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Commenting article: Turkish National with Fake Bulgarian ID Fleeces UK Casinos

Bill - 7 Nov 2009 // 18:35:24


Been cutting and pasting again, trying to make us know you know something. Doesn't work.

By the way, you'll be delighted to know that in Cologne today the cornerstone was laid for a new mosque which will be used by the muslim ethnic groups of the city, who all contributed to its construction.

I think your whole problem lies in the fact that no one wants to integrate into your community.

Bill - 7 Nov 2009 // 18:31:05


I was lucky. I wasn't in the shooting war. I never had a ship shot out from under me, but I had a lot of senior shipmates who had. I found them extremely reluctant to talk about it at all, and I honored their feelings. One of them was a submariner who had survived several depth charge attacks.

Absolutely none of them was as vehemently hateful towards people who at the time were "the enemy". Nellie's unique--I hope.

FIGMENT - 7 Nov 2009 // 18:28:07


It takes a Muslim to make a Mormon look good.

Muslims declared Jihad worldwide, but every Muslim is playing by different rules. One is using guns and bombs, another is using words and lies to increase the numbers of Muslims worldwide. The method makes no difference; they are both sincere Muslims and it is one Jihad according to the Quran--Jihad against the enemies of Allah who resist the spread of Islam worldwide.

What amazes me is that these people hung the American flag over their centers, schools, mosques and Islamic institutes. They posted signs saying, “God Bless America” or “United We Stand.” In the meantime, their fellow Muslims in the Middle East were burning American flags and posting signs supporting bin Laden and his act of terrorism on America. They will lie and say things they do not believe at any moment as long as doing so would help Islam. Their loyalty is to Islam, not to the nation where they are living.

Here are a few of the verses:

Only those Jews and Christians who convert to Islam will be rewarded with heaven Surah 2:62

Allah turned the Sabbath-breaking Jews into apes Surah 2:65-66

Fight them until “religion is for Allah” Surah 2:193

Don’t believe anyone who is not a Muslim Surah3-73

Don’t be friends with non-Muslims. They all hate you and want to ruin you Surah 3:118

Jews and Christians believe in idols and false deities, yet they claim to be more rightly guided than Muslims Surah 4:51

“Those (Christians and Jews) are they whom Allah has cursed.” Surah 4:52

Those who refuse to follow Muhammad, follow false gods and are deceived by Satan Surah 4:60

Oppose and admonish those who refuse to follow Muhammad Surah 4:63

The Hypocrites refuse to die for Allah and Muhammad Surah 4:66

Allah will bestow a vast reward on those who fight in religious wars Surah 4:74

Believers fight for Allah; disbelievers fight for the devil. So fight the minions of the devil Surah 4:76

Have no unbelieving friends. Kill the unbelievers wherever you find them Surah 4:89

Allah has stirred up enmity an hatred among Christians Surah 5:14

Christians are disbelievers for believing in the divinity of Christ Surah 5:17

Cut off the hands of thieves. It is an exemplary punishment from Allah Surah 5:38

Don’t take Jews or Christians for friends. If you do, then Allah will consider you to be one of them Surah 5:51

Jews and Christians are losers Surah 5:53

Evil is the handiwork of the rabbis and priests Surah 5:63

Christians are wrong about the Trinity. For that they will have a painful doom.
Surah 5:73

Those who deny the truth of Islam will be punished by Allah Surah 6:5

Stay away from those who “meddle with” or mock the Quran. Surah 6:68

Allah has made devils the protecting friends of disbelievers. Surah 7:27

Allah forbids beliefs that he hasn’t revealed (all non muslim beliefs). Surah 7:33

Allah will destroy non-muslim cultures Surah7:138-9

DrFaust - 7 Nov 2009 // 18:25:04


I have come across a few people who really had survived extremely traumatic situations in their lives. Although all of them suffered from it for the rest of their lives, none of them was full of hatred. That's why I don't believe a thing of this story. All seen in TV by her, and now she is fantasizing herself being a victim.

