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Jerry - 22 Oct 2016 // 01:17:11

This we call corruption and the diminishing return for social programs, for example, education and health for the population. Use Rio de Janeiro as an example of diminishing return in Health and Education.

Our Micro and Macroeconomics will always be in a vacuum as corruption steals from growth.

I consider the Brazilian Prosecutors as miracle workers.

Jerry - 22 Oct 2016 // 01:06:25

Growing up as a youth in a Communist Left Wing government and experience the financial control of the working class and limiting dignity and quality of life, to watch the Left Wing philosophies of the Worker's Party in Brazil strip and rape government institutions to become rich with Country booty, the disgrace is political hypocrisy between the have and have nots.

Jerry - 21 Oct 2016 // 20:24:41

We should return to the Bulgarian Classics and Traditions of the Balkans that brings us the opera, ballet and the art within our heritage.

The Bulgarian disease of the European Union has defeated our Bulgarian Heritage from the simplicity to complex.

Wii there be a return to the true sounds of Bulgaria.

Jerry - 20 Oct 2016 // 18:54:25

Elena Baramova and her repertoire,\"Lady Macbeth\", Turandot\" – Turandot, \"Minnie\" – La fanciulla del West, and \"Tosca\" – Tosca, \"Elisabetta\" – Don Carlo.

Her performances in Rome, Vienna, Pescara, Paris and Amsterdam has brought heartening remembrance performances.

Let us not forget Ghena Dimitrova.

Jerry - 19 Oct 2016 // 02:31:53

Now the UNESCO Bulgarian Director is being threatened with her life due to her opinion.

What is this world coming to?

Time has come to close down UNESCO.

One should look closely at its intention of its members.

Maudlin - 18 Oct 2016 // 16:54:03

Bulgaria is temporarily attractive due to its low paid jobs. Once the standard goes up a little investors will move to other poor Eastern European countries like Moldova and Ukraine.

Ivailo Ivanov - 17 Oct 2016 // 20:00:22

The cartel is so obvious that it is stupid even to question is also absolutely obvious that nothing will be don... one small but good step will be to release the pressure on the small village gas stations and to allow them to sell gas to the poorest layer of the society..those that are using gas bottle for cooking.... many old people cant afford other energy for cooking. It is highly immoral to deny this cheap energy to them... which is happening at the moment.

Ivailo Ivanov - 17 Oct 2016 // 19:50:11

And where was Juncker and the EU administration when USA LED BY THE PROTEGE OF THE SAUDI ARABIAN KING started the war against the secular regimes in the Muslim world for the greatness of the sharia system???? EU never said a word when Livia was bombed and when Qatar started the jihadist attack on Syria... well EU is not on a different planet.. and Luxembourg is not on a different planet.. EU actively collaborated with the most medieval forces in the world in favor of medieval ideology and for the destabilization of it own living space.

Ivailo Ivanov - 17 Oct 2016 // 19:42:55

Juncker will be honored with the verdict of history together with Merkel for ruining the unity and future of EU.. because of too much love for the new global- liberal religion invented by the hedge fund directors.. .. the idea that refugees will be stationed in Bulgaria out of site and out of mind of the richer western populous will fail.... it will be much more honorable for this person to arrange large refugee camp in Luxembourg.....he is a rat... exactly this type of rats led Europe towards WW1...

Jerry - 17 Oct 2016 // 15:22:07
Topic: Refugees

Clinton is run by her husband's Foundation.

Her independence from the Foundation will be difficult and you know Bill Clinton will be the actual President with the Foundation.

The problem will the Whitehouse become a "Whore House"?