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Commenting article: Turkey to Tighten CSKA's Security in Dogan Attack Aftermath

Turkish police have offered to tighten the security of Bulgarian football club CSKA after Saturday's attack against ethnic Turkish politician Ahmed Dogan in Bulgaria's capital Sofia.

CSKA Sofia's preseason friendlies in the Turkish resort of Alanya will be guarded by police, it was announced on Sunday.

CSKA is scheduled to play two more games in the Turkish resort.

sa-sha - 20 Jan 2013 // 15:21:12

Yane, I can hardly agree that "Turkish savages ruin Bulgaria's reputation this weekend", anyone with "petrol" clearely realizes what happened and it is sooner ruining of European Multiculturalism' idea..... but the Turkish' reaction---"to tighten the security of...CSKA after Saturday's attack against...Ahmed Dogan"( imho quite the adequate reaction, btw)--clearely shows that Islamic Threat (in all meanings, in all European States) is not a Joke. It remains to take the adequate prohibit that anti-constitutional "Movement for Rights and Freedoms" first of all.

Yane - 20 Jan 2013 // 14:29:06

Wait...a Turkish gunman attacks Turkish Dogan, and now they are afraid that Bulgarians will be attacked in Turkey? Does simple information not get through Turkey that Bulgarians had nothing to do with this or is their media like we all think no better than middle east? "we are under attack, find someone to blame!"..

Turkish savages, first they ruin Bulgaria's reputation this weekend and now they want to attack Bulgarians for nothing.