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Commenting article: Bulgarian Orthodox Patriarch Maxim Dies at 98

The head of the Bulgarian Orthodox Church, Patriarch Maxim, has passed away at the age of 98.

Patriarch Maxim died shortly before 4 am on Tuesday, the Bulgarian National Television reported.

The head of the Bulgarian Orthodox Church was hospitalized a month ago, and in the last few days he was on life support in the Governmental Hospital in Sofia.

Yane - 6 Nov 2012 // 21:07:34

>>Mustafa Zafer Sunu · Top Commenter · Istanbul Technical University
The experience is important in these posts but relatively younger canditates must be appointed to these kind of Holy Posts to serve consciously.<<<

Infidel, who asked your opinion on how Orthodox Christianity should be governed? Maxim isn't even buried yet and in no time at all you make demands that our rules should change. Why don't you stop stoning your daughters before you come here waving your finger at other religions?

Jerry - 6 Nov 2012 // 16:15:37

He has brought forth within my intuition that belief becomes a conviction through intuition and liberation leading to redemption and the feeling of democracy that is fortified in my conviction.

sa-sha - 6 Nov 2012 // 10:02:13

Велик Йерарх. Мъдър Човек. Вечна Памет.

Великий Иерарх. Мудрейший Человек. Вечная Память.