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Warfou - 25 Nov 2015 // 02:10:55

Turkish reaction was hasty but it wasn't the first time when their airspace was infringed upon, previously somewher in October they shot down a Russian drone. The SU-24 is not a heavy bomber, it is a fighter-bomber, an almost exact copy of the US F-111 Aardvark from the 60s (yes, 60s). The technological gap between Western and Russian planes is from about 25 years (compared to France, Germany, UK) to 50 years (USA). I assure you that one F16 is not only able to "deal" with one SU-24, but also a handful of MIGs 29 fighters, and even at once. The SU-24 isn't a bad as a plane, same for MIG-29, but what decides is the on-board electronics, this is what radar you have, how many targets can you follow at once and on what distance, and what missiles you have, how far they can go and how well can they intercept and follow the target. Turkish F16s aren't the most modern ones though, let's say technologically well in the early 80s, but they are nevertheless much more efficient then the SU-24, which are, as said, technologically well in the 60s. But, nevertheless such accidents should not be happening for it does not help to anyone.

Yane - 24 Nov 2015 // 20:52:07

This is sooooo stupid, Turkey won't enter EU, now they won't come closer to russian eurasion economic union. They want to settle down firmly in the middle east n behave like declining Ottomans, less growth n lashing out against everyone around them?

It's time for some serious payback, bring out the big guns, Putin, this bombing campaign is taking too long.

Rurik - 24 Nov 2015 // 20:09:55

\"Russian SU 24 went down in the area known as Turkmen Mountain in Northern Syria
by two Turkish F-16s\" -------- three remarks:
(1) Northern Syria is NOT Southern Turkey;
(2) the only one chaser of F-16 style is more than enough to \"kill\" a heavy bombarder of SU-24 style;
(3) my advise to Mr.Putin: stop Your games - including \"Turkish Stream\" - with
Bashi Bazooks, Turks won\'t be grateful.....No more talks with the bastard Erdogan.

Fr Jack Hackett - 24 Nov 2015 // 18:04:37

The kids of Germany and other EU countries are NOT improved by mass immigration. Their prospects for work have been totally destroyed as emloyers do not even advertise in these countries in their efforts to get cheaper labour from elsewhere. In addition, the schools are becoming overloaded with children who do not speak the native language resulting in a massive drop in the standards of education for native children. In addition the health services have also been overloaded as people arrive in Europe carrying diseases which had been eradicated. And to top it all, most immigrants from outside the EU do not come to work but to claim benefits which is resulting in massive debt in the receiving countries which the natives will have to repay when other EU nationals can go home and escape the inevitable advancing social and financial disaster

Ivailo Ivanov - 24 Nov 2015 // 10:06:28

Very soon the useless people in EU administration will cry Alla Akbar and the head quarters of usury will send memos to the NGO\'s to help and facilitate creation of moderate Muslim parties. In the hope that the good Muslims will control the bad Muslims.. but in vein.. the mollas will record a great victory.

Ivailo Ivanov - 23 Nov 2015 // 21:23:42

The sun is shining only during the the day..our energy system indeed collapsed, because of this very lucrative green debt creation.. .(lucrative for the EU banks).. besides EU wants this immigrants.. Merkel sad so.. they will be the mortgage payers of the future.. (may be)..How to stop enormous human wave when the sovereign have no will for it???

Ivailo Ivanov - 23 Nov 2015 // 19:20:47

If Tunisia was targeted than the \" international community\" should interfere. The French should bomb Tunisia and the American government should fund and arm the pro-western pro- American jihadists in Tunisia.
Please bomb Tunisia.. follow the trend of Irak, Livia and Syria..bomb please..

Ivailo Ivanov - 23 Nov 2015 // 19:09:27

these businessmen were created trough privatization and restitution.. and look at them now... how miserable they are..

Ivailo Ivanov - 23 Nov 2015 // 19:08:13

These businesses missed to spot the eminent collapse of the energy system and increase of the energy price, because of the green energy bank scum.. they absolutely have no idea how to invest in people.. so with or without low paid slave labor they have no chance of being competitive.. because competitiveness is achieved trough motivated people..they have non nor they have technologies..nothing..