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Commenting article: Bulgaria's FinMin Withdraws Resignation, Vows to Work for New Term

Bulgaria's finance minster, who was shockingly dismissed earlier in the week only to be followed by the resignation of the whole government, has said he remains in office.

"My resignation has not bee voted by the parliament yet, so formally I continue to serve as Bulgaria's finance minister. It will be my aim over the next few weeks and months to work with Prime Minister Boyko Borisov, so that at the next elections GERB may win full majority and rule one more term," Simeon Djnakov told reporters on Wednesday.

boris2009 - 20 Feb 2013 // 12:34:27

Бьлгарския народ трябва да разбере, че в работата на този Министер (Финансовия) трябва да има много малко политика.
Ако той си замине има опасност новият Финансов Министер да бьде сьс 100 пьти по-ниска кфалификация и опит.
Това е много опасно за Бьлгария в сегашната световна икономическа криза.