Bulgarian Far Rightists Burn EU Flag in Downtown Sofia

February 18, 2013, Monday // 05:00
Bulgaria: Bulgarian Far Rightists Burn EU Flag in Downtown Sofia
Far-right MP Gumnerov (left) has burned down the EU flag before the EC building in Sofia. Photo by BGNES

Activists from the far-right coalition "No to the EU" have burned down the flag of the European Union before the building of the EC Representation in the Bulgarian capital.

"The EU will fall apart exactly as the EU flag burned down", stated independent MP Kiril Gumnerov, who earlier one of the key members of the far-right party Ataka of Volen Siderov.

According to Gumnerov, Bulgaria's has been admitted to the EU under discriminatory and xenophobic conditions, and a number of EU member states have no started a mass propaganda campaign against the Bulgarians, BGNES reported.

"We Bulgarians aren't second-rate or second hand people," Gumnerov stated.

About 30 people rallied together with Gumnerov before the EC building in Sofia, tossing around several boxes full of tomatoes.

"EU: Happy Pigs, Unhappy Bulgarians" and "We Want Happy Bulgarians, Not Happy Hens", read the posters of the anti-EU protesters.

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