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Commenting article: Bulgaria Minister: No Idea Who's Behind DTT Mux Deals

Bulgaria's transport minister has played down concerns over lack of clarity about the winners of the controversial tenders for the operation of what will be the country's DTT multiplexes.

"I know the names of the companies, which won the multiplexes tenders - Hannu Pro and Slovakia's Towercom. But I don't know who the owners are. I only know that one company is English and have no idea about the other," Transport Minister Ivaylo Moskovski told the national state-owned TV channel on Saturday.

The minister reiterated that the problems most probably dated back to the term of the previous Socialist-led government, which approved the legislation and organized the competitions for selecting the operators.

Philippe - 28 Jan 2013 // 19:38:06

Apparently Mr. Moskovski does not know what is happening in his department, just like Mr. Ignatov did not know about the corruption in his department.

As I understood Mr. Moskovski's company recently lost the representation of the main German producer for knitting machines because of incompetence, will he also loose his chair as minister?

Maybe BB has more guts than Stanishev had with Mustafchiev...