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Rajesh Reddy - 1 Apr 2015 // 17:20:55

Dear Choudary,

Hi. We are looking for SBLC for our two year company worth of 1 MUSD. Please let me know your terms and conditions. Please do note that we are not comfortable to pay upfront fee.

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Jerry - 1 Apr 2015 // 17:12:32

This we call MILITARY MASTURBATION and MUSCLE FLEXING without a conclusion.

If you do it halfway, you will not get pregnant.

malak petko - 1 Apr 2015 // 17:10:05

We have great hope in NATO!!!

Hopefully it plays wiser and more constructive role around....... than, for example, what we see in the Middle East.

Because in the Middle East the West is making mistake after mistake.

Jerry - 1 Apr 2015 // 17:08:02

A budget surplus of BGN 250 M for the first quarter reveals that Bulgaria has no sustainable social programs, Public Health, Education and Habitation.

What happened to the old Bulgarian SOCIAL DEFINITIONS which means DIGNITY and QUALITY OF LIFE?

malak petko - 1 Apr 2015 // 16:55:48


The report s good.

It proves that we do not have an army!!!!!!

But we have clever defense minister and wise defense advisers. Which is something.

malak petko - 1 Apr 2015 // 16:54:15


The report s good.

It proves that we do not have an army!!!!!!

But we have clever defense minister and wise defense advisers. Which is something.

malak petko - 1 Apr 2015 // 16:42:41

There are millions of hectares of agricultural land not used -

millions of hectares not used!!!!!??

You are living in another place and another time dear.

Not now. Not at all..
on the contrary !!!!!!
millions of hectares of municipal lands and wet zones and etch are used!!! even that they should not be used.

you are speaking about a situation that was 15 years ago. not now

malak petko - 1 Apr 2015 // 16:25:46

Another loss of habitat appear from the EU policies to reimburse the land owners for maintenance of pasture land.

What happened is that some peoples purchase or rent wild municipal lands that are listed as a pasture lands and are shrub populated.

He applies for EU funding and than takes care for his pasture land (for the purpose of receiving subsides only).

He passes with tractors and cut and destroy the shrub and the low trees.

After that he has proved that he is taking care of the pasture and rightly receives subsidy.

In reality he destroy natural habitat without need, because the "'improved" pasture land is not at ll better than the wiled shrub that he destroyed.

Here huge discrepancy between the EU green propaganda and the real life events happen.

malak petko - 1 Apr 2015 // 16:15:44

Srebarna is a reserve..

But outside it the problems are aggravated. The main problem is loss of habitat.

The main reason for loss of habitat is the agriculture.

The wet zones are constantly shrinking, because of the farmers that use powerful tractors to work the soil in the vicinity of the small rivers and ravines.

The shrub is disappearing in the ravines and around the water holes and rivers.

Most of it is illegal and can be easily accounted !!!

it is because the farmed blocks are clearly defined of the maps and with a GPS receiver it is easy to check and calculated how much the farmers have infringed in the wet zone.

The farmers usually infringe in a municipal lands which are in fact shrub populated wet zones.

But no one is checking and no one is panishng them .

It is natural for a medium size farmer the gain 10 - 50 hectares of land from the wet zones.
It appeared as an unaccountable profit for them.

malak petko - 1 Apr 2015 // 15:59:34

Unfortunately in our parliament
the number of people representing interests of logging companies is larger than it should be.

We are experiencing massive logging in a scale that it is reminiscent to the period after the WW1 when reparations were to be paid.