Bill - 7 Nov 2009 // 18:20:04


I noticed that a few days ago, but chose not to comment. She actually wants us to believe she had an office in the World Trade Center? She's too dumb to be an inter-office messenger, so perhaps it was on the cleaning staff somewhere. Juding from the muck she serves up on this forum, I wouldn't trust her anywhere near the coffee maker!

DrFaust - 7 Nov 2009 // 18:15:01


I am still waiting for her tearful story on 'How the Mormons bombed my junkyard', and that she has her ill feelings against your religion from another personal trauma. And what the gypsies, blacks, and I don't know what groups she is full of hatred? No, I don't buy this 9/11 story...just another lie of someone who is a notorious liar.

Bill - 7 Nov 2009 // 18:09:43


Why don't you find another subject to bitch about? You obviously are somewhat ignorant about religion, especially your own. It's a life of hate-spewing, doing everything you can to be annoying, and you have the nerve to call yourself a Christian?

By the way, you should be gratefjul. I came to your defense yesterday! I was told that you wren't fit to sleep with the hogs, and I said you were.

FIGMENT - 7 Nov 2009 // 18:02:26


The Quran is the primary manual of Islamic suicide terrorism. That's what I hate about Islam, and anyone who tells you Islam is a "peaceful" religion is lying to you, because you are a kaffir(unbeleiver) and lying to unbelievers is a good thing sanctioned by the Quran. I think in 21st century world there is no room for screw ball Islamists and nut jobs who sanction terrorism against unbelievers.

FIGMENT - 7 Nov 2009 // 17:54:33


You are as fake as a three-dollar bill. hehe

FIGMENT - 7 Nov 2009 // 17:52:49


" What Figment was doing, is first blaming one's clothes and extending this to each and every person wearing similar clothes."

It is not about the clothes that Muslims wear, although they do look pretty funny. It is very entertaining to see grown men wearing dresses and banging their heads on the ground five times each day.

What I hate about Islam is that it preaches terror to infidels. It commands Muslims to terrorize the unbelievers. It also teaches that Muslims are justified to lie to unbelievers. Lie, terrorize, kill.....all in the name of the Lord?!? It is a stupid, violent cult instigated by an ignorant screw ball calling himself a prophet. Prophet, my arse. A crazy psycho, more like it. And all these dumb and ignorant peasants believing his lies. What a bunch of morons! You are a Muslim? Then you are a moron.

Bill - 7 Nov 2009 // 17:49:03

Get off it, Nellie! I KNOW your opinion. I don't need a few thousand reminders.

FIGMENT - 7 Nov 2009 // 17:39:35


" Any religion is better if it's worn in the heart as well."

Gee, I hope you don't feel in your heart that Joseph Smith is true, because it would mean your heart as well as your mind is fcuked up.

FIGMENT - 7 Nov 2009 // 17:26:38


I can see why ignorant men would find Islam attractive--four wives, divorce by e-mail, virgins waiting in Muslim heaven. For the life of me I don't know why any woman would be a Muslim or raise her children as Muslims. It is the most destructive to women cult ever invented. So, in addition to hating Islam for being based on ignorance and stupidity, as a woman I find it deeply offensive and oppressive to women. You are a woman and you are a Muslim? Are you kidding me?

By the way, I did not have any negative feelings toward Muslims until 9/11 when my office was bombed and I had to walk down 72 flights of stairs wondering what is happening. Jihad constitutes at least 30% of the Muslim religion. That's what Muslims are all about, in a nutshell. And lying to kafirs that their religion is "peaceful".

FIGMENT - 7 Nov 2009 // 17:14:51


Get some education and convert to Christianity, you dumb Muslim slut. Or do you enjoy getting beaten up by your dumb relatives? I can't believe you have the nerve to come to a Bulgarian forum and admit to being a Muslim. Kakvo nahalstvo!!!!! I bet you don't even speak Bulgarian, you miserable vermin!

FIGMENT - 7 Nov 2009 // 17:12:02


" I cannot a consider a person who is seriously advocating the extermination of people belonging to other races or religions as a human being any longer."

Congratulations! You just labeled all Muslims as sub-human. Muslims are the only religion advocating the extermination of kafirs on a mass scale.

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