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Bulgaria Mulls Setting Up Agency to Restrict Land Use by Foreigners

Business | December 7, 2013, Saturday // 17:22| Views: 1623 | Comments: 18
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Bulgaria may set up an agency or commission to impose restrictive measures on land use by foreigners, according to Agriculture Minister Dimitar Grekov.

In a Saturday interview for Darik radio, he explained that one of the conditions would be to offer the land to Bulgarian producers first.

He claimed that such practices were applied in countries like Denmark and Hungary, adding that the rules would be drafted so as to not contradict EU law.

Grekov pointed out that foreigners would have to prove that they had spent a certain period of time in Bulgaria and that they had cultivated land in the country over the past few years.

He suggested that foreigners were not that interested in buying land in Bulgaria but in renting it, illustrating his point with recent talks with representatives of a delegation from Pakistan.

He pointed out that by end-2013 Bulgaria's Parliament was to vote on legal amendments stipulating that owners of pastures, grassland, and common land would not be entitled to EU aid unless they were involved in livestock rearing.

Grekov informed that there were cases of land owners living in big cities and receiving subsidies without cultivating the land or rearing animals.

He made clear that encouraging livestock rearing would be a priority sphere during the next EU programming period (2014-2020).

Grekov emphasized that the different spheres of agriculture were not to be pitted against each other, adding that the aim was to help small farmers expand their production.

He said that Bulgaria intended to start paying subsides depending on the size of the land plot, stressing ones of up to 30 hectares, in a bid to encourage small farmers to develop their production.

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joppy - 12 Dec 2013 // 22:03:31

@rpzx10 Then why are you here, now go and worship that royal baby, 95% of your tax goes to it's family anyway.

joppy - 12 Dec 2013 // 21:59:29

I don't know what nerves you are touching, you slitting your wrists or something, we're not interested in your emo outbursts.

"I completely agree with Wealth Equality. But you have to work for it . You do not get something for nothing." - Funny a couple of years back I heard the Greeks, Portuguese and Italians saying the same phrase, now when they are in the same situation of having there wealth stolen and being exploited I don't here them saying "we are lazy, we expect something for free without work" don't worry Britain is heading in the same direction with the second largest debt in the world.

Those which don't work are those which prefer to create empires, which go around the globe oppressing and exploiting people, prefer to take their wealth instead of creating something on there own. That's the Western way (colonialism) its why Western countries are failing, empires always collapse, colonies attain their freedom eventually and when there is no more wealth to steal. That's why the EU is so desperate for Ukraine because it has already stolen all the wealth it can from it's own member states and needs a new member to be added to the pyramid scheme.

rpzx10 - 12 Dec 2013 // 19:32:24

What Cr@p.
The more I read here .
I can not be bothered answering there is only so much stupidity you can take.

rpzx10 - 12 Dec 2013 // 19:19:07

I completly agree with Wealth Equality.
But you have to work for it .
You do not get something for nothing.

rpzx10 - 12 Dec 2013 // 19:07:26

I never really thought I would provoke such feeling.
I must have touched a nerve.
And if you touch a nerve that means you are close.

Agent Piccadilly - 12 Dec 2013 // 07:58:20

Joppy "We are being corrupted by the greedy, materialistic, resource-hungry, unsustainable Western culture. It starts with making a country poor, since poor people are easy to brainwash when all they see is poverty and excessive wealth, this toxic culture spreads like cancer. After it has a grip in the country it is very hard to get rid of and the people are easy to manipulate. The only cure is wealth equality."

You are 100% correct. This is why we should support the current regime who are turning their backs on the decadent West and once again embracing socialism so that Bulgaria can return to being an egalitarian state, where everyone is treated equally, poverty is non-existent and corruption is driven out of society.

joppy - 11 Dec 2013 // 23:47:36

Of course the mentality is changing. We are being corrupted by the greedy, materialistic, resource-hungry, unsustainable Western culture. It starts with making a country poor, since poor people are easy to brainwash when all they see is poverty and excessive wealth, this toxic culture spreads like cancer. After it has a grip in the country it is very hard to get rid of and the people are easy to manipulate. The only cure is wealth equality.

joppy - 11 Dec 2013 // 23:39:51

@gpzx10 I see you have a complex, you're a failure in life, you feel bad about yourself so you have the need to insult others to feel good about yourself.

I can assure you Russia and Bulgaria have plenty of toilets LOL, and sorry to break it to you but Bulgaria's roads are still crappy, in-fact crappier than 10 years ago because they haven't been maintained since then, prosperous EU dream with funds from UK tax payers uh?

