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Commenting article: Total Goofs: Bulgaria Youth Hate Books, Best Versed in Pop Folk

Kolega - 30 Aug 2007 // 22:18:09

Welcome Next!

Even the ancient Greeks were complaining about the youth of the day, so people that do that, I consider somewhat removed from books of different type - History......

The American youth I know is geeky, fearful and way too nice to even be remotely interesting to a "mutra would've been" Bulgarian, like myself.

I teach part time at an American University and the 20-somethings I see, are sadly just a bunch of deer in the headlights, with nowhere near the trouble-making streak or sex-appeal, that I see and like in BG youth.....
(unless of course we are talking about some undateable Asian dude who shoots up the place..)

Devil's Advocate - 30 Aug 2007 // 22:18:01

Don't let the opinions of two disgruntled (and bigoted) ex-pats bother you. Bill is 100ish and lives a bitter lonely life in Germany as a Mormon ex pat who hates women, especially younger women. George lives somewhere in N. America and really does not have a clue about what is going on in his country of BG, because he has been gone for so long. (He thinks his education (3 BS degrees that took him 15 years!?!?!?!) qualifies him to be "more educated" than someone who obtained a Ph.D. )

Anyways... these two fools think they know more than they do, so don't let their ignorant banter bother you.

BTW, it is not worth getting into an argument/debate with Bill. He cannot even debate with people his own age. He thinks he is an expert in everything and refuses to admit his mistakes- which gets to be very aggravating to many people!

Nextweus - 30 Aug 2007 // 21:45:57

I have to say that I don't exactly find that assessment of "today's youth in North America" to be accurate.

Full disclosure: I am a member of that demographic, so obviously I'm biased. But I think also that I have a different (and not without merit) perspective.

"Most of them are looking for the easy way out and none of them wants to work hard. It’s a generation of dreamers; all of them want to be actors, sports stars, singers, musicians and other easy moneymakers. Not many of them want to work any regular jobs or study hard." Could you please find me one person who, given the choice, WOULDN'T want to be one of those things? Completely ignoring the fact that being a musician (I'm a member of THAT demographic, too) is far from being an "easy money maker," what is wrong with having a generation of "dreamers"? They're still GOING to work, whether they want to or not, and it's the prospect of upward mobility that makes a menial working class job bearable.

However, in my experience, this is not the case at all. I graduated from an inner city high school in the American Mid-west. Yes, 90% of the students I graduated with probably didn't go to college. Yes, they're probably working at Burger King, or a grocery store. But the other 10%? Among that 10% were some of the most intelligent, motivated, insightful people I've ever met. And they're either on their wa to, or already doing very good things in the world.

And that's just the way the world works. Should engineering be a profession any average person can get into? Of course not! If you need proof, go back a few weeks in the news to the bridge collapse. If anything, I want ONLY the best and the brightest building my bridges.

One final note to end my maiden voyage on the SNA. You say of the American lifestyle "...substance abuse (lots of drinking from college students), drugs also readily available (it’s cool to be bad this days in US and take drugs, almost everybody tried some illegal substance in one form or another)." Have you been around a Bulgarian campus lately? I have seen far, FAR more alcohol abuse in Bulgaria than I ever did in the US (and I was in Nebraska, for crying out loud! There's nothing to do there BUT drink). Also, about illegal drug use, is it not cool anywhere else to be bad? Is this limited only to the country that everyone loves to hate? I find that just a tad hard to believe.

I'd love to hear anyone's thoughts in response, I look forward to more of this.

Bill - 30 Aug 2007 // 21:11:43


You've described it nicely, thank you.

I had an experience that confirms your description. I said to myself, "You know, you shouldn't bitch about how the society's going without having tried to do something about it". I went down to our local job training center (a public facility which offered free courses for the unemployed), and offered to teach a class in shorthand. I had something like twelve "students". They actually thought they could sit on their collective asses and I'd give them the skill. They didn't want to practice; they didn't want to do their homework--nothing. In less than four weeks they all dropped out.

I saw a TV series some time ago which supposedly showed life in a high school in Beverly Hills. One of the kids tried to bribe the janitor to give him the examination questions with a one-hundred-dollar bill. My thought was, "Not even in Beverly Hills do high school kids have $100 bills in their pocket", but now I wonder if they actually do.

This goes back to what I was saying about parents who don't have the commitment to raise their children in a loving, supportive family environment. The children almost literally raise themselves. No guidance, no help, and no place to go when hurt. Raising a family is a full-time job, and when I said that on this forum I got blasted from several directions, all of whom think this is absurdly old-fashioned. Maybe it is, but we didn't have today's crime rate, particularly not juvenile crime.

