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Peter7260 - 26 Oct 2014 // 00:44:07

I can only form an opinion that I do know the truth.
The Party I mention in my comment is remnant left over from the former Yugoslav communist Party,and Soros is supporting this Party to destabilize the country.
Just for your information,I grew up in the Eastern block,I know a bit about the difference who is who!
Mr.Soros can make billions of dollars,good for him,but his intentions in the country I comment are not very helpful given the multi ethnic mix.

MY HAT IS OFF TO YOU - 26 Oct 2014 // 00:38:38

absolutely correct JKS, I guess blowing the pic up to 400% really didn't make it more legible. Good Job JKS !

cfc1900 - 25 Oct 2014 // 21:15:11

I ought to add, George is usually right when it comes to making loads of money for himself - I wasn't meaning to congratulate him on his activities. He is thoroughly unscrupulous. Sorry not to express myself properly.

cfc1900 - 25 Oct 2014 // 21:10:53

George is usually right in his pronouncemets. All I know is tha my elderly neighbours in villages around where I live near Pernik say things were better in Soviet times, despite a certain amount of EU fiscal support. It's the same in Hungary - EU has suited some people, but plenty are very disappointed.

cfc1900 - 25 Oct 2014 // 21:05:04

Welcome to the gangster environment. What chance has the ordinary person against this?

JKS - 25 Oct 2014 // 20:10:36

Nope. The picture is from a shooting in cali.

observer of facts - 25 Oct 2014 // 19:14:12

Plate on the cop car is Washington likewise door Emblem says Washington Highway Patrol.

JKS - 25 Oct 2014 // 16:51:57

Why do they have a picture of the California Highway Patrol for a story about the state of Washington?

sa-sha - 25 Oct 2014 // 16:40:33

To Riichie(+"us"): the "Novinite"-train made a humble attempt, what if to try to catch it?...;-)