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Commenting article: German-Bulgarian Writer Slams Election of Bokova for UNESCO Head

WickedWitch - 28 Sep 2009 // 23:04:35

Satan says watch your back because he still has your contract in his desk drawer.

WickedWitch - 28 Sep 2009 // 23:02:57


But, but, but if I were such a bore, why keep replying to me?

Satan, my fiery boyfriend, is getting jealous.

JKS - 28 Sep 2009 // 23:01:23

"Another "It's all your fault'" critic."

Another? there are more? :)

I'll drop it since you seem to be dismissing my thoughts.

I will say once more though. Entertain the idea that maybe it is...(humility is one of those characteristics that is hard to criticize (even for Harpies :)))

Bill - 28 Sep 2009 // 22:54:54


Just what I needed. Another "It's all your fault'" critic.

JKS - 28 Sep 2009 // 22:49:41

"but what they have in common (besides me) is their Bulgarian heritage."

So you are going with option one. It is not you but all Bulgarian women. OK.

"Well, why don't they show that nice side on the forum?"

They do. I have had nice conversations with all three. That could mean something.

"but I know if I leave the harpies will spend the next century celebrating their victory."

You might be surprised. After a month you might not even be mentioned I can would almost guarantee it. ( I am not sure you are as important to them as you think you are).

I think you should try and ignore someone for a month (just as an experiment) you might find it liberating :)

Bill - 28 Sep 2009 // 22:38:33


What you write looks very good in theory, but it doesn't seem to work in practice.

True, they're three different women with three different backgrounds, but what they have in common (besides me) is their Bulgarian heritage. I never had any Bulgarian co-workers, but the women I did work with didn't seem to carry the chip on their shoulder that these three do. They simply came into the organization, picthed in with the work, and we had one of the best working teams I've ever seen. We even went out to dinner together from time to time. None of them came in with a, "Hey, look, gang, see how good I am!" attitude.

So that isn't the problem. What I've experienced here is catching hell from everyone, mostly because I dare to differ with them.

When it comes to "earning" responses, I take the position that they don't appreciate being fought with their own weapons.

You're not the first one to tell me they've met some of them personally, and they're nice. Well, why don't they show that nice side on the forum? I'd be delighted to meet them if that were the case, but here on the forum they behave like harpies. What this "very nice" means to me is that when they're in front of you, they don't dare to say to your face what they say on the forum. And then they accuse me of hypocrisy.

I came onto this forum all new, amateurish and looking for information and possibly making new friends. I got shot out of that position on my very first day.

I've discussed this with other people, and they tell me this forum is the worst of the lot. They watch others. Maybe I should, too, but I know if I leave the harpies will spend the next century celebrating their victory.

JKS - 28 Sep 2009 // 22:17:33

"What I dislike about all three of you..."


WW, DP, and The Nellinator are three incredibly different women. All three of them come from different generations. They all have widely different educations as well as life experiences. They are not the same at ALL.

The fact that you find yourself on the other end of the stick from all of them has several options.

One is that ALL Bulgarian women are (fill in the negative remark) and that is why you can't jive with them. You have asserted this and I suppose it theoretically could be true :)

One other possibility is that the one thing that they all do have in common is you. Is it possible that the problem is not with all three (or more?) of them but with you?

Just entertain the possibility.

The second possibility grows exponentially (in my mind) when the fact is included that I have met one of these ladies personally and she is a wonderful human being that my whole family liked.

I am not trying to attack you. But from the sidelines many of the the things you say and the attitude that comes through "asks" for many of the responses you get. (don't start on about attacking religion, that is not what I am talking about). It seems to be obvious to others as well.

I would suggest you get introspective for a time and try and discover why you cannot see it as well.

DrFaust - 28 Sep 2009 // 22:02:39


where is your sense of humour? The sense that you pretend to have?

DP - 28 Sep 2009 // 21:58:47


The last few posts of yours are particularly dull. You seem to be running out of steam. Go and stuff yourself with some nourishment and then come back and let us start anew. Maybe, finally, you'll find your feet...Phew...

Bill - 28 Sep 2009 // 21:52:41


"you display indiscriminate rudeness beyond any justification."

I suppose what I've been reading for the last several months doesn't fall into that category? What Nellie's thrown at me and my church certainly does!!!

I did respect you at first, when the image was that of a cultured, educated woman, but when you peeled off the veneer I lost that respect.


I appreciate women who are self-sufficient. I've worked with plenty of them, and had nowhere near the trouble I run into here. It's this wall of superiority that they sit on and throw rotten eggs from which is so damned disagreeable. If they'd behave themselves like normal human beings, we'd get along, but no, they have to preach inferiority.

I've been called everything in the book on this forum, and now they complain that I don't treat them respectfully? BULLSHIT!

DP - 28 Sep 2009 // 21:45:01



DrFaust - 28 Sep 2009 // 21:41:43


must have been a miserable life, loooooooooool

DP - 28 Sep 2009 // 21:40:16

Thanks, WW. :-)

It has been the story of my

DP - 28 Sep 2009 // 21:34:36

"What I dislike about all three of you..."


There were times when you sang the praises to me, there were times when you said that Nellie and I are one and the same person, there was a time (like now) when you display indiscriminate rudeness beyond any justification.

So now you dislike me....(scratching my head).....What is next??????????

NellieotAmerica - 28 Sep 2009 // 21:33:18

Bill & Feisty

You are dumb and dumber, but thanks for playing, lamb chops!

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