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In the sand pit. - 3 Aug 2015 // 07:01:56

I sincerely hope that your Mother, Sister or Daughter don't suffer the same fate.
Only then would you realise the true disgrace of your comments about this unfortunate victim.

useless to login - 3 Aug 2015 // 05:53:18

Come on Gruefski, you had some good intelligent moments, posts and ideas...
Don't disappoint me please.
We need stronger Eurasia and less US influence.
Russia is just a part of the puzzle.

Jerry - 3 Aug 2015 // 00:28:24

As the Islamic State (IS) is on the footsteps of Europe, the only defense is religion and maybe the Catholic Church and Orthodox Church will be the first step for a defense of Europe.

Let us look closely at our history books and tradition our answers will be found in HARMONY.

GrueFski - 2 Aug 2015 // 23:52:38

+ Bokova comes from a Russia-loving country

GrueFski - 2 Aug 2015 // 23:50:53

Well I'll give you that: some of these Englishwomen really work out and keep fit (and sexy, in some cases) until their 60s. Did I mention the naturally yellow/red hair they possess (in some cases)?
happy hour (or 10-15 minutes in some, actually most cases; probably in the case of this woman's rapist)

Stephen - 2 Aug 2015 // 21:00:18

What they are saying is we refuse to support green energy, that a low carbon economy isn't our responsibility. These businesses should be boycotted and taught a lesson the environment is every companies responsibility.

Swiss - 2 Aug 2015 // 19:06:26

Unfortunately, to migrate was the only solution for me and my family (and 2 million others). I hope that one day these people will meet justice and that we can return.

Lolly Popper - 2 Aug 2015 // 17:54:08

"KEVR ... independent entity ... elected by Parliament"
Just like the new "independent ombudsman".
This man really thinks that the Bulgarians are as stupid as he is. Of course he needs to give something to the other mafiosi if he wants to keep his position as almighty Godfather.

BB Junior - 2 Aug 2015 // 17:45:01

BB & Co know all the fraud perpetrators and their schemes. They don't not need a commission, they simply need to name them.
Again it makes BB an accomplice in the Bulgarian crime scene.

GrueFski - 2 Aug 2015 // 15:20:49

Iraq and Syria should call the UN Security Council immediate reunion or the General Assembly urgent reunion so that Turkey's aggression can be stopped (all NATO countries are also UN countries, NATO is less important or should be than the UN which is the largest independent countries organization)