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Commenting article: German-Bulgarian Writer Slams Election of Bokova for UNESCO Head

NellieotAmerica - 29 Sep 2009 // 16:51:19


" True, but as a very wise person once observed, they're only boy scouts till puberty. From then on, they're girl scouts."

HAHAHAHA! Very true. And a friend of mine said that if you have a boy, you have only one boy to worry about, but if you have a girl, you have to worry about every boy in town.

NellieotAmerica - 29 Sep 2009 // 16:47:49

Masonry is about a bunch of harmless old men playing dress-up. lol

NellieotAmerica - 29 Sep 2009 // 16:45:41


" But if you always go with google, I wonder which of the two of us is brainwashed!"

Now you are being silly. Google is the most objective, fair and balanced source there is. It gives you everything--the good, the bad and the ugly. Your mistake is you are getting your information from within the organization. The Mormon Times is hardly fair and balanced when it comes to Mormonism. It is like getting advice on what car to buy from a Ford salesman. Of course he will say Ford is the best car, as every Mormon will say that LDS is the best religion.

As for the Freemasons--that's a private club for men, not a religion. A religion assures salvation, believes in a precise theology and converts nonbelievers. Masonry does none of that. Masonry does not offer salvation, it does not have a specific theology and it does not seek converts. You can be any religion--or none. They do impose a belief in a higher power, but they don't impose a specific definition or name on a higher power. The Masons use more general terms, like Supreme Being or Great Architect of the Universe. It is refreshingly open-minded in this day and age when different cultures are killing each other over whose definition of God is better.

Bill - 29 Sep 2009 // 15:04:35


You left out the Boy Scouts."

True, but as a very wise person once observed, they're only boy scouts till puberty. From then on, they're girl scouts.

Bill - 29 Sep 2009 // 14:24:38


"You can hardly accuse me of being an original thinker."

All too true, especially when you're only looking for negative information.

Bill - 29 Sep 2009 // 14:21:42


Please get off this subject! I've been in both sides of this, but I've been inside the operation, and I see how unjust much of the criticism is. It's written either by people with no knowledge at all about it, or by dissidents who left for their own reasons.

Take that nonsense about pentagrams on the temples! Utter nonsense.

But if you always go with google, I wonder which of the two of us is brainwashed!

NellieotAmerica - 29 Sep 2009 // 14:17:20


You left out the Boy Scouts. lol

Everyone is criticizing the Mormons and the Masons, not just me. You can hardly accuse me of being an original thinker. Whatever drift I get from Google, that's where I end up going. Both of these organizations appear to have a bad reputation. I had nothing to do with that. You don't see it because you have been brainwashed and now have the Stockholm syndrome. You need to get yourself detoxified. They say it takes years to get out of Mormonism.

Bill - 29 Sep 2009 // 14:09:13


You might also consider this. You criticize the Church and the Masons, but I don't see you challenging the YMCA or YWCA. Nor the Elks, the Moose, the Lion's Club, the Rotary Club, or any of the others. Why all this schtick in our direction?

Bill - 29 Sep 2009 // 14:07:26


I still think that women have no business in men's clubs, any more than men in a women's club. What's happening is women crashing into everything they can, leaving men with almost no privacy any more. Most men wouldn't be caught dead in a women's club, so there's no correspnding rush in the other direction.

It has nothing to do with "discrimination"; it has to deal with men's right to be among themselvers once in a while. Women seem to either ignore or understimate this need.

The only time I can think of where a woman would have any business in the locker room of a men's athletic team would be if she were the employed physiotherapist of the club. There are a lot of naked men in a locker room, especially in the shower, and they have a right to privacy!

NellieotAmerica - 29 Sep 2009 // 13:49:44


The fossil a.k.a. Barnacle Bill should have joined the Free Masons, a boy's club where women are not allowed. We would have a much happier and less whiny Bill on this forum as a result. Whenever women became too upsetting for him and he got unhinged, he could go to his Masonic club and get his sanity and mental balance back. But instead he joined the Mormons, a co-ed institution with emphasis on breeding and polygamy. He fell short of their expectations by a long shot (three wives and 18 children) and that unhinged him even more.

Bill - 29 Sep 2009 // 13:24:25


You're not going to "prove" any superiority by further insult.

You have a very fertile imagination, and as--to use Nellie's phrase--"everyone knows" that bullshit is a very good fertilizer.

Besides which, disliking you very thorooughly does not make me a misogynist! There are women I like and women I don't like. I don't like ALL women just because they're women. There are men I like and men I don't like.

I'm not quite sure what the male version of whore is, but I think "call boy" is the current term.

WickedWitch - 29 Sep 2009 // 13:20:02


Fossil means that you have calcified sometime in the past century and are now just a snapshot of what used to be. "Old" is your invention, but, of course you like attributing words to people who never said them.

As I said, witch, to me is not offensive. That does not have any bearing on the fact that you consider it offensive and you call a group of women with a variety of personalities by that name. Here's your rule of thumb: before you try to be oh so clever with your transparent little pop culture references, ask yourself if you would call a male that. If the answer is no... you're showing your misogyny.

A truly well-read person would have gone for the Hekuba reference, by the way.

Bill - 29 Sep 2009 // 13:13:19


"What the fossil means is that, in addition to being wh0res, we are witches."

Old fossil? Just try to prove that isn't intended to demean or be insulting!

Witch was your own choice of nick, so you have no complaint.

Yet again snide remarks from the sideliens. Nothing contributory.

WickedWitch - 29 Sep 2009 // 12:48:16


What the fossil means is that, in addition to being wh0res, we are witches.

Which is helping his "I am not a misogynist" case so very much.

Bill - 29 Sep 2009 // 06:42:15


"By the way, when I slam your "church", don't take it personally."

I DO take it personally! VERY personally. If you don't like the Church, that's your prerogative, but this business of being a snake oil salesman, immoral founders, being a duped imbecile, is going TOO DAMNED FAR!

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