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Optimistic - 30 Sep 2014 // 22:33:45

You Spanish people should visit the Crimea to understand referendums and see Democracy in action.

Yane - 30 Sep 2014 // 22:30:04

What is the world coming to when yesterdays cold war leaders make more sense than today's warmongers..

Optimistic - 30 Sep 2014 // 22:27:13

You guys are more sick than Seedy and that is hard.

Optimistic - 30 Sep 2014 // 22:24:44

Fester you are wrong everyone is not anti Russian, most Russians, people from the Crimea, and Donbass plus Bulgarians who understand their history are pro Russian.

Optimistic - 30 Sep 2014 // 22:20:29

AP sorry I disagree, Barekov should be put in a Gulag where all Facists belong.

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Philippe - 30 Sep 2014 // 20:51:07

As I already pointed out before, there must be a faculty at a BG university that makes big business by teaching students how to make these skimming devices.

Agent Piccadilly - 30 Sep 2014 // 20:38:54

This is excellent news! Soon we shall have a BSP-MRF-COG coalition - I cant decide whether we should have Oresharsky, Peevski or Barekov as Prime Minister. Bravo Bulgaria! Let the good times continue.

Fester - 30 Sep 2014 // 20:34:45

malak petko,

You appear here everyday to repeat the same idiocy and lies and misinformation that you are a true pest. Use your 2 brain cells and learn the following:

Saudi Arabia is and has always been friends with NORMAL SECULAR governments like Mubarak and now Sisi and King Abdullah (and his father Hussein). Saudi Arabia also has excellent relations with Morocco - a secular country - and had excellent relations with Ben Ali in Tunisia. If anyone was upset by the Arab spring was Saudi.

No one has ever gotten along with either Assad, Saddam or Gaddafi. Those 3 leaders have always been blood thirsty and savage.

Everybody is anti-Russia nowadays. Read the latest polls from Pew, even countries in Asia, Latin America or Africa that would have no reason to dislike Russia have taken a very negative perception because of Russia's military imperialism in Ukraine and threats to the Baltics, Moldova, Armenia, Georgia and even Kazakhstan last month.

Don't write nonsense that escapes your Haskovo capabilities.

independent - 30 Sep 2014 // 19:46:47

Time for the expats to leave....