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Commenting article: 2 Bulgarian Ministries Move to Rescue Struggling Observatory

Bulgaria's financially struggling Rozhen observatory is to carry out tasks for the country's Agriculture Ministry and for the Ministry of Environment, it was announced on Wednesday.

In exchange, the observatory will receive a modest cash injection that would help it survive by the end of the year.

On Tuesday, Rozhen astronomers met with the country's Prime Minister Boyko Borisov in a bid to convince him that the observatory should not be closed.

Richie - 14 Nov 2012 // 14:06:11

This is the way to handle all BAS institutes: let them find sponsors in society that are willing to pay part of their expenses (because they are useful to the sponsor, for instance, or enough persons are willing to spend money on it), and the government should also sponsor them. If they can't find any sponsors, the institute apparently doesn't have a function in society, and it should be closed.
When put to the choice of missing an exploding star, and missing a relative because there was no ambulance available to take him/her to the hospital, only a mad scientist would chose the star.