Bulgaria's Kyustendil Declares Emergency Situation

February 26, 2013, Tuesday // 12:37
Bulgaria: Bulgaria's Kyustendil Declares Emergency Situation
Kyustendil Mayor Petar Paunov. Photo by Kyustendil Municipality

The mayor of the Western Buglarian city of Kyustendil, Petar Paunov, has declared an emergency situation.

This decision has resulted from the ongoing torrential rains, and the rising level of the Bistritsa river, which is about to overflow and flood the municipality.

According to Paunov, the Bistritsa river is about to destroy a bridge that was rebuilt two years ago.

The local authorities have employed sandbags and are bringing in truckloads of concrete waste in order to try to contain the river waters from causing a large-scale flood.

Kyustendil is a mountain city on the Western Bulgarian border which has seen a lot of precipitation in the past couple of weeks.

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