France Said to Mull Blacklisting Hezbollah

February 16, 2013, Saturday // 01:59
Bulgaria: France Said to Mull Blacklisting Hezbollah
The July 18 bombing at the Burgas airport killed 5 Israeli tourists, their Bulgarian bus driver and the perpetrator of the attack. Photo by BGNES

France is reportedly considering labeling Hezbollah a terrorist organization, pending the results of a Bulgarian investigation into the bus bombing in Bulgaria's Burgas, according to a report.

Paris could raise the issue of Hezbollah at the European Union, The Jerusalem Post reported on Saturday, citing the An Nahar daily.

According to The Jerusalem Post, French Foreign Ministry spokesman Philippe Lalliot  has criticized Bulgaria for failing to present any tangible evidence of Hezbollah involvement, despite clearly fingering the group as culprits.

The Bulgarian report suggesting that Hezbollah may have been responsible for last year's Burgas bus bombing will be discussed at the next meeting of EU's Foreign Affairs Council on Monday.

However, no unanimous decision on whether Hezbollah should be blacklisted as a terrorist organization is likely to be made, according to diplomats.

Bulgaria's choice of whether to name Hezbollah as standing behind the Burgas bus bombing has been seen as pivotal as to whether the bloc will officially label Hezbollah a terrorist organization.

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