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GrueFski - 7 May 2015 // 03:16:09

trying to pose as a cultured FYROMian, huh?
you forgot there is no such thing
what's dyseducation supposed to mean?
miseducation, poor education
de-education, un-educating, making someone lose its education
lack of education
what a ludicrous Bg traitor!
go back to sukking Serb, Russian but also Albanian kokk ;-)

GrueFski - 7 May 2015 // 03:10:57

I want to see anyone dare say In dians are not cunning now ;-)

GrueFski - 7 May 2015 // 03:07:16

Not to mention the Nazis was twice incompatible with a being a presidency candidate since:
1. he has 2 citizenships: Ro and German and Ro constitution forbids Ro citizens with more than 1 citizenship from running for president's office.
2. he used to be a member in a local utility company board in the town where he simultaneously was a mayor (Sibiu). Ro law agains forbids that. If I'm not mistaken the punishment for this incompatibility of his was that he was forbidden to run for any elected position (obviously this applies especially for the president's office) for a 3-year period.

VillaGuy - 7 May 2015 // 01:11:20

Obviously what this lady has done is wrong, the fact that the child hasn't suffered irreparable injuries or worse, death, then this lady should be prevented from working in such a situation again, be given a few years and then be forgiven. This lady was a child once don't forget, she may be someones wife, mother, daughter and granddaughter too. If there is absolute proof that she wanted to murder the child, then throw away the key, but to be baying for blood at this stage is tasteless and shows a great deal of a lack of an empathetic and caring nature from those doing so.

GrueFski - 7 May 2015 // 01:10:47

Kovesi's plagiarisms can be seen here:



This Iohannis is a multiple corrupt: has 6 properties (3 houses + 3 flats) earned through teaching private lessons (he is a physics teacher). Now he has probably received a bribe from the Austrian (still/also German or at least Germanoid, as it were) company Holzindustrie Schweighofer (Timber Industry Schweighofer) in order to reject modifications proposed by Ro Parliament to the "silvic code" (forest law code). Those modifications were abolishing the Austrian monopoly for cutting and exporting timber in/from Romania.

GrueFski - 7 May 2015 // 00:39:43

whatever stupid
everyone in the Balkans knows that Tatars stand for Asian race people in general
and why are so trying to get the US sympathy and throw rocks at the Russians?
are you not too grateful for Russian "Turkish Stream" projects of going through FYROM???
you stand no change, the Albanians are so much more pro-American than you and your fellow ethnics, you are Servia's humble serv-ants and both FYROM and Serbia are in love with Russia
you are not fooling anyone here you stupid Bg traitor


MACEDONIA - SAMO "MRTOV" SIPTAR E DOBAR SIPTAR !!! (Only a dead Albanian is a good Albanian)

Posted by the "ethnic FYROMian", " ethnic 'Macedonian' user Long live Macedonia !!! Long live Russia !!!Long Orthodox Power

Cynthia131 - 6 May 2015 // 22:31:41

I personally don't give a crap how many hours she had to work. We all have to deal with difficult work situations, that doesn't give her the right to be abusive to anyone....especially an innocent baby. I pray the baby will be ok and this "nurse" will suffer the consequences of her hideous actions for the rest of her life.

FTROB - 6 May 2015 // 19:39:15

Gru, you are the obvious product of Soviet dyseducation. You project your own prejudices onto others then accuse them of those prejudices orcall them "provocations", an often heard Russian political strategy. Don't look directly into the mirror, it would be a terrifying ordeal, just as the Russians experienced under Stalin and his successors. Read the Gulag Archipelago to better understand yourself.

Nick_Farage - 6 May 2015 // 15:27:13

Let's unite Putin: We from the UK will attack bulgaria by air while you can do it with your fleet.

Fascists from all countries - unite!

Putin - 6 May 2015 // 15:20:55

Its vandalism, cut off their hands.