Bulgaria Ruling Party Backs Govt, Anti-Govt Protests

February 18, 2013, Monday // 03:12
Bulgaria: Bulgaria Ruling Party Backs Govt, Anti-Govt Protests
Tens of thousands wallked out in protest in Bulgarian capital Sofia Sunday. Photo by BGNES

The parliamentary group of ruling Bulgarian GERB party has issued a statement of support for PM Boyko Borisov's cabinet, amid huge protests, which the party has also backed.

"We can but support all those protesting people. It is only normal that their requests should be addressed to those in power," said political group vice-chair Dimitar Glavchev at a press event Monday.

Sunday tens of thousands walked out in more than 30 Bulgarian cities to protest high electricity bills, low incomes and a general stagnation in Bulgaria.

Many protesters also called for a stepping down of PM Borisov, whose term in office expires in July.

In their Monday statement, GERB's political group in Parliament expressed unreserved support for the cabinet and its efforts.

It also backed an imminent cabinet reshuffle following Monday's resignation of Vice-PM and Minister of Finance Simeon Djankov.

"You won't hear my say anything negative about Simeon Djankov. This is his own personal decision, to which he has the full right," commented Glavchev.

He stated that the GERB group will vote in support of the resignation, and for the appointment of EU Funds Minister Tomislav Donchev as FinMin and Infrastructure Minister Lilyana Pavlova as Vice-PM.

At the same time, he stated that GERB is resolutely against snap elections, which he saw as gravely counterproductive barely 5 months ahead of general elections.

"It is somewhat unethical that people who contributed to Bulgaria's problems when they were in power during previous years are now calling for an ousting of cabinet," commenting Glavchev, referring to Bulgaria's opposition parties.

The GERB MP was resolute that the ruling party and cabinet ministers will ensure the carrying out of all specific requests of protesters, including a revision of power price-formation and an audit of the work of requisite government agencies.

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