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Commenting article: Rallies Call for Nationalization of Bulgaria's Power Utilities by Febr 22

Protestors across Bulgaria have demanded the nationalization of Bulgaria's three power utilities – CEZ, EVN, and Energo-Pro.

The deadline they set for the government is quite tight – February 22.

Tens of thousands of disgruntled citizens rallied on Sunday across the country in protest against the excesses of power and heating utilities.

Bucharest12 - 17 Feb 2013 // 18:50:27

I realy envy you for the 10Eur bill for 3 rooms (I dont use it for heating only lighting/tv/comp, weekly laundry, and rarely microwave). It s weird I mean the heating (gas) should be a lot more yet people there are against shale gas while being totaly dependent on russia yet they protest against what I find a decent bill. Is it politicaly driven/motivated ??? (because as the price seems low and this winter was mild compared to the previous 3-4 winters it seems ilogical to protest on this scale)

Richie - 17 Feb 2013 // 18:40:30

We pay about 10 Eur/month for our 3-room apartment. It all depends on your personal circumstances, of course, if you use electric heating or bake a pizza in your electric oven every evening, it will be higher. The funny thing is that electricity prices in Bulgaria are the lowest in the EU (20% lower than the next cheapest, Estonia), and that the power distributors that the protests are aimed at take only 17% of the total price, which is also the lowest % in the EU. But it's the power distributors that send the bills, and electricity is a relatively large part of living expenses also because energy efficiency of households is among the lowest in the EU.

Bucharest12 - 17 Feb 2013 // 18:04:20

I can't seem to find in any of the numerous novinite articles on this topic how much the electricity bill exactly is. For example for me in a Bucharest studio (1 room) the electricity bill is 15-20EUR and for a two rooms apartment it is 20-25EUR which I both find acceptable (unlike the utilities gas+water bill of 40-50EUR which I hate). So any Sofia resident please enlighten me. On another note this greek aproach to a lower standard of living and the word nationalization can only bring less investment and thus more poverty so I hope things will stay in controll (plus the risk of contagion which would affect me directly).