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George Zheliazkov - 22 Nov 2014 // 02:20:39

Okay Obama, why don't you remove that visa then?
You are planning to legalize over 11 million illegal immigrants in the US
and still require a visa for a EU member country.
How sincere are those congrats?

Vlad - 22 Nov 2014 // 02:07:21

Warflaws, major flaws I must admit.
You are Romanian right?
Only a Romanian can say such a despicable nonsense.
Anyhow Russia is doing just great and it's still the envy of the world.
Keep on surfing, you must update those knowledge flaws of yours.

Warfou - 22 Nov 2014 // 01:48:05

Didn't the forthcoming economic disaster in Russia teach you something? EU's and US economies are very strong, the strongest on Earth. And you are not the richest country (in fact rather poor), you just have biggest deposits of some minerals. Look around, the oil prices are going low and this decrease started just after Putin conquered the Crimea. It looks like a single Obama's visit to the Sauds made a final blow to your economy. The USSR was finished up by lowering the oil price from USD 32 to USD 6 for a barrel, and this started after Reagan's meeting with the Sauds, in September 1985. A single visits, and a self-declared "velikaya derzhava" disappears. Learn something, build democracy and market economy and stop spreading propaganda to which only dumb peasants can believe.

Jerry - 22 Nov 2014 // 01:23:32

Israel has lost the feeling of "NEVER AGAIN."

Looking at the ISIS pick-up truck soldiers, one sees the crude simplicity of death and the spilling of blood.

Jerry - 22 Nov 2014 // 01:16:26

This is a true test of Bulgarian Public Health System.

The globalization process will bring forth new frontiers for the Bulgarian health system.

We need a prophylactic approach that is sustainable.

Vlad - 22 Nov 2014 // 01:06:53

Cunteater now that you've showed your real western colors I will say thanks but no, thanks to your toilet offer.
But hey you are always welcome to come and clean our washrooms.
Russia bankrupt? !? You must be talking about the EU.
Russia is the richest country in the world and we shouldn't give those gringos Alaska!

Cunthunter - 21 Nov 2014 // 21:34:38

"Hey fester, how about I pull out my big hard dick, would you suck on it even though I'm not the same guy or you rather suck the dick of that other guy?"

No wonder your country is going bankrupt and you peasants are now eyeing desperately where in the West we'll let you in to clean our toilets..........

Vlad - 21 Nov 2014 // 21:30:39

Hey fester, how about I pull out my big hard dick, would you suck on it even though I'm not the same guy or you rather suck the dick of that other guy?

Cunthunter - 21 Nov 2014 // 21:24:22

"Here I pull out one of my balls and tell you my first name. Vlad."

eeewww! Creepy Russian.

BobTheBuilder - 21 Nov 2014 // 21:18:18

She and her co-workers should make minimum wage.