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Ivailo Ivanov - 24 Sep 2016 // 16:40:19

He might be good. But the citations in this article are so long that I cant read them.

Ivailo Ivanov - 24 Sep 2016 // 15:57:22

Turkey will continue to have strong support from Saudi Arabia. And these Arabs control a lot of the world\'s money. and they have huge influence in USA.. so probably Erdogan is right not to care too much.

Ivailo Ivanov - 24 Sep 2016 // 15:44:26

I doubt that Bulgaria and Romania will be firm enough in this case. Although they should be.

Ivailo Ivanov - 24 Sep 2016 // 15:31:43

well it is not so easy.. there will be a bid.. the initial price may look small but with the progress of the bidding it will increase.

Ivailo Ivanov - 24 Sep 2016 // 15:26:54

The migrants have to be discouraged.. otherwise it is impossible to control the wave.. so far the European liberals encourage them... much better is EU to liberalize its labor market for foreigners instead of trying to supplement its aging live stock with wild uncontrolled people coming illegally.

Ivailo Ivanov - 24 Sep 2016 // 15:15:35

Too little to late!!! Next time when USA want to bomb someone under the supervision of Saudi Arabia EU has to object and strongly... because at the end EU will turn into something like Syria.

Ivailo Ivanov - 23 Sep 2016 // 20:19:20

The most dangerous tendency is that even recent refugees that have been acquainted with the Bulgarian environment start to organize their own trafficking networks... so at one moment the trafficking will be self energizing.. at this moment foreign nationals will be capable to smuggle militants and f.... Merkel\'s Germany to challenge NATO and USA\'s rule of Europe and finish the liberal dreams of the idiots that only halfheartedly tried to stop the migrant wave.

Ivailo Ivanov - 23 Sep 2016 // 20:08:40

Actually some good initiatives like free testing for HIV are in process of being stopped.

Ivailo Ivanov - 23 Sep 2016 // 20:06:42

What a clever president.. he is capable of saying nothing in such a grand way.. unfortunately 99% of the politicians in the west are the same...may be Trump is slightly different but he is considered mad.