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spartan - 4 Mar 2015 // 14:46:01

Was Boris Nemtsov really murdered while crossing a bridge near the Kremlin . he was shot for times in the back , i think this really counts as murder . unless someone slipped on ice fired four shots then diapered by accident you vote on it . ????? or did he shoot himself???

Hey Marshall - 4 Mar 2015 // 11:57:25
Topic: Cowardice

have you forgaotten that Putin holds an upper dan black belt in Judo ? Obummer would get his head handed to him by Putin. Only chance Obummer would have is talking him to death, all that hot air might dehydrate Putin.

Seedy - 4 Mar 2015 // 09:46:59

Seriously? We should be supporting the arms industry of a country which arms and funds militant Islamists? Tell me this is an early April Fool's stunt......

Seedy - 4 Mar 2015 // 09:29:54
Topic: Cowardice

I believe that Vlad broke with tradition and took his family name from his mother - Putain.....I imagine his father was listed as "Incognito inter multos" ;)

Seedy - 4 Mar 2015 // 09:25:51

Well, Mr Bouhler/Troll - Seedy seems to have managed to post regularly here during his "incarceration" as Mr Renouf, so I guess the penal system in BG now permits internet access as well as "holidays" for the Galevi Brothers..... ;)

I've not been able to find any reference to Renouf being freed early and you (and your various alter egos) seem to have an unhealthy obsession with this gentlemen.....unless of course it is YOU who are this pathetic excuse for a human being?

Seedy - 4 Mar 2015 // 09:20:48

I hope Mr Comey has been watching "The Americans".....he might learn something! ;)

Baka no kaze - 4 Mar 2015 // 00:46:20

Bulgaria is now an obedient us vassal, so i guess it's an improvement in democracy from the us point view. The only thing thing missing in there is the demos part, but who cares about such trivial details.

Tania Oz - 4 Mar 2015 // 00:31:59

Good luck with that "detailed complaint report" Lucy, you'll need it. Make sure to tell them exactly what the lady Police officer was wearing and what she looked like to you, so they get the full picture.

I'm guessing that you've lived in BG for about 5 minutes and now you're gonna shake everyone up from the President down - no holds barred right?

And don't forget to ring up E News Hollywood and you could all do a full fashion segment with the latest trends of the female Police Force in Bulgaria.

Lastly, "Further, I feel the need to inform (some of) you"............Yes, we all noticed that you are needy and bossy. And no second guesses needed, to know who wears the pants in your family ;)

US Marshall - 4 Mar 2015 // 00:29:04
Topic: Cowardice

Out west, foes would challenge one another to a showdown, face to face. In the East, cowards shoot their enemies in the back, poison their food/drink, and poke their foes in the back with poisoned umbrella tips. Man up Putin. Hand to hand combat with Obama: he would whoop yo' pale ass! Claws are for pussies; perhaps rhe origin of your surname.