US Bases Build in Bulgaria "in No Less Than 2 Years"

December 21, 2003, Sunday // 12:00
The actual building of US bases in Bulgaria could come into effect in no less that two years, Bulgaria's Foreign Minister Solomon Passy said Sunday.

Currently, US experts are consulting their NATO partners on the issue, and those consultations are most likely to continue in the beginning of next year, Passy explained. He also pointed out that the decision for stationing bases in Bulgaria was a serious one, thus required consideration.

On December 19, Bulgaria's Parliament expressed support for the future stationing of US bases in a declaration approved by 200 MPs. Only 3 MPs from the left-wing opposition "Coalition for Bulgaria" opposed it. The document vows Parliament's support for the US process of relocation of military bases abroad.

The US has about 100,000 troops stationed in Europe, the majority in Germany. It had 300,000 until the mid-1990s, when former President Bill Clinton sharply reduced the forces after the collapse of the Soviet Union.

Poland, Bulgaria and Romania are now favourite destinations for hosting US bases.

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