Top 10 News for the Last 2 Weeks

Rally Driver Dies, Co-Driver Injured after Heavy Crash Near Bulgaria's Tvarditsa

Driver Todor Slavov died after suffering a heavy car crash at a rally racing, which was taking place near the Bulgarian town of Tvarditsa over the weekend.

Society » Incidents | June 28, 2015, Sunday // 13:32

Vasil Bozhkov Takes Over Bulgaria's CSKA Football Club Again

CSKA, until recently one of Bulgaria's top football teams, will not be part of A Regional Football Group, businessman Vasil Bozhkov has said.

Sports | June 20, 2015, Saturday // 17:15

Bulgaria Defeats Poland 3-2, Proceeds to Final of Men's Volleyball in Baku

The Bulgarian men's national volleyball team proceeded to the final of the First European Games, which are taking place in Baku.

Sports | June 26, 2015, Friday // 17:34

Red Sea Marvels Help Egypt’s Tourism Set Eyes on Strong Recovery

“How was Egypt? Did you see the Pyramids?” This is the first question any visitor to the Northern African country would normally hear upon arrival at the airport of their respective hometown.

Novinite Insider » Special Report | June 23, 2015, Tuesday // 11:09

NY Times: Bulgaria Fears Spillover of Greece Baking Trouble

Bulgaria "has found itself under unwelcome scrutiny from financial experts and Western banks worried that Greece’s troubles could spread havoc farther afield," the New York Times writes in an article on Bulgaria.

Views on BG | June 26, 2015, Friday // 13:54

Bulgaria to Host 155-Strong US Marine Corps

A US Marine Crops unit will be deployed to Bulgaria this autumn, AP wrote late Thursday.

Politics » Defense | June 26, 2015, Friday // 09:45

Bulgarian President, FM Condemn Terrorist Attacks in France, Tunisia, Kuwait

Bulgarian President Rosen Plevneliev and Foreign Minister Daniel Mitov condemned the three terrorist attacks, which took place in France, Tunisia and Kuwait on Friday.

Politics » Diplomacy | June 26, 2015, Friday // 19:14

UK, Germany Back Exemption for Bulgaria from EU’s Refugee Resettlement Scheme - PM

The UK and Germany back Bulgaria’s request for an exemption from the EU's refugee resettlement scheme for 40 000 refugees now in Italy and Greece, according to Prime Minister Boyko Borisov.

Business | June 26, 2015, Friday // 15:51

Russia Does U-Turn on Ukraine Gas Transit

Russian President Vladimir Putin has demanded the beginning of talks over the continuation of gas transit via Ukraine after 2019, Gazprom CEO Alexey Miller has said.

Business » Energy | June 27, 2015, Saturday // 15:45

Twisted Sister, Within Temptation to Headline Tenth Anniversary of Kavarna Rock

The tenth edition of the largest rock festival in Bulgaria - Kavarna Rock will take place between June 26 and 28 with Twisted Sister and Within Temptation being the headliners of the music event.

Society » Culture | June 25, 2015, Thursday // 21:05