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Cycleman355 - 22 Sep 2014 // 14:44:36

Why do people feel the need to slag off other religions?, there's more than enough people dying without trying to stir up trouble in a nice quiet peaceful country, if you don't wish it to remain peaceful the Pis..ff somewhere else, try Oman or Saudi.

Russophobe - 22 Sep 2014 // 14:20:08

Why is this relevant to a Bulgarian news site? This article was not even published or run by

Go somewhere else with your trolling Russian prostitute. You fucks are so easy to buy, for 5 euro cents per post you'll sell your own mothers.

Go somewhere else whore troll.

sa-sha - 22 Sep 2014 // 14:08:00

The author of this stunning news, Ukrainian Defence Minister Valeriy Gueletey, forgot to mention that the
two Russian submarines, "Hey, Gueletey" and "Pizdets to PP", conduct the secret military drills in the Ukrainian
steppes and the Russian rapist "Uncle Vanya" waits for Pedro Poroshenko in the dill bushes near Kiev.....

Fr Jack Hackett - 22 Sep 2014 // 12:42:44

However, Bulgaria needs to ensure that in return for short term gain, it is not leaving itself in a position where it will be forced to import expensive food from elsewhere if it is tied into contracts with other countries for its own produce. Judging by the huge increase in births I have witnessed this year it is likely that the population here will increase and it is important for this country to be able to rely on what it can produce for its own people - unlike many countries in Western Europe now

Russophobe - 22 Sep 2014 // 11:34:01

Bulgarians treat the ragheads like dogs and then they expect royal treatment when they beg westerners for a job.

Eudora - 22 Sep 2014 // 11:08:38

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sa-sha - 22 Sep 2014 // 10:50:43

"this is Putin's way of creating an "airwave" curtain"? ;-)
Peter, You are free, sure, to believe those media which inform You that 2x2 makes 5, but what if to doubt it?
Once again: Russia has no smallest desire to "disconnect" itself from the Internet or, say, from SWIFT.

Bruce Thomps - 22 Sep 2014 // 10:22:58

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peterperfect - 22 Sep 2014 // 10:17:16

Russia is no more exposed than any other country and most modern societies have found methods to combat invasions by other means. Me thinks this is Putin's way of creating an "airwave" curtain to replace the old defunct iron one.

Caryle Group,mnnnb - 22 Sep 2014 // 10:15:59

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