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Jerry - 1 Jul 2016 // 00:19:55

What happened to Italian Prosecutors and their hard work in litigating Italian Sicilian and Calabria Mafias.

The Italian Prosecutors are the most experienced in Organized Crime.

Jerry - 1 Jul 2016 // 00:12:20

Now we are going in the right direction, but do not forget TRANSPARENCY.

Jerry - 30 Jun 2016 // 23:25:16

The answer lies with Turkey backing the "Sunnite" and not "Shite", and Turkey knows where their bread is buttered.

Ivailo Ivanov - 30 Jun 2016 // 23:25:02

Hopefully this contains real things and not double talk. But most likely not.

Ivailo Ivanov - 30 Jun 2016 // 23:22:55

Actually Borisov cant help?? Time will help but catharsis have to be reached first.

Jerry - 30 Jun 2016 // 23:19:40

England needs some adventure and most important put money in their pockets and accelerate economic improvement and not be behind European stuff shirts politicians.

Ivailo Ivanov - 30 Jun 2016 // 23:17:40

I still do not understand why Turkey supported Qatar and Saudy Arabia in organizing the jihad against the secular Government of Syria??? what they hoped for?? distraction of the Kurds?? expansion of the Turkish territory.. or it was simply ideological support for oil rich jihadist regimes?

Jerry - 30 Jun 2016 // 23:15:56

The dream has just begun!

England would do much better in a US/Canada/Mexico Trade Bloc.

Jerry - 30 Jun 2016 // 23:11:31

I changed my mind, Turkey should put their troops in order, especially Special Forces in Turkey to invade Syria.

Search and destroy is the only answer!

I will be the first Bulgarian Mercenary with the Turkish invading forces.

Ivailo Ivanov - 30 Jun 2016 // 23:09:51

When Turkey enters EU there will be only two countries in EU.. Germany and Turkey .....and an EU commission..
The dream is over...