Bulgarian Man Sets Himself on Fire over Turkish-Language News on National TV

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Bulgaria: Bulgarian Man Sets Himself on Fire over Turkish-Language News on National TV Only Markov's coat caught fire initially which allowed the policemen on duty to save him really quickly by pull it off. Photo by Bulphoto

Rosen Markov, the eccentric leader of the “Party of Bulgarian Men” set himself on fire Tuesday night in front of the Bulgarian National TV in protest against the broadcasting of news in the Turkish language.

Markov, who is a native of Varna and is known for his weird and unconventional public initiatives, set a table on the San Stefanov street earlier on Tuesday with a banner saying, “No to the news in Turkish on the BNT. They are an outrage. Who needs them?”

At one point in the evening, the man just set himself on fire in front of the main entrance of the state-owned TV station.

He was saved by the policemen on duty who took off his coat immediately and put it off with a fire extinguisher. After the incident, the man returned to his table.

For one week in August 2009, Markov collected 20 000 signatures in the city of Varna against the broadcasting of news in Turkish on the Bulgarian National TV.

The ten-minute afternoon broadcast of news in Turkish on the Bulgarian National TV was introduced by the UDF government of PM Ivan Kostov in the late 1990s. It usually follows the Bulgarian-language news at 4 pm every week-day afternoon.

The broadcast is a courtesy to the ethnic Turkish minority in Bulgaria but has been violently opposed by nationalists over the years, many of whom even claim the Bulgarian Turks don’t understand the literary Turkish language spoken in the broadcast.

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FIGMENT - 16 Nov 2009 // 13:41:56


"Bulgaria would do better to apply the European Human Rights Charta, otherwise it will be very soon in the same category like Belarus, with all the negative implications this will have for the citizens of Bulgaria."

Bulgaria doesn't give a shite. Laws are merely suggestions in Bulgaria and rules are made to be broken. Bulgaria lost millions of euros of farm subsidies because of the corrupt Turkish agriculture minister and all the corrupt Turkish farmers. Bulgaria has nothing left to lose. A swift and powerful kick in the Turkish arse would be much more useful and satisfying at this time. Let the idiot Germans coddle the Turks and the Arabs and build them mosques. hehe

Bill - 16 Nov 2009 // 06:54:10


Nothing like getting up on the morning and reading Nellie/Figment (and whoever else's) wallpaper. I suppose every newcomer to this forum has to meet her in his own way, and Lawyer1 is getting his introduction. He'll soon learn, I imagine, how impossible it is to conduct reasonable discussion on this forum.

I was surprised, however, to see that I had to go down a page to get to my last post, which "Fig" hasn't answered at all, much less with any reasonable explanation.

I see that "pantudi" is logged on, too, so that means nothing worth reading from the "home front". Time to go back to bed!

DrFaust - 16 Nov 2009 // 06:31:16


I agree 100% with your statement regarding the use of the Turkish language. It has without doubt the status of a minority language and is as such under the special protection of relevant European laws.

As for Nazinulla/Figment: she is just a pathetic racist, the scum of the earth. No need to pay attention to her insults. They are the expression of a demented mind.

One small clarification I would like to make: although in the Lisbon Treaty a Charter of Fundamental Human Rights will be included, it is not yet valid. Human Rights are protected in Europe mainly by the Council of Europe, not by the European Union so far. In the European Convention of Human Rights (signed and ratified by Bulgaria which is also a member state of the Council of Europe) there is a chapter on minority languages which make it completely clear that the Turkish language must be recognized as a minority language by Bulgaria, and this includes also the right for acces to media (printed, audiovisual, electronic) for the minority language.

Recently a law of the Slowak Republic banning Hungarian language has come to the attention not only of the EU but also to the Council of Europe. Individuals who feel discriminated can appeal to the European Court for Human Rights in Strasburg which has decided in many similar cases in favour of the protection of the rights of ethnic minorities. Bulgaria would do better to apply the European Human Rights Charta, otherwise it will be very soon in the same category like Belarus, with all the negative implications this will have for the citizens of Bulgaria.

FIGMENT - 16 Nov 2009 // 04:18:47


I doubt you are a lawyer. If you were, you would KNOW that there are NO EU laws that require Bulgaria to do ANYTHING in the Turkish language. And it is not illegal not to want to pollute your country with Turkish language and Turkish vermin. Piss off, Turkey boy!

Lawyer1 - 16 Nov 2009 // 01:22:24

People who tend to think of themselves as ethnic minority haters, before they write anything they should remind the Law above and then think twice before writing in forums.
I hope "individs" such as Figment can relax now and enjoy the cool weather outside instead of writing rubbish here on the forum.
By the way go and also read the Bulgarian Constitution which is the "Holy Grail" of the Bulgarian Law, it also says a lot in there.
Figment, Turkey is one of the major exporters of figs in the World, I bet you love eating Turkish FIGS!
And last but not least importantly, the person setting himself on fire, because of the short 10 min Turkish News on the TV (!!!) has to be checked for psychological disorders, because whatever he obviously seems to have done is surely against any logic of a healthy person who has not lost their thinking abilities.

