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Commenting article: Bulgaria's Ex Socialist President Sees 3-Way Govt Next

Bulgaria's next government will be a three-party coalition, the country's former Socialist president has forecast, declining to disclose its members.

"It is mission impossible for the currently ruling party GERB to garner enough votes and form a minority government," Georgi Parvanov said in an interview for Darik radio.

According to Parvanov the new government, regardless of its line-up, will need strong support by the people to conduct the badly needed reforms, which were not carried out over the last four years.

Chushki - 10 Jan 2013 // 20:59:21

God help Bulgaria if Parvanov (architect of BG's bankruptcy in the 90's), Stanishev (Dogan's puppet), and that Commie witch Kuneva get into power......