Don't worry about the cars, you westerners will never understand us easterners. A westerner's happiness is based on how many possessions he/she has, how many gold toilet seats there are in his/her mansion, how many diamonds does the decor consist of, how many "prestige" brands they wear, how fast your car can travel (never understood why you would need a car with max speed 220 km/h when the speed limit is 100 km/h pretty pointless), how much is in your savings account etc. it's all about having this, having that, showing off social status, and feeding your ego, unfortunately enough is never enough and you always need to own something new to make you happy, that's the problem with a possession-based happiness lifestyle. I for one do not care if I drive a Lada, as long as it works. If there is an efficient, effective public transport system which can get me from my home to work I wouldn't even care to own a car, for me the vehicle isn't of uttermost importance, I don't have to show off to my friends that I am also rich, I won't get laughed at, or looked down upon if I don't have as much as they have. You don't understand this mentality because you are born believing money is everything and of uttermost importance.

As for the contamination in Shabla, you should be ashamed of that, this is your EU and it has failed to protect land which it is supposed to protect. The commie government did a better job, than this ever so prosperous EU - world's richest and most developed region. Remember you are part of the EU, so is Bulgaria and when people look at the poverty of Bulgaria they will look to the organization to which the country surrendered its sovereignty to.

I agree Bulgaria for Bulgarians but like you said, you cannot have one law for one group and not for everyone else, so in order to be fair I have to say Britain for the British and stay in it, no Americas, no Falkland Islands, no Australia, no New Zealand and no South Africa, the natives of those countries didn't exactly ask for the British to come to their lands, just like you didn't ask for Bulgarians, or didn't you since Cameron seems to be begging for a flood of Ukrainian migrants to go to the UK "join EU Ukraine, join EU", probably in the few years it will be the same story "no no no don't come to Britain, no no no".

What you doing here anyway. Don't you have a queen and a royal baby to kneel before?

Yane - 11 Dec 2013 // 23:12:24

rpzx10, seedy or some other idiot (like time warp from the 1980's propaganda), you are trying too hard.

Never go full retard, you just went full retard.


Optimistic - 11 Dec 2013 // 22:25:45

This topic is getting negative.

A little song from Paul McCartney that some people will like :-)

Have fun!

rpzx10 - 11 Dec 2013 // 20:10:52

I completly agree with the people who say that Bulgaria should go back to Russia.
Go back to shi**ing in holes in the ground having crappy roads like they had 10 years ago .
Driving ladas (with JERKOV carbs) and waiting 10 years for one.
Fridges that break down and not being allowed to live in attics.
Eating Banistsa with no real cheese in it .

As for land maybe they should look at the Shabla Region which is supposed to be protected.
A place called Durankalak (Bog of Eagles) which has little wildlife no rabbits, no hares, few inscescts and few birds.
Due to the amount chemicals they throw on the ground.
3 airplanes of bi plane type cover the land in chemicals .
The water table is ruined and they wonder why they have problems with bones and teeth.

If you want to see a Red Breasted Goose go the Golden Fish (if you like deep fried food and soup made from scraps from leftovers of customers) then you can see a stuffed one .
Bulgaria for Bulgarians and keep them in it ;)

joppy - 11 Dec 2013 // 19:40:36

@madoods And the EU will make sure that happens, that's why Bulgaria needs to leave and rejoin Russia.

madoods - 11 Dec 2013 // 18:41:49

It is not other EU countries buying land here that Bulgaria needs to worry about. Some Asian countries have devastated their own land and now need somewhere else to grow food for their burgeoning populations. And when they have devastated Bulgaria they will move on to the next country

joppy - 11 Dec 2013 // 18:03:40

@Pessimistic No the truth is we are not delusional, we know what the true intention of the EU is. And we know who our true friend is, and it's your biggest nightmare and enemy Russia, that's why you are so desperate to pull Ukraine in because you know if Ukraine joins Russia, so will we, so will Romania, so will Moldova, so will Serbia, so will Greece and then Russia has a boundary on the Mediterranean, your biggest fear that's why you tried to stop that by giving Eastern Thrace to Turkey, and creating the fake Yugoslav state.

Bulgarians have created numerous products and you are using one right now, it is called the computer. Damm sometimes I just feel happy that your ass is getting kicked in South Africa, soon all whites will be expelled.

greenleader - 9 Dec 2013 // 10:09:45

This to me sounds like a brilliant plan, Bravo Minister! Why should folk who sit on fat asses in offices in towns & cities get money if the land they own is left fallow. To get money you have to work.

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