Hamas Officials Reportedly Visiting, Bulgaria Denies

February 13, 2013, Wednesday // 07:03
Bulgaria: Hamas Officials Reportedly Visiting, Bulgaria Denies
Bulgaria's Foreign Ministry building. File photo

Representatives of Palestine group Hamas were paying a visit to Bulgaria Wednesday, according to reports of Palestinian media.

A delegation including senior Hamas officials such as Salah Bardawil, Mushir Al-Masri, and Ismail Al-Ashgar are said to have arrived in Bulgaria, according to Palestinian news agency Maan.

According to the report, the Hamas representatives were going to meet Bulgarian politicians and diplomats as part of their visit.

The news about the alleged visit of Hamas officials, however, has been formally denied by the Bulgarian Foreign Ministry.

No such visit has been planned, and no Bulgarian politicians and diplomats have been scheduled to meet Hamas officials, Bulgarian Foreign Ministry Spokesperson Vesela Cherneva told Darik Radio Wednesday afternoon.

She said it was unclear where Palestinian news agency Maan got its information about the alleged visit by Hamas officials.

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