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Stanking - 20 Dec 2014 // 11:30:44

Finally the EU is waking up from their stupid policies. How can they stop the south stream ?

seedy imposter - 20 Dec 2014 // 09:42:35

This is why we should be concerned, a worldwide concern about the creation of ghettos, lawless enclaves and of people whom active create ghettos and lawless enclaves for their own life style purposes.

Bad people hide in ghettos, sometimes very bad people. That is seen around the world.

nomgowez - 20 Dec 2014 // 06:53:04

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Optimistic - 19 Dec 2014 // 23:00:45

Does Bulgaria have a government?

No minorities tell it what to do.

Gerb as a party should resign they are a disgrace.

There is no leadership.

BB take your so called political partners outside and beat them up until they promise to support you. BULGARIA NEEDS STRONG GOVERNMENT not this mess where different groups threaten to bring down the government every week.

kivaloanservice@yahoo.com - 19 Dec 2014 // 22:04:59

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Rosie Deus-von Homeyer - 19 Dec 2014 // 21:36:22


It seems you do not watch Russian Televiosion,do you?

But I watch it...RT po-russkii;Perviu Kanal,ROSSIA TV and I heard it ,when PUTIN said already at the end of April :


Actually OUR BELOVED (scupozennuie ) Russian brothers were MULLING the YOUGNUI POTOK!

They were the one,who did not know,should they supply Bulgaria with NLG(They alread build a station in NOVOROSSIYSK) or should they continue with South Streem.

Already in JUNE,this year,when I visited my relatives in VARNA,I told them,what I herad on Pervui Kanal. I understand perfectly Russian as I learned it in BG for SEVEN years...it was mandatory ,when I lived in BG.

kevin99 - 19 Dec 2014 // 18:04:57

"If Gazprom terminated the project without taking into account the permissions issued by Bulgaria, it would be its fault, not Bulgaria’s, Borisov added"

What is it? A childcare? Bulgaria terminated the project six months ago. Remember?

rubrecht - 19 Dec 2014 // 17:19:07


You might have to write WWW on some of these .

rubrecht - 19 Dec 2014 // 17:13:15

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clarkrendi - 19 Dec 2014 // 17:05:47

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