Bulgarian Ruling Party Would Lose Elections - Polls

February 15, 2013, Friday // 10:33
Bulgaria: Bulgarian Ruling Party Would Lose Elections - Polls
Bulgarian PM Boyko Borisov and his GERB party have been found to be losing ground to opposition Bulgarian Socialist Party. Photo by BGNES

For the first time since assuming power in 2009, Bulgarian ruling center-right GERB party has dropped second in opinion polls.

GERB would get 19.3% of votes, against 22.5% for the opposition Bulagrian Socialist Party, according to a survey by Mediana Agency published Friday in the Trud daily.

The Socialists have been slowly recovering for a slump in support following their 2005-9 three-way coaliation cabinet, but have now for the first time caught up with GERB.

Bulgaria will hold its next general elections in July 2013.

According to the Mediana opinion survey, the Movement for Rights and Freedoms would get 6.8% of the vote, and the new Bulgaria for Citizens party - 5.9%.

Nationalists Ataka, as well as rightists Democrats for Strong Bulgaria and Union of Democratic forces hover around 1.5%, well below the 4% threshold.

In a separate survey published by the Pressa daily, the Gallup agency has found that BSP and Party of European Socialists leader Sergey Stanishev has also caught up with GERB leader and PM Boyko Borisov in terms of approval rates.

Both leaders have now 29% approval, which is seen as a great losing of ground on the part of Borisov, who has long been seen as a charismatic leader.

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