Hezbollah: Burgas Bombing Charges Are 'Israeli Smear Campaign'

February 7, 2013, Thursday // 02:46
Bulgaria: Hezbollah: Burgas Bombing Charges Are 'Israeli Smear Campaign'
Hezbollah deputy leader Naim Qassem. File photo

Lebanese organization Hezbollah has dismissed the allegation voiced by Bulgaria that it was involved in the terror attack in Burgas last year as an "Israeli smear campaign."

Bulgarian Interior Minister Tsvetan Tsvetanov stated Tuesday that Bulgarian investigators had "a well-founded assumption" that the perpetrators of the deadly attack belonged to the military formation of Hezbollah.

Hezbollah deputy leader Naim Qassem has responded by claiming that Israel is directing "allegations and incitements and accusations against Hezbollah" because it failed to defeat it militarily.

Qassem has declared that Hezbollah would not change course or be deflected by the charges.

"Israel is leading an international campaign to intimidate people and countries against Hezbollah," he told religious students in southern Beirut, as cited by international media.

"All these accusations against Hezbollah will have no effect, and do not change the facts. We will not submit to these pressures and we will not change our priorities. Our compass will remain directed toward Israel."

The July 18 bombing at the Burgas airport killed 5 Israeli tourists, their Bulgarian bus driver and the perpetrator of the attack.

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