George Zheliazkov - 30 Aug 2007 // 18:47:47


It’s just the time and life we live in. Probably you are right about the quality of the education. Of course I exaggerated in my posting above but you get the point. I do call the American way of life “A fast food society” due to the extreme competition involved and the fast speed of life. My opinion is that, overall the American culture is in decline; the today’s values have absolutely nothing to do with the values of 20, 30 or 50 years ago.
Regrettably I have to say that the today’s youth in North America continues to disappoint me. Most of them are looking for the easy way out and none of them wants to work hard. It’s a generation of dreamers; all of them want to be actors, sports stars, singers, musicians and other easy moneymakers.
Not many of them want to work any regular jobs or study hard.
Engineering for example is actually in decline, it’s considered to be too hard and boring, and the percentage of enrolled students is steadily declining.
Like I said is the way of life, Hollywood, TV, Music, substance abuse (lots of drinking from college students), drugs also readily available (it’s cool to be bad this days in US and take drugs, almost everybody tried some illegal substance in one form or another). Tattoos, body piercing and all kinds of crap are literary out of control and anybody but me probably has some of those.
There is too much violence pretty much everywhere, for example the other day on CNN they were talking about the increased wave of crime since 9/11. They were describing the rise in crime in otherwise historically quiet cities; Baltimore for example just had its 200 murder (a city of 500 thousand). The total number of murders was way more shocking, more than 100000 people have been murdered since 9/11 in USA (around 20000 per year).
Like I said it’s nothing to do with the young people, it’s the time they live in. The majorities of the movies for example, these days in US are either about sex, violence or murders, and/or contain some of it.
Anyways I can go on and on but it’s obvious for anybody.

Bill - 30 Aug 2007 // 17:32:36


That's a bit extreme in its writing, but essentially correct. This is why I've posted several times on this forum that people are teaching in schools now whom my teachers would have flulnked.

I took a class in contracts management one time, and the instructor was bitter in his hatred of universities. He said, "You tell me what he wrote his doctoral thesis on, and I'll tell you what he's been teaching for twenty years".

This is why I'm so skeptical (American spelling) of people who have a batch of degrees but not the common sense God gave a goat. I've met too many of them.

Education is a stepping stone towards wisdom, but not the achievement of it. It helps if the teachers know what they're doing.

I'm especially critical of English teachers, because they're failing our students dismally. They're throwing out "the rules" indiscriminantly, to the point where some texts are so devoid of clarity as to make them ambiguous at best, and senseless at worst.

I have an old shipmate that I got back into touch with last year. He's been on boards responsible for education in his home state, but his English is deplorable. A high school classmate is now principal of a high school, but so is his.

George Bernard Shaw said it well, although quite cynically: "Those who can, do. Those who can't, teach".

I have to assume that this is also true in other countries. It's discouraging, to say the least, isn't it?

Devil's Advocate - 30 Aug 2007 // 15:46:25

Speaking of Adolf Hitler, I think you would like this video...


George Zheliazkov - 30 Aug 2007 // 15:33:01


Yes, you are terrifyingly right.
The Americans buy the brilliant brains (sort of the modern day slavery), which Bulgaria in no way or scale can match.
Things are changing about America though, with the rapid growth of the emerging markets many people will find opportunities elsewhere and less of them will consider going to the states. Which of course sadly will not do much for Bulgaria.

CreepyS - 30 Aug 2007 // 15:19:01


Thats right but the Americans still attract plenty of brilliant people from all over the world - thats still an important factor behind their technology development for example.

While bg continues to produce idiots and immigrants without attracting any brilliant people from abroad as we dont have money either. scary...

George Zheliazkov - 30 Aug 2007 // 15:11:46


They became just like the American youth, most of them don’t even know who their president is and on what continent they are living (probably even planet).

CreepyS - 30 Aug 2007 // 15:01:32

The survey is not fair - speaking about history, why they dont ask who is adoplh hitler or david beckam for example - who is this darwin?

The only think i dont believe in this report is that there are only 20% who dont know about pi - so you have youngsters who dont know that 5^2=25 but know that pi=3.14... is the ratio between the circumference of a circle to its diameter?

As i get it 40% of the bulgarians under 19 are only good for performing very simple tasks under surveillance so they can eventually become manual workers but they dont like to work either so in the next 20 years bg will - yeah, anyway.

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