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Jerry - 28 Jul 2016 // 02:05:07

Payback through Crusade!

blago - 28 Jul 2016 // 01:59:53
Topic: Refugees

these monsters are ruining europe
they smell too

Jerry - 28 Jul 2016 // 01:54:39

The killing of a Priest symbolizes a Crucification.

Crucification, Homicide, and Jihad are all relative.

The Judgement lies in CREATION.

Jerry - 28 Jul 2016 // 01:48:08

The young men and women graduating from Bulgarian universities should be given the opportunity to represent Bulgaria.

We should have more Military Attaches in the Embassies throughout the world.

Jerry - 27 Jul 2016 // 21:26:57
Topic: Refugees


The killing of a Priest in France leads to the Refugee issue.

A full bred European does not kill a Priest.

Jerry - 27 Jul 2016 // 21:22:58

The killing of a Priest opens a pandoras box.

Jerry - 25 Jul 2016 // 01:00:11


I am trying to determine the type of African vegetation the couple is holding in their hands.

Maybe, our Honorary Bulgarian could answer the question.

Jerry - 25 Jul 2016 // 00:56:21

While attending university in New Jersey, I remember meeting Gulen, a Muslim imam in Pennsylvania.

He opened schools in Turkey and around the world, promoting the importance of education, scientific progress, religious coexistence and fighting poverty.

Gulen system to fight poverty in Turkey was excellent using schools and education as sustainable objective through social religious coexistence.

Now he is the enemy of Turkey, this boggles my mind.

We need more explanations?

Rurik - 24 Jul 2016 // 19:31:53

May be You are right, Jerry (though such elixirs of passion as shrimp and lobster place me into just "active posture". Damned nature :)
To the inseparable couple....
of million Eros :)