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blago - 3 May 2016 // 06:55:23
Topic: Refugees


Dont trust Turks.

i get out once a month and when i do ....i nail menka in the ass\

love u

Hoss - 2 May 2016 // 21:32:56

Well Here is the biggest problem with Bulgaria when it comes to tackling corruption it has poor Employment standards, regulations and laws I know of people that work with no pay for months !!!! because business owners short and do not pay and make excuses to legitimise their slave labor practices The government worries that Bulgarians are leaving the country ....well do you blame them ?

Jerry - 1 May 2016 // 22:23:10


Christ has given us perpetuity while the misinformed helpers of "Allah" present us with death to the innocence as seen in Syria, Refugees, European public places.

Perpetuity lies in Faith.

Rurik - 1 May 2016 // 12:44:28

May God bless You, Jerry, and all of us. Christ is risen!

Jerry - 1 May 2016 // 01:54:56

Stiliyan must be send to Bayern to cleanse him from sex, drinking, and eat natural food before returning to Bulgaria.

He is a great example for the patients with Leukemia that reach out for hope and examples of endurance.

God bless, Stiliyan.

Jerry - 1 May 2016 // 01:36:57
Topic: Refugees


I am Istanbul, looking for a Macedonian Bride, will you be my Best man?

Jerry - 1 May 2016 // 01:29:43

To defeat the tax system, one defeats the social obligations between rich and poor.

Jerry - 1 May 2016 // 01:20:17


The absolute interpretation of "Allah", you have no frontiers or nationality but love for CREATION in a universal setting.

Rurik, May "Allah" bless you in Bulgaria since "Allah is Bulgarian and not the Middle East but also blesses the Middle East that bestows birth and faith.

Jerry - 29 Apr 2016 // 20:20:52

Time has come to put all these tax evaders on a banana to Panama.