Matriarchy is Back, Indeed

Letters to the Editor | December 17, 2012, Monday // 08:21| Views: 6096 | Comments: 0
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Ms Hristova,

I live in the USA and just came across your article "Matriarchy is back, kind of". Please accept my compliments on it.

Like the couples you describe, my wife Carol and I are in a "matriarchy" where she works and I'm at home, raising our children. We are both very happy.

We made a conscious decision that Carol will be the primary breadwinner and I will be the at home parent. We have been married for two years, have a 2 year old son and an infant daughter. My wife is a lawyer and I used to work (part time) at a bank. I just quit my job to stay home full time when our daughter was born.

Although we are reversing the traditional roles, we are actually traditional people. We plan to have a large family (four kids, God willing), and are big believers that it's best to have a parent at home, and that it is impossible to be good parents if both spouses have 80 hr/week jobs.

I am just fine that she brings home the bacon. I do all the work around the house and keep the house very clean.

All the best,

Mark Tyler

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