Bulgaria's Ousted FinMin's Father: My Son Had to Go

February 19, 2013, Tuesday // 11:48
Bulgaria's Ousted FinMin's Father: My Son Had to Go: Bulgaria's Ousted FinMin's Father: My Son Had to Go
Dencho Djankov, file photo from Trud daily

The estranged father of ousted Bulgarian Finance Minister, Simeon Djankov, firmly supports his son's resignation, saying it was well-deserved.

Dencho Djankov informed he learned the news while waiting for a bus at the central bus station in the northeastern city of Razgrad.

"He is my child, and I love him deeply. He is smart and gifted, but his policies led to poverty and misery, so, it is best for everyone if he leaves," Djankov Senior is quoted saying by the Bulgarian Pressa (Press) daily.

Dencho Djankov is a retiree and lives very modestly in the village of Pobit Kamak near Razgrad. In a 2009 interview, he admitted his son denounced him at the age of 17 and they have not seen each other since then.

He further says Simeon's biggest mistake has been to not touch the monopolies in the country.

Speaking in another interview for TV7, the father stressed "the younger Djankov was a vestige of communism, and his mother has been a Communist and Communist party member since her first day at the university, while his step-father has been a lecturer teaching the history of the Soviet Communist Party."

"When we divorced, his grand-mother took him to live with her in the city of Lovech. I saw him once in a restaurant when he was a teenager on his birthday and he told me we cannot meet any longer because his second father insisted on it and even harassed his mother. He spent his childhood in daycare centers," stated Djankov Senior, adding he never attempted to contact his son after he returned to Bulgaria and during the time he was Finance Minister.

"Why should I seek him? Why didn't he come visit me? I worked all my life and paid child support. He should remember that what goes around comes around. He should be careful because his wife might abandon him as well. What is left for me, is the shame from hearing people say – this person is the father of the man who robbed the country," he stated.

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