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Fester - 30 Oct 2014 // 17:02:07

Have you seen pics of those 1950s era Bears? If Putin thinks he will threaten the US with that rusty flying garbage he is really delusional LOL.

Henk Spelt - 30 Oct 2014 // 16:12:06

Bravo Bansko, hopefully there will be a lot of snow (especially in the high seasons) As far as I know there is still just one drinkingwater bassin what will be not enough in highseason ( correct me if I I am wrong )

SA-SHA-NA-NA - 30 Oct 2014 // 15:54:37

No need tp worry about Russki warplanes, those dinosaurs will either fall from the skies themselves, or be mercilessly removed from the air by the powers that be if necessary, bring it on hoards, the world is waiting... hahahahaha

sa-sha - 30 Oct 2014 // 13:13:31

Bravo !!! ;-)...though....the untuned violin transforms its owner-violinist into a melody-violator, into a squeaker.

sa-sha - 30 Oct 2014 // 12:50:51

37% vs 36%. The "emergency call from Russian submarine" forgery worked wonders: Sweden marries NATO. Congrats.
And nobody "heard" a Swedish Intel source' words: “Jag tyckte det var lika spännande att läsa om det ryska nödsamtalet som du. Men det finns inget sådant – uppgiften är felaktig“ /"I’d be glad to read about that emergency call myself. But it didn’t happen, this information is incorrect"/.....It's not topical.

Topical is: Russians are coming! Hoard up salt, matches and sugar, people.

Violinist - 30 Oct 2014 // 12:19:08

Every time you have the word Russia something unpleasant follows it. Russia--> gas as a weapon, Russia --->invading its neighbors Georgia and Ukraine, Russia ---> threatening its neighbors Azerbaijan, Armenia, Baltics. Russia ----> warplanes to threaten Europe/USA, Russia ---->ethnic cleansing in Chechenya and on and on.

When will we hear Russia ----->peace, Russia -------> partnership, Russia ---------->culture, Russia -------->democracy, Russia -------free media?

Probably never's a country that has historically liked to misbehave and now with its population and its economy collapsing it cannot accept that it is a reduced power in the world nobody really cares about. Does anyone care what Pakistan or India thinks even if they have nukes?

sa-sha - 30 Oct 2014 // 10:55:26

...or those "others" keep perfecting their independent hebetude again ;-)

rubrecht - 30 Oct 2014 // 10:29:09


Rubrecht Le Chef is a former Rock Star, Trauma Paramedic, non Medical Anaesthetist and worked in five war zones. He has lived in Bulgaria for eleven years and is now a citizen.






sa-sha - 30 Oct 2014 // 09:53:20

Dear "HEY....-NA-NA", today Kiev uses best efforts for getting such an outcome.

peterperfect - 30 Oct 2014 // 08:49:53

What we are seeing here is the continuing progression of "people power" throughout the poorer countries of the world. We saw it a couple of years back travel through the countries of north Africa and then here in Bulgaria, onto Ukraine and now into Hungary. All these demonstrations start for a specific reason, rise in the price of food, energy, partnership plans with other countries and now the intenet but these reason are only the catalyst, the real reason is total dissatisfaction with the political situation within countries, OC and corruption. As the saying goes "you can fool some of the people all of the time and all of the people some of the time but you can't fool all of the people all of the time:. When that point comes the people rise up and, when that happens, governments are powerless even if they are ruthless as we see in the continuing situation in Syria. Governments beware, politicians should remember they are the servants of the people not their masters. So I say to politicians everywhere to take a long hard look at their own actions and motives along with those of your peers and parties otherwise your downfall is written on the wall.