phrase you implied you are not Bulgarian, so do us all a favor and speak for yourself, stop pretending you know what "most of us" would prefer, because you clearly don't.

If anyone I would say it is the Western Europeans and the EU which is screwing them overly. If it weren't for the "Ruskies" Bulgaria wouldn't exist as an independent country today.

There are many similarities, both are Orthodox countries and have different values from the Protestant/Catholic West. There cultures are also similar, the language is actually the smallest similarity. It is unfortunate that both have Mafia governments.

Seedy - 13 Dec 2013 // 19:04:37

Most of the Bulgarians I know would rather boil their heads than have anything to do with the untrustworthy Russkis who screwed them over so royally. Apart from the linguistic "link" and the fact that both countries are currently run by the mafia there ARE no similarities....

joppy - 13 Dec 2013 // 18:59:01

@Hairydave - Unfortunately true democracy does not exist, the only system which exists is many parties, "one mafia behind all" system. One party can promise one thing but when they get into office they do the complete opposite, as is the case with so called "socialists" which are currently in power. In a true democratic system, the country is ruled by the people not by representative who throw promises around but all serve the interests of one mafia.

There are more reasons I would want closer relations with Russia. One is the linguistic and cultural connection, Russians have always been regarded as brothers that we can trust, the exact opposite can be said for Western Europe and America. First of all it was Russia which helped liberate us from the Ottoman Empire whereas Western Europe was on the same side as the Ottoman Empire and actually gave it support, prolonging its existence. Granted we weren't in good shape during communism and the cold war, though we weren't as oppressed as Ukrainians or Georgians might have been, but currently we are in worse shape. The current government can be viewed as a puppet government of the EU, it does whatever the EU tells it to, and you don't here the EU throwing as much criticism at it as much as it does with the governments of Ukraine or Russia.

You might have misunderstood me, I did not say become a part of Russia, I meant seek closer relations. Both Russia and the EU are bad, but at least if we have close relations with Russia, Turkey won't be a military threat and we won't be freezing in the winter since only Russia can offer us cheaply accessible gas whereas the EU offers us Shale gas which we have to damage the environment to extract. And on top of that more energy is required to extract the gas than the energy you get out of it, completely inefficient.

Hairydave - 13 Dec 2013 // 03:22:25

@Joppy - Such is your democratic right. I think it would be misguided to go for closer ties to a country that is less interested in democracy than the EU (which is pretty poor at it, but mostly ineffectively well intentioned), is on the verge of an economic collapse (Russia is an oil price dependent economy, the EU has problems, Russia's are worse) and that would, in my opinion, over the long term seek to dismantle all democratic institutions within Bg and support a puppet government. Press freedom is already very threatened in Bg, I see Russian influence making these things worse. I also think closer ties to Russia would deepen the already catastrophic corruption within government.

I'm not a huge fan of the EU, but it has its uses should you play the game well.

Irlandets - 12 Dec 2013 // 21:51:27

Rpx.... this is wrong.

Bulgarian women are hot, so hot and sexy.

joppy - 12 Dec 2013 // 21:47:46

@HairyDave I don't vote for Attaka because I know they are no better than any other party in Bulgaria. I would vote for any party which would take us out the EU, and follow closer relations with Russia.

rpzx10 - 12 Dec 2013 // 19:26:23

oliver the Tramp.
You are right.
The British really love greedy woman with moustaches, hairy nipples and hairy legs you could make a coat out of . :)
OOPPSS sorry I am talking of Bulgarian s.

Oliver the tramp - 12 Dec 2013 // 03:15:47

I thought the EU was one big happy country. Everyone is welcome everywhere and money is free. Looks like England has no problem with Muslim's, but when it comes to the Eastern bloc peoples they freak out. I think this is because all the ugly English women are jealous of the hot and horny Bulgarians and Romanians.

Hairydave - 12 Dec 2013 // 03:01:03

Joppy - Britain is up for sale, our utilities are mostly owned by foreigners, our ports and airports are, our industrial base (such as it is) is mainly owned by outside investors. Our assets are largely foreign owned, it's not a problem.

The sad truth is, if you ever elect nationalists like Ataka you condemn your country to an existence on the sidelines of the world, and the poverty that is there now will worsen and worsen. Read the history books, free trade makes people richer. Engage, don't withdraw.

As for the idiotic incomprehensibly muddled position of the British government - you make a fair point.

ttttt - 12 Dec 2013 // 02:33:12

I agree it's stupid to protest in uk against the britons - those stupid bulgarians should come back. And protest here and help the country. I am sure the protest will be re-ignited next March when the weather is better. Currently the protest stalled due to low temperatures and lack of alternative in bulgaria. It's interesting what will happen next year: are bulgarians goign to immigrate or not? How will the current government survive when they aren't THAT better than gerb? we'll see.

Optimistic - 11 Dec 2013 // 18:53:04

Bravo Joppy it is great to see a Bulgarian Nationalist posting on this forum.

joppy - 11 Dec 2013 // 17:51:16

@rpzx10 I completely agree you cannot have one law for one group of states such as Germany, France and the UK who somehow have this privilege to own their own assets and keep their own production whereas states like Bulgaria, Romania have to sell their entire industrial base to the UK, France and Germany.

That's why I would vote for Attacka, and I would also vote for Yanukovich and the Customs Union, the EU exploits its weaker members and doesn't even have an ounce of respect, in-fact it pretends it's doing them a great favor when the reality is that Romania and Bulgaria's poverty is a direct result of the EU, when Western Europe lost it's African colonies it needed to find new colonies because that's how Western Europe works by stealing from others to make itself rich and hence it redirected it's attention to Eastern Europe.

Of course Bulgaria for the Bulgarians, Africa for the native Africans, America for the native Americans, Asia for the Asians, Falkland Islands for the native Falkland Islanders Argentinians. You cannot tell people don't come to the UK when the British are all over the world.

rpzx10 - 11 Dec 2013 // 14:29:47

If you go to the UK for work , WHY would you need to claim off the STATE?
Maybe if Bulgarians allowed people from the EU to buy land something might change.
You can not have one law for one and another law for others.
So take heed.
You can not give then you do not get given .
I say vote ATTACKA.
And stay there.

CavidDameron - 11 Dec 2013 // 08:32:29

Pure rubbish from the sh.t for brains running the UK - they are dominated by their own fears.
UK is a trap anyways - go there if you want to be undervalued and stripped of your roots and culture.

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