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Ivailo Ivanov - 14 Feb 2016 // 21:34:13

A Turkish Islamic radical Ali Agja, belonging to the Grey wolves has shot the polish Pope in the eighties.. and the Vatican found it convenient to blame a Bulgarian national and the soviet intelligence for the organization of this.. and now the Grey Wolves represent this moderate pro western opposition for which USA and Britten a so much concerned..

Ivailo Ivanov - 14 Feb 2016 // 21:21:40

After the nice little proxy war against Russia in Ukraine and the embargo. and etch...after all red line have been crossed.. Putin will not respond to phone calls and unlike the rats that occupy the western governmental offices he feels the things like real live or death.situation. and he is not scared at all because wet person is not concerned of the what he needs is much more than a phone call. He needs real guarantees for the security of Russia..convincingly demonstrated.

Ivailo Ivanov - 14 Feb 2016 // 21:10:40

Saudi Arabian war planes in Turkey.. it is something new,.,, for which Europe is not prepared.. again .. not prepared..

Ivailo Ivanov - 14 Feb 2016 // 21:05:19

Destroying the secular governments of the Middle east and north Africa ... cooperating with the Saudi Arabian jihad.....the great western democracies defecated in their pants and when the stench become intolerable they are asking the questions!! Who has.. in my own pants?? Who indeed has .. in their own pants???

Ivailo Ivanov - 14 Feb 2016 // 20:54:08

Al Jazeera have to show large ships full of deportees ....tens of thousands, hundreds of thousands of them from Germany and Scandinavia on there way to Livia and Syria and Pakistan.. only this will stop the migrant wave..
And even in this case the liberal think tanks should not be worried that the consumer societies will be deprived of fresh meet from the third world.

Ivailo Ivanov - 14 Feb 2016 // 20:46:50

It is about time the German government to understand that it is moving in the wrong direction and no force on earth can stop the people of Europe to protect themselves against this arrogant and stupid behavior, which is very dangerous to them. Germany has to be quarantined like a center of an infectious illness. Obviously the world wars and the 70 years of occupation amputated of lot of humanity and sound sense from the German population.

Rurik - 14 Feb 2016 // 18:25:35

The article\'s photo shows how nice was the Mr.Putin\'s recent present to the King of Bahrain:

As for Mr.Putin\'s call to Mr.Asad: joking, Mr.Hammond?

Rurik - 14 Feb 2016 // 17:51:26

The Polish is nice, really:

As for the rest....Everything is clear: Russia is a Failed state. No chances. Barack &Co do guarantee. But "Poland has not perished YET"! To the only remaining hope of the mankind, to the Polish YET, toast! ;)

Rurik - 14 Feb 2016 // 17:35:59

"Catholic church is independent from any nation, holding its own hierarchy. But one cannot say the same about the orthodox churches which are autocephalic by nature thus being prone to political influence” ------the IDIOCY of this
"Wise Pearl" is merely Unlimited. I'd call it Wisdomiocy ;). Learn History, people.

Ivailo Ivanov - 14 Feb 2016 // 11:09:33

If the conflicts expands..with attack in the Russian bases and it will!!!!!! Eu will be flooded by even more migrants and the war will be fought in Europe.. when big forces fight the battlefield is huge.. so now EU have to show unity and impose immediate and very harsh sanctions on Turkey.. if it fails.. the Europe including the west Europe will see barbaric cruelty and violence in its streets and homes..