Bulgarian Socialists Snub Forming Caretaker Govt

February 20, 2013, Wednesday // 04:41
Bulgarian Socialists Snub Forming Caretaker Govt: Bulgarian Socialists Snub Forming Caretaker Govt
The leader of the Socialists and former PM, Sergey Stanishev, pledges radical change in politics and a new social and public contract for Bulgaria. Photo by BGNES

The Bulgarian Socialist Party, BSP, will return the mandate to appoint an interim government and calls on all other parliamentary represented parties to do the same.

Under the Constitution, the President must offer the Socialists to appoint an interim Cabinet and they would be the second in line after the Citizens for European Development in Bulgaria party, GERB, which are the largest group in the Parliament. BSP is second.

At a briefing Wednesday, after GERB leader and Prime Minister, Boyko Borisov, announced plans to resign, the leader of BSP and former PM, Sergey Stanishev, also called to "speed up to the max the parliamentary roulette" and appoint a caretaker government.

Stanishev explained the position of the Socialists was snap election since the current Parliament was extinct and no Cabinet formed by it could lead normal policies.

He noted the country's coffers were depleted and GERB acted under the principle – "after us, deluge."

Among the top priorities of the caretaker government, the Socialist leader listed organizing a "nearly normal" election; bringing police brutality to an end; disclosing the whole truth about the situation in the country, and measures for political, fiscal and social stability.

He accused the President of cancelling the previously scheduled consultations with his party's parliamentary group on "somebody's orders and instructions."

Stanishev reiterated for yet another time earlier claims GERB crushed the economy; made people struggle with poverty; destroyed institutions, and instated a regime in the rule of the country.

He pledged radical change in politics; new social and public contract for Bulgaria; bringing the State back in the healthcare and the social sectors.

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