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Commenting article: Bulgaria Surveys USA, France, Germany, Sweden for Fighter Jets Purchase

Using diplomatic channels, Bulgaria has asked defense industry companies from the USA, France, Germany, and Sweden for detailed information on their offers of new and second-hand fighter jets.

In a special statement, Bulgaria's Defense Ministry has announced the surveying of the prospective suppliers, while point out that the information request is exploratory, and that it does not mean yet the start of a tender for the purchase of multi-purpose fighter jets for the Bulgarian Air Force.

The Ministry explained that the requests for information were submitted in January 2011 after in November it formed a National Steering Committee and an Integrated Project Team, which drafted preliminary operational, technical, and tactical requirements for the new jets to be purchased by Bulgaria.

Yane - 4 Feb 2011 // 21:32:09

Chushki...lets ask our enemies to wait until our economy is better?..

Al - 4 Feb 2011 // 19:30:12

Chengdu JF-17 will do.

You can probably buy three and get one for free.

Just my two Yuan

Chushki - 4 Feb 2011 // 18:48:03

Great idea! In the midst of the deepest recession for years with the government strapped for cash lets splash out taxpayers money on some useless military hardware....