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Jerry - 23 Aug 2016 // 21:43:36

Idan Raichel music depicts harmony as shown in his visit to Africa, with music, Mon Amour.

Hope to see this in Sofia.

Jerry - 23 Aug 2016 // 02:21:59

One should analyze the success of the Rio Olympics without any Terrorist act should be an example for Turkey, Germany, France and Belgium that Brazil has protected the many tourists and important dignitaries without an incident.

What is the Brazilian secret in Security that the world can learn?

Yane - 22 Aug 2016 // 22:29:37

Because it did so much good for Bulgaria? And that Vucic is the shame of Serbia, what a clown!

Jerry - 20 Aug 2016 // 19:00:42
Topic: Refugees

As the wind blows we have refugees.

We have wind storms and typhoons.

Now the Refugees blow with anger and storm.

The peace is a little land and a place to call Home.

Jerry - 20 Aug 2016 // 17:17:44


We need a little of Sportsmanship and competition to bring us to the Spartan spirit, male or female.

Jerry - 20 Aug 2016 // 17:13:46

The New Cold War has added a little Islamization.

I wonder in the name of our Creator we can NUKE?

Turkish instability is an alert.

Jerry - 20 Aug 2016 // 17:07:16


Excellent in Rio, we need more support for our athletes.

BULERICAN - 20 Aug 2016 // 13:31:28

Last nukes in Turkey were the Pershings, which were removed as part of the Cuban Missile crisis. They were sent back to West Germany and eventually destroyed as part of SALT 1.

Fr Jack Hackett - 20 Aug 2016 // 10:33:10

The UN is the last thing we need, having been behind many of the problems we are experiencing globally

Seedy - 20 Aug 2016 // 08:46:48

"Pleased and proud'? She isn't the cutest competitor, so why "pleased"? And what did YOU do to bring about her victory to make you "proud"?

In any event, women fighting each other isn't "equality", it's simply gross....