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EU - 28 Nov 2014 // 04:14:23

Juncker is that man.
He will fix the EU.

George Zheliazkov - 28 Nov 2014 // 01:20:33

None of the above are my opinions.
It’s posted by an imitator using my name with a period ( . ) at the end.

How pitiful can you get "fake me", how low can you go?
Go get a job! Tell maxim to keep you busier and give you some more money too..
Send you to school perhaps, you are an embarrassment to Bulgaria, his team and that website....
Like it or not the emerging markets rule!


Warfou - 27 Nov 2014 // 23:28:38

Sounds irrational. Bulgaria has only 86 T72 tanks. Even though Poland has about a thousand of its own Leopards, PT91 and T72s, it is still very much interested in hosting Western military. A few dozens of US Abrams and UK's Challengers are already here, and the French Leclercs are awaited to come for joint maneuvres in a few weeks.

George Zheliazkov. - 27 Nov 2014 // 23:26:02

There you go again EU. Trying to bribe your way into influence in Bulgaria. Try all you want because your days are counted. You can offer Bulgaria your low interest loan bribes, but we're not interested because our emerging market batos forever are looking out for us!

You see Novinite, ever since Adam and Eve were here on earth i've been saying that emerging markets are the future of the world. The decadent West had its Renaissance, Enlightenment, Age of Reason, Age of Empire and the Americans swept clean the 20th century but all that dominance for the past 500 years is coming to an end now in the next 5 years because the Emerging Markets are the future because I say so!!!!!

Move over Washington, now it's Pyongyang's turn to run the show. You think San Francisco is nice and Napa has good wines? Try Tianjin and Xi Pinga wines for quality. You think that Hollywood crap is good? Wait till you see Sunil Chingatucul in his latest Bollywood gig!! Get rid of that Laurent Perrier Champagne and start enjoying Masala Cholai (you won't have a hangover because you won't wake up the next day..)

Get your head out of your asses Bulgarians and be rich like me! Stop watching those silly Hollywood movies and that decadent Western music and start importing Bollywood movies and music from Sok Mai Pusi to see what the future holds!!!

Fester - 27 Nov 2014 // 23:13:32

There's no need to send American tanks to Bulgaria or anywhere else in Eastern Europe for that matter. Today OPEC announced they won't cut production, Saudi said they might even increase it.

Oil fell to $70 per barrel today as a result and is expected to fall to $50 next year.

Russia needs oil at $120 to maintain its expenditures and military spending. Russia doesn't produce absolutely anything except oil & gas, it's economy depends 100% on pumping oil just like Nigeria and South Sudan.

Russia's Rouble has collapsed and Russia will have a major financial crisis by spring next year with the price of oil at $50.

Bulgaria might need those tanks to keep the desperate peasants from Russia from coming here illegally because of their desperate economic situation. LOL.

Thank you Russia, you dug your own grave without the EuroAtlantic community having to spend much. LOL.

Fester - 27 Nov 2014 // 23:07:37

"Kiev is fucked, no money, expensive conflict, an army that has deserted."

You misplaced Moscow with Kiev. LOL.

Except that no money in Russia literally means no money, there's no USA/EU/IMF to bail you out. LOL.

Optimistic - 27 Nov 2014 // 22:53:28

Kiev is fucked, no money, expensive conflict, an army that has deserted.

It is time for the EU Nato and Russia to move on, the Ukraine is an expensive waste of time, normal trade between Russia and the EU will boost Europe, the Ukraine is a corrupt violent dangerous place, it is time to move on from it.

The West will never help the Ukraine it is too expensive and not worth the problems it causes.

Optimistic - 27 Nov 2014 // 22:31:52

This is the correct awnser, Bulgaria and Russia are allies going back a long time.

Clever Bulgaria, tell the Americans to get lost with their tanks, they are not going to be there to protect Bulgaria but to threaten Bulgaria.

People should visit the Russian church is Sofia more often and appreciate Bulgarian history.

Peter Schauman - 27 Nov 2014 // 21:40:39

Why not? The U.S. and Bulgaria are allies through NATO, and Bulgaria does not have sizable armed forces. There is no specific need for them, but also no need to say no. I'd agree, though, that the Baltic states and Poland were a better place for these in the current situation.

Robert Wolf - 27 Nov 2014 // 20:53:21

Would you be referring to all those Arabs that American Foreign Policy has displaced and caused masses of Afghani's, Iraqi's and Syrians to name but a few that are now flooding into the West as Refugees via Turkey, Bulgaria and Greece? Personally, I'd give them a birth on a luxury liner and ship them all to the country that caused their plight - the USA.

Plus, where do you get this idea about Euro 10K apartments on the Black Sea! I know a number of Russians that both live here in Bulgaria and also those that have holiday apartments here; few seek more than a Type D visa and of course their money is most welcomed by the failing Bulgarian economy. No problem with negotiating a no-visa deal with the USA, but that does not mean and a mass exodus of Bulgarian passport holders to the USA any more than the British Press stating that 30 million Romanians and Bulgarians would enter the UK after the 01 Jan. 14 restrictions were lifted.