Lawyer1 - 16 Nov 2009 // 01:20:40

Figment you are a rather a Faggot-ment! Don’t you consider changing your nick as the later would probably suit you best?! You are so limited in terms of knowing your bordering neighbours, it is INCREDIBLE! Why don't you do yourself a favour and get yourself a ticket and go to see what it is like in Turkey? That's the best you can do to overcome your limited knowledge on Turkey, and gain a little bit of knowledge on the country and the culture you tend to stain with your poor opinion due to your very limited knowledge and possibly thinking skills. You are so limited in the knowledge of your bordering neighbours, that you even do not know that The Republic of Turkey is a Secular State. Take some time to study and don’t waste your time to write here on a subject you done have a clue on - you are simply making a fun of yourself and in the eyes of the intellectuals reading your stupidity you are becoming an embodiment of the small group of disorientated representatives of a pity idiocy!
I would like to remind to all of you that Bulgaria is a member of the European union and therefore the legal system of Bulgaria and the citizens living in Bulgaria are bound to obey irrevocably the EU Human Rights Articles, if there are people who STILL don’t know this, they should be made aware and informed of this very important Supreme Law, it is supreme over the domestic Bulgarian laws until Bulgaria stays a member of the European Union.
This translated in simple language means that disseminating ethnical hatred against any ethnical groups (including Turkish Ethnic Group) are prevented by the EU LAWS. Anyone, if found to be allegedly doing any activities against the EU Laws if prosecuted, would be successfully sanctioned and penalised according to the EU LAWS.
Disseminating of ethnical hatred is prohibited in Bulgaria. Discrimination and/or inciting hatred against any ethnic groups (Turkish, Rome, etc.) living in Bulgaria is unlawful and may lead to serious legal punishment. People belonging to Ethnic Minorities have and enjoys equal rights just as any other Bulgarian citizen enjoys - rights including watching TV in their own language, establishing a TV or Radio channel in their own language, forming a political party and becoming an MP or PM, absolutely any rights that a Bulgarian citizen can enjoy.

FIGMENT - 13 Nov 2009 // 01:05:42


" Stop posting this stuff. We don't need sex education."

Which stuff? You mean the photo of viking doing Mrs. viking?


Bill - 13 Nov 2009 // 00:46:42


Go back to the article on Novinite that Kivanc Tatlitug was coming to Bulgaria. I'd never heard of him, so I went googling. I found a very handsome young man who has won the Model of the Year award, almost became a professional basketball player, and has done modelling work. He has branched off into acting, and is the heartthrob of the muslim world. They call him the Middle East's Brad Pitt. He may well be the reason for the popularity of the Turkish soaps.

FIGMENT - 13 Nov 2009 // 00:41:02

What can be so entertaining about Turkish soap operas? Are Muslims even allowed to show women on TV? Or is it because their vulgar smut can't be shown on Turkish TV because it is too provocative, so they are selling it to Bulgarian TV? Fcuking Turkish swindlers. I'd like to see them to try to sell their smut to Saudi TV or Iranian TV.

jingsmaboab - 13 Nov 2009 // 00:31:58

DP has it right.

Check this article in Vagabond:

Soaps from the Bosporus have captivated Bulgarian audiences much more than their Venezuelan and Brazilian predecessors
Issue 38, November 2009
by Christopher Buxton*

Bulgarian pensioners in their thousands have become glued to Turkish soap operas and numerous travel firms (presumably unregistered) now offer trips to the colourful locations and sets where these passionate stories are filmed. Each advertisement, of course, hints at the chance of meeting the stars in the flesh.

It's enough to make Ataka leader Volen Siderov require new teeth to gnash. Just as he had established in his recent election campaign that Bulgarian grannies love him, he finds himself forsaken and forlorn. As he jumps up and demands public apologies and financial reparation for the 500 year "Turkish Slavery," so he finds his very supporters have embraced a new slavery, as they sit engrossed in the latest twists and turns of the Turkish plot."

Continues at:

DP - 12 Nov 2009 // 22:13:41

“Nit it in the bud before it is too late, including fire that Turkish imbecile Rashidov.”


Don’t blame Mr.Rashidov. Bulgarians are already going crazy watching Turkish TV. In particular one soap --I forget the title. This summer, every evening at 8 o’clock PM the village used to clear off of all signs of human existence. All were glued to their TV-- including men. Some even would postpone their visit to the pub and risk missing it altogether cause the guy started closing at 8PM to go home 45 km away –probably to watch the soap.

It was very detrimental to our social life. We felt so lonely... They should change the schedule so people could get it over by suppertime and go for a walk while there is still light. No wonder they are getting fat.
Leave Mr. Rashidov alone.

Stop posting this stuff. We don't need sex education.

FIGMENT - 12 Nov 2009 // 20:18:26

Markov is right, of course, but setting himself on fire is not punitive to the TV station or to the Turkish vermin. He should bomb a mosque or an Islamic school where they teach future little jihadists. The schools are to blame for not teaching the little Turkish heathen the Bulgarian language. Also the schools are dangerous breeding grounds of Islamo-Fascists. And then the dumb idiot Boyko is at fault for appointing a Turkish minister of culture. Before you know it, all Bulgarian culture, literature, TV programs, films, poetry and fiction will be in Turkish. Nit it in the bud before it is too late, including fire that Turkish imbecile Rashidov.

CIAwhores - 12 Nov 2009 // 19:53:52

Balkan Idiocy....maybe Bulgarians should me more concerned about the arrival of US nuclear weapons on their territory...

Richie - 10 Nov 2009 // 18:13:42

the Turkish-speaking minority is about 10%, isn't it? So they pay about 10% of the taxes collected in Bulgaria, and therefore about 10% of BNT's budget. So it would be fair if about 10% of the broadcast time would be in Turkish. 50 min per week hardly seems enough.

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