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Commenting article: German-Bulgarian Writer Slams Election of Bokova for UNESCO Head

DrFaust - 28 Sep 2009 // 16:25:21

How sick must a person be to write something like that?

NellieotAmerica - 28 Sep 2009 // 16:21:20


I would LOVE to send to the gas chamber a few hundred million militant Islamists, Arabs, Somali pirates, as well as Iranians and North Koreans. There is nothing I would love more. Nuke the pr!ks, I say! Where is David Duke when you need him? I want David Duke for president!

DrFaust - 28 Sep 2009 // 16:19:45

From the Forum Rules:

"We believe the registration will ensure wide debate and platform for opinions and serve as a preventive measure against insults, derogatory and racist remarks."

Seems the preventive measures are not working...

NellieotAmerica - 28 Sep 2009 // 16:12:02


" But someone who doesn't respect others and/or is proud to be a racist will also send others to the gas chamber when the moment comes. So, I for my part will not proceed to waste my time with this human garbage any longer."

I suppose suicide bombers and Jihadists are much more respectful of human rights than the KKK. Liberal douche bags like you is why western civilization is at the brink of collapse. We are outnumbered by the scum of the earth and the only people who complain about racism are the inferior races who are infiltrating Europe and North America. If they don't like racism, let them go back to Africa or South America or wherever the hell they come from. I am sure there is no racism there. Unless the civilized world shows some signs of racism very soon, the dumb brown population will overrun Europe and North America and that will be the end of civilization as we know it.

Bill - 28 Sep 2009 // 16:01:38


Good point. I often wonder myself why I keep on with it. They're both hard-headed and not open to any opinion other than their own, be it based on fact or otherwise. Especially when they don't know whether what they're citing is a fact at all.

DrFaust - 28 Sep 2009 // 15:58:38


up to you to proceed with your exchanges with people like WW or the klan-bitch Nellie. But someone who doesn't respect others and/or is proud to be a racist will also send others to the gas chamber when the moment comes. So, I for my part will not proceed to waste my time with this human garbage any longer.

Bill - 28 Sep 2009 // 15:53:32


"I don't respect you."

OK with me. Just don't make a never-ending show of it. Your lack of respect for almost everything except your assumed superiority is what makes a very disagreeable person out of you.

NellieotAmerica - 28 Sep 2009 // 15:52:56


For a German, you are not as smart as you imagine yourself to be. Don't believe everything you think.

I never said I am smart. You told me I am a fat, dumb American trailer park trash, and I agreed with you. What do i care if some non-existent mega-bite thinks of me?

DrFaust - 28 Sep 2009 // 15:48:07


denial? Beg your pardon but I can't call an intellectual dwarf like you smart.

Bill - 28 Sep 2009 // 15:47:04


"I pointed out that you call women who oppose your opinions prostitutes."

I'm not going to go back and research it, but I don't think you'll find anywhere in my posts that I've called ANY woman a prostitute. That's all in your HYPERSENSITIVE imagination.

And even if I had, it wouldn't be your place to "point it out". This business of needing to "point out" other people's foibles is what makes such a detestable person. You can't state a viewpoint without trying to put the other person down. You keep quiet on this forum for a long time, and then only show up when you want to criticize someone, and even then it's seldom related to the discussion.

DrFaust - 28 Sep 2009 // 15:46:09

Hi all,

look at these statements, written by the same person:

1."" so far I haven't encountered any smart women here. You and the klan-bitch are not smart and probably not even women."

HAHAHAHA! That's really funny! Of course we aren't women, silly, any more than you are a German. We are all nothing but mega-bites in cyberspace. lol"


2. "" So far in my life, I've only had contact with three Bulgarian women, and all three are hypersensitive, sharp-tongued and demeaning. And I'm not supposed to regard that as a Bulgarian characteristic?"

You just lied again. You have had extensive contact with me, WW, DP and Resi. "

Very interesting, isn't it? This from someone who pretends to be so super smart and is accusing others to lie. But hey, didn't you get it, this person is at the same a woman and no woman, interesting, isn't it? Probably the first transgender klans-wo-ooops-man in history. But fortunately a very dumb one...

WickedWitch - 28 Sep 2009 // 15:43:37


Denial is such a beautiful state. It keeps the weak-minded like you out of the way of the rest of us.

NellieotAmerica - 28 Sep 2009 // 15:42:39


What's a nice Mormon like you doing on this forum swimming with sharks? You must like getting slammed and abused. Are you a masochist? You can tell us, there is no shame in that.

WickedWitch - 28 Sep 2009 // 15:41:23


I did not take offense since your opinion does not matter to me at all. I don't respect you.

I pointed out that you call women who oppose your opinions prostitutes. It is an open view to what you are as a human and to your misogyny.

vellisis765 - 28 Sep 2009 // 15:41:06

Please take your meds before commenting here again

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