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GrueFski - 27 May 2015 // 05:29:49

My prediction: they Western Great Powers will keep pressuring Bg for receiving more and more illegal immigrants under the pretext they are refugees, even if most of them do not come from Syria or other warzones, in order to aid and speed up its ethno-demographic implosion (through Roma people's high birthrate) so that they can finally do whatever they want with Pirin "Macedonia" and maybe other Bg territories too.
They will of course be using the emotional blackmail, pointing the finger at the "heartless" Bg who refuse to receive and aid those "poor" people from Asia and Africa.

GrueFski - 27 May 2015 // 05:23:31

That's indeed very strange, something is going on: it's not only Passy, it's Mitov and Plevneliev too -- maybe the Western Great Powers don't allow Bg and Albania to split F YROM? Well, if that's the case, what advantages are there from being a NATO and EU member for Bg? No expected and hoped-for richness has invaded Bg, the ethno-demographic crisis is growing bigger and bigger, those powers or the ones that wanted to steal Pirin "Macedonia" from Bg and gift F YROM with it (most likely) still want to do that and so on.
Good thing that those idiotic Powers have "antagonized" ("sorry" for the Greek word!) Greece so much, that it will keep on vetoing F YROM from becoming both a EU and NATO member. It could actually be that the intransigence to Greek economy shown by Germany is actually a punishment for having vetoed F YROM from becoming a NATO member back in 2008 (if I remember correctly), when Albania and Croatia did join it. Actually Germany has other reasons too for wanting to punish Greece (in the Nazis' view they have): Greece's role in both world wars (it is a known fact that Germany took its revenge on Serbia both in 1991-1995 when it helped Yugoslavia disaggregate and in 1999 when Kosovo got rid of the Serbs -- those were good things, but that doesn't mean they are entitled to destroy Greece too, they were just defending and promoting legitimate Greek interests in both ww's; especially since by supporting Greece's enemies: F YROM and (before going into the current row with Turkey, having "suddenly" realized just how much of an Islamic dictatorship it really is) Turkey in their bid to steal Greek territories, Germany was hurting the interests of their ww1 and ww2 ally Bulgaria in the process -- the Nazis probably don't care about Bg as opposed to caring about Hungary or Croatia (all of these used to be Germany's allies in ww2) since Bulgarians belong to the Eastern Orthodox faith and they look much less Nazi than Croats or Hungarians, they look Greek or Albanian). Germany also managed to punish Romania for its role in ww1, as early as 1940, when it helped Soviet Russia, Hungary and Bulgaria retrieve some of the Ukrainian, Hungarian and Bg territories, stolen by Romania at the end of the 2nd Balkan War and ww1. It is also funny how they are pretending to have acted correctly when compensating Greece with less than 10% of the total war compensations it owed the latter country and that they don not even have the moral duty to repay the rest of the compensations -- some change of behavior from the good old Nazi times, huh!!!

Passy is incompent - 27 May 2015 // 01:44:51

"Passy, who advised Macedonia’s Prime Minister Nikola Gruevski in 2007-2008"

That statement alone pretty much sums up the incompence of Passy. Gruesvki aside from being a criminal undemocratic racist thug (not empty rhetoric... all caught on tape).... oppresses evidence of Macedonia's ethnic Bulgarian past, teaches schoolchildren that Bulgarian historical figures are "ethnic Macedonians" (he's trying to create a non-existent path antiquity to promote his ancient Macedonian fantasies), and encourages Macedonia's citizens to see part Bulgaria as occupied Macedonia. This is clearly unacceptable behavior... and Passy supports Gruevski!

Jerry - 27 May 2015 // 00:40:55

Deputy Foreign Minister Valentin Poryazov,

It seems you put your fingers into your ears at the meeting and you did not listen to the major problem of ISIS, illegal immigration at the front door of Bulgaria.

We need policy and hot air.

Bulgaria must define an African policy with Bulgarian flavour and not EU!

Remember Africa needs Food, infrastructure, Combat Disease and Security for Africa and not the old fashion Bulgarian philosophy, "I hear no evil or speak no evil or see no evil".

Jerry - 27 May 2015 // 00:31:08


We have to know in which direction Macedonia will point its guns, NATO, Albania or Bulgaria before institutionalizing Macedonia in NATO?

It seems our fine US Ambassador to Bulgaria has the answer.

Jack David - 26 May 2015 // 23:44:53

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GrueFski - 26 May 2015 // 18:56:16



GrueFski - 26 May 2015 // 18:54:04

Maybe if the French hadn't sided with Romanians and Serbs in WW1 and with the Serbs only in WW2 and Bulgaria hadn't had to pay all those war comensations (when neither Ro, nor Serbs had historical arguments against Bg) and hadn't had to receive hundreds of thousands of refugees from Ro- and Serbia-stolen Bg lands -- the economic situation of Bg would have been much better today => much more capable of defending EU's border (although the gravity of the situation is probably exaggerated by the French journalist). Amid all those tens of thousands of illegal immigrants having entered or entering the EU through Italy, there are probably more jihadists or future jihadists than the ones Bg "is letting in" (how can Bg check them if they are future jihadists, if they decide to turn into jihadists only in the future???)

GrueFski - 26 May 2015 // 18:43:40

R ussian s py - she was responsible for making a fool out of Colin Powell, since she is a R ussian s py or influence a gent. She published her love letters to C olin P owell, who stood big chances of winning the White House (he was seen as one of the candidates), but it appears he was going to be a very anti-Russian US president.
She pretended a Romanian hacker had hacked into her computer.

GrueFski - 26 May 2015 // 18:29:22

She is very corrupt and very wicked, evil. You are very naive to think she can teach you anti-corruption.