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sa-sha - 25 Jan 2015 // 15:56:06

"childish ad hominem comment"----!!!----respect, Jooo.

sa-sha - 25 Jan 2015 // 15:39:47

Yes, no less dear Seedo-Pollutido, in "those days" (before 1917) Russia really HAD. Today, with Tsar Putin, Russia
also HAS.....and not only the minuses ;-)
"the rag-tag remnants"? Not bad;-), but Russia is led today not by them, but by Tsar Putin. As for "Commie thieves/gangsters" (I'd better call them "oligarchy"): those bastards exist in ALL countries.
As for "backward Russia", "your Putin brown-nosing", "place in the civilized Word": it's the unconditioned reflex,
Seedy. The sight and smell of meat is enough to cause the secretion of gastric juice in a dog' organism. The words "Russia", "Russians", "Putin" irritate You in a similar way. The unconditioned reflex, c'est plus fort que toi. Nothing to do with it ;-)....The only request: try to share Your irritation not with me, but with the plebeians à la
"Finnicky". These unicellular creatures' reaction coincides with Your own. And their name is Legion. And they are
Your mirror, Seedy........To the unifying force of the Unconditioned Reflexes, toast.

Fr Jack Hackett - 25 Jan 2015 // 15:00:53

Unfortunately in my area, nothing seem to have been done to prevent flooding if we get a repeat weather pattern from last year - so if this is similar to other areas we can expect another few milion euros of damage this year. At some stage the EU will stop handing over money if nothing is ever done to solve the original problem

sa-sha - 25 Jan 2015 // 14:44:07

"both sides are out of control"---disputable, "Enough is enough"----undisputable.

sa-sha - 25 Jan 2015 // 14:40:40

.....and those "Freedom Fighters" will be speaking Turkish and shouting "Allah Akbar". So, calm down, Seedy,
and start learning the surahs while You can ;-)

justme - 25 Jan 2015 // 12:55:06

Time for Russia to just take over the entire east and stabilize the situation. Enough is enough. Everyone and everybody from both sides are out of control. Only Russia understands Ukraine, and only Russia has the ability to protect all citizens there and guarantee Ukraine independence.

Joooo - 25 Jan 2015 // 12:46:54

@Southstream sucks : one argument on top of your childish ad hominem comment, or this is beyond your intellectual capacities ? I don't think the BNS hire taxi drivers, but see how their peg ended up... For totally different reasons, agreed, but this is foolish. Pegging is another word for manipulation.

Seedy - 25 Jan 2015 // 12:18:55

Be warned, Bulgaria: first come the "tourists", then the "holiday home owners" who are suddenly transmuted in "settlers". Next comes the "denial of their rights" - ie it isn't part of Russia and the pesky natives expect them to speak a civilised language and behave like human beings.

Coming soon to a beach near you - Red Army "Freedom Fighters" combatting local "terrorists"....

peterperfect - 25 Jan 2015 // 11:06:18

"King Abdullah’s death is not expected to change the downward course of oil prices over the next several months, according to analysts. The newly proclaimed king has explicitly backed the current stance of Saudi Arabia, the world’s largest oil exporter." There are those that believe the current drop in oil has been engineered expecting the old kings death, not so. Not only has the fall been worldwide and over a sustained period of time it is a symptom of the powerhouse economies of the Asia's decline in output that has been at the root of the fall. Raw material prices have fallen as well as China (in particular) is not buying so much. Gold is the exception that is steadily climbing as investors take their money out of commodities and put it in a safe place.