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To Ignoramus - 21 Oct 2014 // 00:46:12

OK guys, you all jump to concusion without paying attention to details. People may retire after 27 years of service, so if you start your employment at the age of 18 you may indeed retire at the age of 45.
This is common practice through out the industrialized countries. For example, in the US, firefighters may retire after 20 years of service, so in effect they may retire at the age of 38!

SLA - 20 Oct 2014 // 23:26:50

where is your house located?

independent - 20 Oct 2014 // 21:55:07

Another election looming I reckon.....

Optimistic - 20 Oct 2014 // 21:01:31

Sure standard democratic processes are important, for example when the Crimeans voted to join the Russian Federation and then the Russian Parliament voted to accept their request.

Optimistic - 20 Oct 2014 // 20:57:16

Clearly the strongest government can only be created with Gerb and BSP coalition, sure involve the PF and ABV but with these 4 parties power is with THE BSP AND GERB. The others are just a distraction.

It would be wonderful to see the Socialists back in power!!!!!

je suis anglais - 20 Oct 2014 // 18:39:38

I can verify it is indeed very difficult to find someone to satisfactorily tank the back wall of your mouse here in Bulgaria. My mouse hasn't had a proper tanking for quite some time now. Can anyone suggest who might be able to carry out this service?

je suis anglais - 20 Oct 2014 // 18:34:43

Optimistic - I think their maths is fine, it's you that doesn't understand the English language. It is clear from the article that PF have agreed to support GERB in attempting to form a government, not that that have actually done so. Typical of the KGB sponsored communist supporters to not actually understand standard democratic processes.

je suis anglais - 20 Oct 2014 // 18:25:41

what a lovely heartwarming tale of a run down shit-pit recovering from widespread soviet communist ruin. thankfully Ukraine is looking west, and won't go back to the horrid state the eastern bloc was in during the 90's, as it is resisting Putins expansionist pushes.

Tchavdar - 20 Oct 2014 // 16:54:41

They are selling out the whole country...and we get armored cars in return!

LLeiry - 20 Oct 2014 // 14:37:54

In the end of 90s I was in Kiev by business. That was quite an armpit and service in the hotel was awful. I paid for the accommodation but they placed one more man into my room. He paid just for his bed but also ate my lunch and dinner included in price. He used my pillow for keeping the window open for he was hot. In addition he stole my watch and my business card book leaving the hotel.
Poroshenko reminds me that bunkie. He managed to buy for a song ex-Soviet nationalized chocoplants. Yet again he sends UNO humanitarian mission helos to antiterrorist operation zone. And after Orange revolution he stole so much that Yulia was envious. This is real Gingerbread man running from one to another. First he sponsored the Party of Regions. Now he oppresses his former associates as hard as her can. Then he sponsored Orange revolution. And he lined pockets well at their account and lay low. Now he chums with EU. Just think if Europeans need such friends?